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Want a professional and easy way to invest your money so it works for you and your financial future?

Do you want to face your financial future with peace of mind and make your dreams come true? Parking your money in a savings account is no longer a viable option, because in the current low-interest environment your savings will yield little to no interest. But by diversifying your savings into securities, you can earn higher returns. AXA offers attractive alternatives to savings accounts for everyone – from the financially savvy to those who don't have the time or technical knowledge to make the most of their money.

What alternatives are there to low-yielding savings accounts?

When interest rates are low, there's no better time to invest your savings in return-oriented financial markets. There are various investment options and strategies available to reflect your personal need for security, return and accessibility. 

AXA's investment options let you combine the best of digital and personal advice. And you are always the one who decides how involved you want to be in the investment process and how much you want to leave to the investment experts.

Your investment options at a glance

Want to put your money to work for you and at the same time take advantage of the investment expertise of AXA, one of the world's largest asset managers? If so, then here’s what we have for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you need before you can start investing?

    Generally, investing is a better way of growing your money than leaving it sitting around in a bank account. Depending on the solution and the provider, there are various minimum investment volumes to choose from. EasyInvest discretionary management lets you invest from as little as CHF 7,500. Our Pillar 3a SmartFlex retirement solution lets you invest smaller amounts on a regular basis.

  • What is an ETF? What is a fund?

    Strictly speaking, both are funds. They are similar in that they both invest not just in one stock or in one bond, but rather in a range of stocks or bonds. This is how investors spread their investment risk. One of the main differences between funds (and equity funds) and ETFs is the way that securities are selected for the investment portfolio. The selections for equity funds are made by a fund manager or possibly even a committee of experts. ETFs automatically replicate an index, such as the SMI. This is where the terms actively managed funds and passively managed funds (= ETFs) come from. Funds that use fund managers generally involve higher costs. ETFs have considerably lower operating costs because they don’t have anyone actively managing them. 

  • How does AXA invest my money?

    AXA invests your money based on the investment strategy you have chosen. With the help of digital and personal services, we assist you in defining an investment strategy with the level of security, returns and accessibility that best suits you, and we make sure that there is an efficient mix of ETFs, index funds and actively managed funds available to you. In established markets, we invest in affordable ETFs and index funds. In markets with more challenging structures, we enlist the expert knowledge of qualified fund managers to unlock additional performance opportunities.

  • Can I invest my money in sustainable projects?

    Yes. Our 3a SmartFlex retirement solution offers sustainability-themed funds as a dedicated investment theme. We will be happy to help you with your sustainable portfolio through EasyInvest. 

  • What tax information do I need to know about when I invest my money?

    Just like your income, the interest you earn, such as on a bank account or on bonds, is taxable. Any interest earned is taxed based on the marginal tax rate.

    Example: You earn 1% in interest on your savings account at a marginal tax rate of 30%. After the tax deduction, your net interest income is 0.70%. 

    Income earned through dividends on equities (units) is also taxable.

    Capital gains on the purchase and sale of securities, on the other hand, are not taxed at all. This is particularly interesting during times when interest rates are low because you can invest in securities to profit from tax-free price gains.

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