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Which insurance do you need?

Moving into your first apartment, the first time you cruise around in your own car, or your first major trip: Becoming an adult is an exciting time with many memorable moments. And with the right insurance coverage behind you, the adventure can begin.

We help you find your way through the insurance jungle: What insurance do you need, and what is nice to have?

Get 4 months free if you’re under 30

If you are under 30 years old and you buy a personal liability and/or household contents policy, we’ll give you the first 4 months of your annual premium for free. The discount applies to annual premiums starting at CHF 60 and is valid until June 30, 2024. 

What events are coming up in your life?

  • I will move into my own apartment for the first time

    Protect my home
  • I am going to buy my first car

    Insure my car
  • I want to travel

    Protect myself on my travels

Discover our most important types of insurance 

Get off to a carefree start in life – with AXA as a strong partner by your side. 

Insurance policies for your first home of your own:

  • Personal liability insurance: Personal liability insurance covers the costs of damage that you cause to other people or their property – and is therefore one of the most important types of insurance.
  • Household contents insurance: Household contents insurance protects your possessions in your first apartment of your own against theft and water or fire damage.
  • Rental guarantee insurance: It is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to dispose of their money at all times without it being tied to a rental deposit account. 
  • Personal legal protection insurance: Helps when it comes to answering legal questions and resolving disputes, and it protects you against financial risks.

Insurance policies for travel and free time:

  • Young drivers insurance: Liability, (partial) accidental damage insurance and attractive supplementary insurance offer comprehensive protection in road traffic. Young drivers benefit from a 15% discount.
  • Travel insurance: With travel insurance, you can enjoy a vacation, events, or concerts with peace of mind. It covers the costs if you have to cancel or reschedule your vacation, semester abroad, or language stay. In the event of an emergency, we are there for you around the clock and around the world.
  • International health insurance: Provides optimum coverage in the case of an accident or illness abroad.

Insurance policies for your health and financial future:

  • Pillar 3a: With Pillar 3a, you save both for the future and on taxes today. 
  • Supplementary health insurance: This supplement to mandatory basic insurance contributes to costs such as those for glasses, contact lenses, gym memberships, and complementary medicine. Good to know: You can find low-cost basic insurance quickly and easily at And if you want, we can take care of the switch for you.
  • Occupational disability insurance:: It offers you basic protection of your earned income if you can’t work anymore. People who are not members of a pension fund (e.g. students) are especially at risk of having pension gaps in the event of incapacity to work. Occupational disability insurance can help cushion the impact of these gaps.

Your advantages with AXA

  • 1

    myAXA client portal: Manage documents, upload invoices, or change your personal data – whenever and wherever you want. Say goodbye to paperwork!

  • 2

    We are Switzerland's number one insurer: We provide excellent services, personal advice, and individual insurance protection.

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    Attractive discounts: Benefit from a one-time discount of CHF 30 when you take out household contents, personal liability, or cyber insurance.

Tips and topics to look at, listen, and read about

FAQs – which types of insurance do young adults need?

  • Which types of insurance are mandatory in Switzerland?

    In Switzerland, there are various types of insurance that are mandatory. For example:

    • Liability insurance for motor vehicles: Every car owner must taken out liability insurance. It covers the costs of damage caused by your car.
    • Health insurance: Every resident in Switzerland must have health insurance (basic insurance). It covers the costs of medical treatments and medication. There are various models you can choose from. It’s worth comparing the offers of different health insurers in order to find the right one for you. 
    • Military insurance: Every Swiss citizen who serves in the military is automatically insured by military insurance. It covers the costs of accidents and illness during military service.
    • Mandatory accident insurance (AIA/UVG): Employers have to take out accident insurance for their employees. Accident insurance covers the costs of accidents that happen during work or on the way to work.
    • Occupational benefits insurance (OPA/BVG): Employers have to take out occupational benefits insurance for their employees. It covers the financial consequences of disability, death, or retirement.
  • Health insurance: How long will I be covered by my parents’ insurance?

    In Switzerland, children under the age of 18 are co-insured under their parents’ health insurance. After that, they can be covered by their parents’ insurance until the age of 25 provided they are completing a vocational training/education program or a comparable activity. This also applies to children who take a break between two training/education programs or complete an education/training program abroad.

    If the child is still in the program or comparable activity after the age of 25, then they can stay co-insured under their parent’s insurance if they don’t have their own health insurance. However, in this case, the parents have to pay a higher contribution.

    Good to know:  While all basic insurance policies in Switzerland have the same benefits, their premiums differ. With the “Terminating and switching basic insurance” service, you choose your new basic insurance quickly and easily. 

    AXA’s supplementary insurance modules: In the outpatient segment, the supplementary insurance contributes to the costs of glasses and contact lenses, gym memberships, and complementary medicine. With inpatient hospital benefits, you can choose between general, semi-private, and private coverage. We offer you additional protection for your teeth, for when you are traveling, or in the case of hospital stays, disability, or death.

    It is important to note that the exact rules may vary depending on the health insurance and your individual situation. If you have any questions on your individual insurance situation, we’ll be happy to help: Request a consultation now!

  • Household contents and liability insurance: How long will I be covered by my parents’ insurance?

    For household insurance (household contents plus personal liability), the principal generally applies that all persons recorded in the policy who live in the same household are insured. And this is true regardless of their age. However, a separate insurance policy can be created for adult children if the parents request it. In this case, they can benefit from a youth discount up to the age of 25. We would be happy to answer any questions you have on our offers: Request a consultation now!

  • I am moving into a shared apartment. Which insurance do I need for my furniture, clothes, etc.?

    Every roommate in a shared apartment can theoretically take out an individually policy for their possessions (household contents insurance). However, it is less expensive if all roommates of the shared apartment have a joint policy – multi-person insurance.

    The disadvantage of this type of insurance is that, as a rule, all persons are required to live in the same household and are listed by name. In most shared apartments, there is often frequent change in roommates, which can lead to a lot of time and effort to delete names and add new ones.

  • Renting with no bank deposit: What options are there?

    The rental guarantee that is most accepted in Switzerland is rental guarantee insurance. This guarantees the same security as a custody account at a bank and has the advantage that it is faster and more straightforward. For an annual fee, landlords can receive the guarantee and your money stays available.

    Here’s what you get with rental guarantee insurance from AXA:

    • Your money is available to you whenever you want it
    • Full security without a security deposit
    • The most accepted form of rental guarantee in Switzerland
    • You can cancel your AXA rental guarantee insurance at any time
    • Your landlord receives the rental guarantee surety within three to five business days

    In order for AXA to stand surety for you, you must have personal liability insurance.This insurance already covers many types of damage that can occur in a rented apartment and is thus generally very useful for tenants. 

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