Hail damage? Storm damage?

Key Points at a Glance
  • Travel carefree: With travel insurance, you are protected if your trip is canceled or you need roadside assistance.
  • You only pay for what you actually want: Our insurance is modular and can be combined flexibly to meet your exact needs.
  • Protection for extraordinary events: With this insurance, you are also protected against pandemic-related financial consequences.

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Insurance coverage as individual as your travel plans

 INTERTOURS  travel insurance consists of cancellation costs insurance, personal assistance insurance and vehicle assistance insurance. You can purchase each of these individually or bundle them. If you select all three modules, you get a 25% discount. 

Cancellation costs insurance and personal assistance insurance give you coverage  worldwide. With vehicle assistance insurance, you are covered while traveling in Europe.

Cancellation costs insurance

Did you book a vacation on the spur of the moment and now you can’t go? So many things can happen to make you change or cancel your trip. Without cancellation costs insurance, you would normally be stuck paying for those costs yourself. That’s not just annoying, it’s unnecessary. Travel cancellation insurance from AXA pays for your transportation (flight, train, bus and rental car) and accommodations (vacation rental, hotel). Possible reasons for your trip being canceled or changed are: 

  • Accident or illness before or during the trip (repatriation, return trip home, etc.)
  • Accident, illness or death of a closely related family member
  • Absence of your deputy at work
  • Accident, illness or death of your pet
  • Loss of your job
  • Starting a new job
  • Damage to or theft of property at home
  • Strikes
  • Natural events such as flooding, avalanches, landslides or earthquakes
  • Terror or unrest at your travel destination
  • Insolvency of travel service provider
  • Restricted zone, quarantine, epidemic or pandemic

If any one of the above reasons causes you to cancel your trip, AXA will pay the costs in full (including the processing fees).

Personal assistance

When you take out our travel insurance, AXA is ready to help you no matter where you are in the world. And if you have an emergency while traveling, AXA will pay the costs. Personal assistance insurance covers:

  • Rescue and recovery costs
  • Costs of transportation to a doctor or hospital
  • Additional transportation costs incurred by having to return home directly or for continuing the trip
  • Additional costs for accommodation and meals
  • Costs of accommodation, meals and transportation for someone to bring home your children if you are unable to do so

Vehicle assistance

Vehicle assistance insurance from AXA insures your own vehicle or a rental vehicle within Europe, covering:

  • Roadside assistance, towing and recovery of the vehicle
  • Rescue and recovery of the insured persons
  • Additional transportation costs incurred by having to return home directly or for continuing the trip
  • Transportation of the vehicle to a garage near your home
  • Additional costs for accommodation and meals

Who should have travel insurance?

Anyone who travels and wants to be insured against unpleasant incidents. You may suddenly become ill, have an accident or something else could happen that will force you to cancel your trip. You’ve already paid in advance and you can’t cancel your rental car reservation. In this situation, good advice is costly. With travel insurance from AXA, you are covered for whatever it is you need in that moment. 

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    Travel insurance for families

    Small children are notorious for getting sick. But older kids can get sick too. Our travel insurance lets you plan with confidence.

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    Travel insurance for seniors

    Now that you’re retired, you’re ready to explore the world. Make your plans safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to scrap them completely if you have personal problems or if trouble arises in the country you plan on visiting.

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    Travel insurance for students

    Term break is not just for writing papers and studying for tests. It's also a great time to travel – which can be educational too! But what can you do if something unavoidable comes up? In this case, AXA travel insurance has you covered.

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    Travel insurance for solo travelers

    Whether you’re going on a quick solo trip around Europe or planning a road trip through South America, AXA travel insurance covers not only accidents and illness, but also helps you if your car breaks down or there’s a transportation strike.

Traveling in the time after Covid: What conditions currently apply?

In most countries, there are no longer any pandemic-related restrictions. You can enter any country in Europe now without a problem. However, it's always best to brush up on the latest rules before you start your journey. A good place to ask is the Federal Office of Public Health.

What about if there’s another pandemic?

If another pandemic should happen, your travel insurance will continue to cover you. If an official agency declares that you cannot go on or continue your trip, then the following benefits apply: 

We insure (up to CHF 80,000 per event): 

  • Travel cancellation due to illness
  • Travel interruption or return home due to illness

Booking made before outbreak of a pandemic:

  • Per policy, a maximum of 3 cancellations before a trip or vacation are insured.
  • AXA’s insurance benefits are limited to a maximum sum insured of CHF 10,000 per insured event and insured person.

Booking made after outbreak of a pandemic:

  • Per policy, only one trip or vacation can be canceled due to unforeseeable circumstances.
  • AXA’s insurance benefits are limited to a maximum of CHF 10,000 per insured person.

In the following cases, the travel cancellation insurance does not cover any of the costs since, in principle, the trip can be taken:

  • 3G, 2G, 2G+, 1G, etc. restrictions in destination country.
  • Fear or uncertainty before starting a trip.

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Claim scenarios

Defective vehicle

Defective vehicle

Sandro’s car breaks down in Germany and cannot be repaired within 24 hours. Sandro has to reorganize the rest of his trip. AXA travel insurance provides roadside assistance and covers the costs of the onward journey and return of the vehicle.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Roadside assistance, towing service CHF 250
  3. Additional overnight stay CHF 350
  4. Continuation of trip in rental car CHF 1 000
  5. Return of the broken down vehicle CHF 1 400
  6. Damage total CHF 3 000
  7. Sandro’s deductible CHF 0
  8. Total costs covered by AXA CHF 3 000


Stephen books a two-week beach vacation for the whole family. But he ends up in bed with the flu and has to cancel his long-awaited trip. AXA travel insurance covers the cancellation costs.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Cancellation costs CHF 6 150
  3. Travel agent’s processing fee CHF 120
  4. Total damage CHF 6 270
  5. Stephan’s deductible CHF 0
  6. Total costs covered by AXA CHF 6 270
Broken leg while hiking

Broken leg while hiking

One false step hiking on Fuerteventura and Claudio needs an emergency operation at the local hospital on a compound fracture of his lower leg. The trip home for him and his family of five has to be organized and the additional costs quickly rack up. Fortunately, Claudio has taken out travel insurance with AXA.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Emergency transportation to hospital CHF 500
  3. Additional costs of family accommodation CHF 1 500
  4. Repatriation of Claudio under medical supervision CHF 9 000
  5. Repatriation of family CHF 4 000
  6. Damage total CHF 15 000
  7. Claudio’s deductible CHF 0
  8. Total costs covered by AXA CHF 15 000

FAQs about travel insurance

  • When is it worth buying travel insurance?

    Regardless of whether you are looking for insurance for a vacation or a travel policy for for a longer stay, travel insurance from AXA has you covered. Our policy lasts for 3 years, but you can cancel at the end of each year.

    Our travel insurance is great for:

    • A single trip
    • Quick trips
    • Trips around the world
    • Semesters abroad
    • Adventure trips
    • Diving trips
    • Beach trips
    • City trips

    Whenever you are traveling in Switzerland or abroad, you can count on the benefits offered by AXA travel insurance from the instant you book your trip.

  • How do I file a claim?

    If you would like to report a canceled trip or an incident, you can do so  quickly and easily online . If you have any questions about travel cancellations or travel incidents, please call us at 0844 802 008 (outside of Switzerland +41 58 218 11 00). As currently we are receiving a lot of calls, you may experience longer waiting times than usual.

  • How much is the deductible?

    Our travel insurance has no deductible. Loss events that are covered are compensated in full.

  • Is my luggage insured?

    No, your luggage is not included in your travel insurance. Our OPTIMA household contents insurance offers comprehensive luggage protection.

    If your luggage is lost or stolen, INTERTOURS will provide you with an advance if you lose your ID or tickets and will pay for any additional costs for transportation and accommodation. If your luggage is lost or damaged in transit, be sure to report it to the carrier. If it is stolen, you must also report it to the nearest police station.

  • My car insurance includes vehicle assistance coverage. Is this sufficient for trips abroad?

    No, the "Mobility (Assistance)" coverage included in our car insurance only protects you in the insured vehicle. However, vehicle assistance from INTERTOURS protects you in any vehicle, even if it is borrowed or rented. It is valid in Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean – excluding the Russian Federation, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

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