15% discount for anyone aged under 26

Key points at a glance
  • Individual insurance protection: you tailor your personal solution based on liability insurance (damage you cause to other vehicles) and accidental damage (damage to your own car) as well as attractive add-ons.
  • 15% young drivers discount on premium: anyone under the age of 26 benefits from a 15% discount on their premium if they select the Safe Driver Bonus savings option when buying car insurance.
  • Better protected with additional cover: regardless of whether you no longer wish to pay a premium in the event of a claim (bonus protection) or want to insure yourself in the event of a breakdown , you can simply expand your insurance cover with numerous options for supplementary cover.

Telephone consultation on offer for young people: 052 244 86 00

Save on premiums with the Safe Driver Bonus

Choose the Safe Driver Bonus when taking out your car insurance policy and you'll be given a 15% discount. The infographic shows you what the Safe Driver Bonus savings option includes. 

Safe Driver Bonus AXA car insurance

Insurance for young drivers

Great joy! You've now got your long-awaited driver's license in your hand and have just bought your first car. Here's some useful information so that you and your car are properly insured.

Which insurance should I have?

You always need liability insurance so that your vehicle can be registered in Switzerland. But are you unclear about what you need apart from mandatory liability insurance? We recommend one of the following types of insurance for better protection:

  • Partial accidental insurancepartial accidental damage protects your car against damage for which you were not to blame, such as hailstone, glass breakage or marten damage.
  • Partial accidental insurance + collision coveragecomprehensive accidental insurance also covers damage to your car for which you were to blame. In other words, if you cause an accident, this is only covered by comprehensive accidental damage.

You are ultimately responsible for deciding whether partial accidental damage is enough or whether you'd rather be fully covered with comprehensive accidental damage. You'll find useful tips in our blog.

What can I choose for full or partial accidental damage?

You can expand the insurance cover with additional options according to your needs:

  • Parking damage insurance: if you discover that your parked car has been damaged and the person or vehicle that caused it cannot be found.
  • Damage to headlights and side view mirrors.
  • Damage to the vehicle interior
  • Damage to tires and wheel rims.
  • Personal belongings in the vehicle such as a smartphone damaged in an accident or stolen from the car.
  • Loss of and damage to vehicle keys

Which add-ons can I attach to my liability, partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance?

  • Bonus protection: a good idea so that your premium doesn't increase if you have an accident. Claims-free driving leads to a reduction in your car insurance premium until it’s just 30% of the original amount.
  • Gross negligence: insurance benefits are not reduced for damage or traffic accidents caused by gross negligence (such as disregarding a stop signal).
  • Roadside assistance including onward travel: you'll be on the road again within an hour. The organization and assumption of cost of a hire car or return of your car are also included. We'll also give you up to CHF 500 per person for the cost of accommodation and meals.
  • Replacement vehicle: AXA will cover the cost of a replacement car while your car is being repaired or has broken down. In the event of a total loss, you'll be given a replacement car for a whole month, giving you plenty of time to look for a new car.
  • Vehicle legal protection: This supplement gives you legal protection when you’re driving your car or riding your motorbike. Our experts advise you on legal questions about the next steps and support you if there are any disputes about your vehicle. For example, if you’d like to contest the excessive bill you’ve received from your car garage.
  • Injury to you and your passengers: if you and/or your passengers are injured in an accident, the cost of treatment in a private ward and other consequences are covered. Benefits of existing accident insurance are increased through this. 

How high is the deductible?

In some cases, you can decide yourself how much the deductible should be. The advantage is that with a higher deductible, you pay a lower premium, but it also means that you have to cover this portion yourself in the event of a claim. You should therefore think carefully about the deductible so that it's at a level that you feel comfortable with. Because things can quickly become expensive in the event of a claim.

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Good to know

  • How can I benefit from the 15% discount as a young driver?

    By choosing and taking out the Safe Driver Bonus as a savings option on your insurance. Your AXA advisor can give you more information. 
    Not yet insured with AXA? You can easily calculate your premium online and take out the policy directly online if you wish.

  • What is the Safe Driver Bonus?

    This is a voluntary savings option for everyone aged between 18 and 25 that gives you a 15% discount on AXA car insurance. In return, you agree to actively take part in the AXA prevention program on safe driving. AXA can also check whether measures such as confiscation of license have been taken against you. If there's an accident, AXA is entitled to select and use data from your vehicle for accident reconstruction purposes.

  • What is the Safe Driver Bonus prevention program?

    The prevention program is a fixed component of the Safe Driver Bonus. By taking out the Safe Driver Bonus, the young driver takes an active part in the prevention program on safe driving. AXA provides all the details about the program in a welcome letter. After that, the customer receives an SMS approximately every two months with short interactive content on the prevention program.

  • How and what data can AXA use if there's an accident?

    Newer cars record accident data directly in the vehicle. If there's an accident, AXA can select and use this data to reconstruct the accident. The data used is recorded by the control unit in the airbag, for example, including speed, acceleration, deceleration as well as date and time.

  • Who can benefit from the Safe Driver Bonus option?

    To enable you to choose the Safe Driver Bonus as a savings option on your insurance, you must be aged under 26. 

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