Legal protection insurance

AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance for private individuals and companies has you covered if you're involved in a legal case. We fight to defend your rights and assert your claims in legal disputes. 

Why do I need legal protection insurance?

Whether it's over an argument with your neighbor, business partner or employer, a road accident or a complaint about an online purchase or a vacation, it's increasingly common for disputes to end up in court, and that can quickly become expensive. Legal protection insurance helps you to assert and defend your rights without having to worry about the cost.

When will AXA-ARAG legal protection help me?

If you lose a legal dispute and don't have legal protection insurance, you'll have to pay court costs as well as the fees billed by both your own and the other party's lawyers. Legal protection insurance thus makes sense as a way to guard against financial risks and claims that might be made against you personally or your business.

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Legal protection insurance in a nutshell 

Frequently asked questions about our legal protection insurance

  • Is legal protection insurance mandatory in Switzerland?

    No, legal protection insurance isn't mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Unexpected legal disputes can arise at any time – whether you're a tenant, employee, road user or patient. Our insurance offers you all-round protection.

    Do you have your own business? Legal conflicts can also take you by surprise as a company owner, for example if a neighbor officially objects to the conversion of your office building, an insurance company refuses to pay out on a claim or you have trouble with the authorities in connection with a permit.

  • I have liability insurance. Isn't that enough to cover legal disputes and issues?

    It's good that you've already got liability insurance, be it as a private individual or a company owner. That's very important. Your liability insurance will essentially cover the cost of any loss you cause for a third party, such as the cost of repairing a car after an accident that was your fault.

    However, legal protection insurance can help you if someone else has damaged your car but their liability insurer refuses to cover all or part of the cost. This isn't covered by your liability insurance. Liability and legal protection insurance thus complement each other perfectly and offer all-round coverage.

  • Am I free to choose whichever lawyer I want?

    Sometimes, but usually not. As a rule, our in-house lawyers and legal experts will support you. In some legal cases, however, it can make sense to involve an external lawyer.

    If we think this is necessary, we'll recommend someone suitable for you. You're free to choose your own lawyer in the following three cases:

    • For court or administrative proceedings where a lawyer must be instructed

    • If your opposing party is an AXA Group company (other than AXA-ARAG)

    • In legal cases where AXA-ARAG must also provide insurance coverage to your opposing party

    If we reject the lawyer you selected, you can suggest three further lawyers. They must not belong to the same law firm. We must accept one of these three. In all these cases, we cover the costs within the scope of the coverage confirmation that was issued.

  • Does AXA-ARAG offer online legal advice?

    Yes, you'll find a large selection of useful documents and templates on a wide range of topics at You can also opt for a one-time consultation and simply pay for it online. When you take out legal protection insurance, legal advice on the insured areas is included. The Legal Advice PLUS module entitles you to three hours of advice on all issues relating to Swiss law.

  • When will commercial legal protection help me, and why do I need it?

    Problems with neighbors, insurance companies, or the authorities: anyone can find themselves facing a legal dispute, often out of the blue – and costs can quickly mount up. AXA-ARAG commercial legal protection helps you to assert and defend your rights without having to worry about the cost.

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