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Pillar 3 – private pension provision

Are you and your loved ones adequately covered for the period after retirement or for the worst-case scenario? Regardless of whether this involves your retirement provision, protection in the event of death or disability, protection of your partner or generally planning your financial future. AXA has the right offers for you – individually geared towards your personal requirements.

Why make provision with Pillar 3?

It is becoming less and less likely that AHV / IV and BVG benefits will be enough for you to continue with your accustomed standard of living after retirement. You can take advantage of the many pension coverage options of voluntary Pillars 3a/3b in addition to obligatory Pillars 1 and 2 to avoid income gaps in retirement and also to cover yourself and your partner against the risks of disability or in case of death.

Why are contributions from Pillars 1 and 2 not enough?

When you pay AHV and pension fund contributions, you may be lulled into a false sense of security. For most people, the benefits from Pillars 1 and 2 are not enough to continue with their accustomed standard of living.

What is a pension gap?

A pension gap occurs when income and the financial options in retirement are no longer enough to maintain the accustomed standard of living. The rule of thumb is that around 80% of your last gross salary should be available every month. If the amount paid out after retirement is below this guideline, then there is a pension gap. However, pension gaps not only arise upon retirement. There is also the threat of a loss of income in the event of occupational disability, disability or death.

How can I avoid pension gaps?

Depending on the reason for the pension gap, there are a number of solutions for avoiding it. To avoid loss of income that can occur due to disability or death, it is advisable to take out term life insurance or an occupational disability pension. It you want to be able to continue with your accustomed standard of living after retirement too, you will be well advised to consider AXA’s SmartFlex pension plan.

What are the reasons for arranging a pension consultation?

The best way to obtain a comprehensive view of your personal pension situation is in a consultation locally with a pensions expert. You will find out how you can avoid income gaps before and after retirement by taking simple measures and how you can make the best financial preparations for retirement. Arrange an appointment now.

What we offer in Pillar 3

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    Savings & pensions

    Build up capital for your retirement provision over the long term.

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    Planning for retirement

    Make provision early and plan your financial protection in retirement.

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    Protect against risk

    Protect you and your loved ones for the worst-case scenario.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does the Swiss pension system work?

    The Swiss pension system consists of three pillars. Pillar 1 (AHV/IV/EO plus supplementary benefits) is the state cover to secure people's livelihood in old age, on disability or upon death. AHV/IV benefits are supplemented by Pillar 2 (BVG), occupational benefits insurance. Contributions into the voluntary Pillar 3 (3a/3b) are designed to provide continuity of the accustomed standard of living.

  • What is a pension gap and how can I avoid it?

    If you wish to maintain your accustomed standard of living, around 80% of your last gross salary should be available every month. If the amount paid out after retirement is below this figure, then there is a pension gap. Pension gaps can be avoided by making financial preparations for the period after retirement with suitable pension solutions. AXA would be very happy to help you with this – arrange an appointment with one of our pension experts.

  • How can I save on tax with a Pillar 3 pension solution?

    Payments or contributions into tied pension provision (Pillar 3a) can be deducted in full against taxable income which reduces your tax burden. But flexible pension provision (Pillar 3b) also offers some smart options on how to simply save on tax.

  • How can I cover my risk?

    You have a number of options to choose from to protect yourself effectively against the risk of loss of income. You can reliably insure against loss of salary caused by accident, occupational disability or death. Discover more about our offers here.

  • What do families have to consider when it comes to pensions?

    Families have to consider various points when it comes to pensions. For example, it is not very easy for young families in particular to save regularly for the period after retirement. The SmartFlex pension plan can help here, as it can be adapted to your current family situation and also offers flexible contributions. But loss of earnings due to illness, disability or as a result of death is also a risk that families need to cover themselves against. If there any changes in a family, e.g. due to marriage, divorce, house purchase or a new baby, it is always advisable to review the pension situation. 

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