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Household contents insurance

Life is constantly changing, but the wish for security remains. With our flexible, comprehensive household contents insurance, you protect your dear and precious belongings.

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Advantages of AXA's household contents insurance

  • Personal advice also possible when purchasing online
  • Individual all-round protection for favorite items
  • Replacement or payment within 48 hours in cases of theft

Household contents insurance: comprehensive protection for your belongings

What happens if you are burgled? If your basement floods in a storm? Or your camera is stolen from your hotel room? You can stay fully relaxed with household contents insurance from AXA. Because we insure your entire household contents – both at home and away from home. And, in the event of a claim, processing your case is fast and straightforward.


The benefits of AXA's household contents insurance

  • Your entire household contents are insured at new-for-old value against damage caused by fire, water and burglary and theft from your car, as well as  damage from natural forces such as storms and high water.
  • Theft away from home is covered worldwide.
  • Important objects such as cellphones, bicycles or jewelry can be insured additionally against damage and loss by yourself or third parties.
  • If you lose your keys, the costly key service is included.
  • The tradesmen emergency service  takes care of emergencies around the house such as defective heating.
  • Modular structure: Take out insurance precisely in line with your needs – no more and no less.

Flexible & comprehensive

AXA's household contents insurance can be tailored to your individual requirements: You only insure what you want to insure, and hence only pay for the benefits that you really need.

Supplementary coverage

Theft away from home: for anyone who also wants optimal protection away from home including while traveling abroad, e.g. when your handbag is stolen in a café.

Breakage of glass or stone elements in furniture: e.g. a jam jar falls onto your glass table and breaks it.

Breakage of windows, washbasins and building glass: for all homeowners who want all-round protection against financial risks, e.g. a washbasin is cracked by a falling perfume bottle. 

Earthquakes: for anyone who wants to protect their possessions against this natural catastrophe, e.g. an expensive display case falls over due to an earthquake and is damaged, along with the contents. 

Gross negligence: e.g. you overlook a red light on your bicycle and collide with a pedestrian who sustains an injury. In this case, the claims payment is not reduced, unlike normal treatment under Swiss law.

Loss of keys and key service: e.g. you lose the keys to your rented or vacation apartment. We organize the key service and pay the cost of changing the locks.

Tradesmen emergency service: e.g. your drainpipe becomes blocked. We arrange the services of a tradesman and pay the costs.


All-round protection

With these supplementary coverages, you can benefit from extra protection of your favorite items against theft, damage and loss by yourself or third parties. 

  • Smartphones, tablets and consumer electronics: e.g. you drop your cellphone or your camera and break it.
  • Bicycles, e-bikes and sports equipment: e.g. you fall off your bicycle or e-bike, which gets damaged.
  • Travel luggage: e.g. your luggage arrives late at your hotel. In this case, we pay the costs for necessary purchases or the costs for replacements if your luggage never arrives. 
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids and medical aids: e.g. you sit on your eyeglasses by mistake and break them.
  • Jewelry, watches and musical instruments: e.g your wedding ring slips off your finger while you are swimming or your Rolex falls onto the tiled bathroom floor and is damaged. 

You will find GICs for policies taken out before May 2019 in your myAXA customer portal.

Attractive premium discount

Benefit from a CHF 50 discount on your first annual premium if you combine a new household contents policy with supplementary insurance for valuable items or sports equipment.

Examples of damage/loss

Bicycle stolen from railroad station

Bicycle stolen from railroad station

In the evening after work, Claudio discovers to his horror that his new bike has vanished – together with its lock and lights. He had parked it at the railroad station that morning as usual.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Replacement with a bicycle of equal value CHF 2,600
  3. Replacement of bicycle accessories (lock and lights) CHF 100
  4. Grand total damage/loss CHF 2, 700
  5. Claudio's deductible CHF 200
  6. Compensation by AXA CHF 2, 500
Frying pan left on the cooker and forgotten

Frying pan left on the cooker and forgotten

The doorbell rings while Nadine is cooking. When she returns ten minutes later, the kitchen is full of smoke – the oil in the frying pan has caught fire. Her household contents in the entire apartment are blackened by the resulting smoke and soot.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Cleaning of household contents incl. clothing CHF 6,500
  3. Replacement of household contents CHF 2,500
  4. Grand total damage/loss CHF 9,000
  5. Nadine's deductible CHF 200
  6. Compensation by AXA CHF 8,800
Basement under water

Basement under water

On returning from a weekend trip, the Wilde family discovers their basement is under water – the result of a flooded stream after a heavy storm. Their winter clothing, various supplies, some heirlooms and their much-loved wine collection are seriously damaged.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Cleaning of household contents CHF 8,000
  3. Replacement of household contents CHF 12,000
  4. Replacement of bottles of wine CHF 3,000
  5. Clearing and disposal costs CHF 5,000
  6. Grand total damage/loss CHF 28,000
  7. Family Wilde's deductible CHF 500
  8. Compensation by AXA CHF 27,500

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Support and frequently asked questions

  • My smartphone display is damaged. Does my household contents policy cover this?

    Yes, mobile devices (cellphones, tablets, notebooks) are covered if you have taken out the supplementary all-round protection module "Smartphones, tablets and consumer electronics." Basic household contents insurance only covers your smartphone against damage from fire, water, natural forces and theft. 

  • My handbag was stolen unnoticed in the restaurant. What is insured?

    This is ordinary theft. If you have included supplementary coverage of "ordinary theft away from home" in your policy, your handbag (incl. identification documents, cellphone, etc., but excluding cash) is covered up to the agreed amount of insurance. The costs of replacing your ID, documents, personal subscriptions, etc. is covered. In an emergency we can organize a key service for you within 24 hours – just call us on 0800 809 809.

  • I have lost the key to my owner-occupied apartment. What do I do next?

    For this case there is the supplementary coverage module "Loss of keys and key service": This coverage assists you if you lose a key or lock yourself out. Your keys to your own apartment are covered together with third-party keys such as those belonging to an association or a business. The supplementary coverage pays the costs for the key service, for replacement keys and for changing the locks if you lose your keys.

  • My luggage hasn't arrived at my destination airport. What's covered in such a case?

    With all-round protection for luggage, the costs of necessary purchases are covered up to CHF 1,000. If your luggage never arrives, the costs for replacing the lost items are paid up to the agreed amount of insurance.

Even more security with AXA's personal liability:

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    Personal liability

    Protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences if you accidentally cause damage to a third party.

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