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Is your car your pride and joy, or just a means of getting from A to B? Whichever is true, it is optimally insured at AXA. Calculate your premium online – You keep your advisor even when you purchase from us online.

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Insurance overview

Every motor vehicle owner must have liability insurance. Accidental damage and accident insurance are voluntary.

Third-party liability insurance

Liability insurance is mandatory. It covers any damage you may cause to other road users, animals or property while you are driving and protects you against any unsubstantiated claims for damages you may face.

  • Guaranteed amount CHF 100 million

Accidental damage insurance

Accidental damage insurance is voluntary and covers damage to your car. You can choose between full or partial accidental damage coverage.

Partial accidental damage insurance:

  • Roadside assistance throughout Switzerland
  • Theft
  • Malicious damage (e.g. deliberately broken off rear-view mirrors)
  • Damage by natural forces (e.g. hail), fire, snowslides, animals and martens
  • Glass breakage (including spotlights)
  • Items carried along (e.g. sports bag)
  • Extras: Free coverage for up to 10% of the vehicle’s list price
  • Present value supplement: for total loss: in year one, repayment of 100% of new price; thereafter, higher compensation than present value of the vehicle

Comprehensive insurance (collision coverage):

  • Damage to your car due to a collision
  • Parking damage can be included (unlimited events per year)

Accident insurance

With accident insurance we support you financially if the driver or passengers are injured or killed. This applies even if the question of who is at fault has not been settled.

  • Valid for all cars registered in Switzerland that you drive and not just your own car
  • Medical expenses, e.g. private ward in a hospital
  • Death lump sum, in addition to other insurance benefits
  • Disability lump sum, in addition to other insurance benefits

Bonus protection for no-claims discount

Bonus protection guarantees that you do not lose your discount in the event of an accident. Claims-free driving leads to a reduction in your premium until it is just 30%.

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Save on your premiums now – for anyone under 26

Young drivers between 18 and 25 have the opportunity to make big savings on their car insurance premiums with AXA.

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    The Crash Recorder records all important data during an accident. Young drivers benefit from a 15% premium discount for installing it.

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Examples of damage/loss

Driving into the garage with roof rack

Driving into the garage with roof rack

Franziska is driving to the shops and forgets her bicycle is on the car roof. On driving into the parking garage, her bicycle and the roof rack are both ripped off the car and the garage entrance is damaged.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Accidental damage
  3. Chassis damage to the car roof CHF 3,456
  4. Damaged roof rack CHF 155
  5. Bicycle CHF 1,250
  6. Liability claims
  7. Damage to garage entrance CHF 365
  8. Total damage/loss CHF 5,226
  9. Franziska's deductible CHF 1,000
  10. Compensation by AXA CHF 4,226
Accident due to black ice

Accident due to black ice

It’s early morning and Dominic is driving his daughter to the crèche. Laura is playing up. Dominic takes a quick look in the rear-view mirror and overlooks an icy patch on the street. He can’t brake on time and crashes side-on with an approaching car.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Accidental damage (for Dominic’s car)
  3. Towing fees CHF 350
  4. Total damage/loss CHF 25,926
  5. Liability claim (for the other car)
  6. Towing fees CHF 350
  7. Total damage/loss CHF 31,654
  8. Total damage/loss CHF 58,280
  9. Dominic's deductible CHF 1,000
  10. Compensation by AXA CHF 57,280

Support and frequently asked questions

  • Does AXA car insurance cover my electric car?

    Yes. Do you own a Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Renault ZOE or another electric car? Our car insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your electric car. Calculate your premium now – the electric car discount of up to 5% is included automatically.

  • What is a green insurance card and where can I get one?

    When driving abroad, the green insurance card confirms that you have liability insurance for your car. You can order one online. It is not needed in countries bordering Switzerland.

  • Do I need additional assistance for my vehicle?

    Mobility coverage is included in accidental damage insurance. While mobility coverage in accidental damage insurance covers only your own vehicle, vehicle assistance as part of INTERTOURS travel insurance ensures that you’re covered in any vehicle (e.g. rental car).

    To INTERTOURS travel insurance

  • What is covered by parking damage?

    Parking damage occurs when you discover that your parked car has been damaged and the causer cannot be found. If you damage your car while parking, this is not parking damage, but is comprehensive accidental damage.

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