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Would you like to buy an electric car or do you already have one? Car insurance from AXA offers you the right solution to protect and run your electric car.

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Find the right insurance for your electric car

In addition to mandatory liability insurance and voluntary partial and  comprehensive accidental damage insurance , you can also choose additional solutions that offer your electric car all-round protection and other services:

Charge at a standard price

As an AXA customer, you can charge your electric car at all charging stations at a standard price. This means that it costs the same to charge your car, regardless of whether you charge it in Zurich or Basel. The price of a charge differs solely by AC and DC charging stations.   

AXA promotes electromobility and is currently helping to fund the standard price: This means that your price is 5 cents cheaper per kilowatt hour.

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You'll find the current standard price on the registration page. Please note that this does not apply to roaming providers.

Simply switch on, charge up and drive off - choose from one of the largest country-wide charging networks as well as from additional charging stations throughout Europe. 

Our AXA company and fleet customers as well as customers with several electric cars can also benefit from this offer.

Preferential terms and  all-round protection for your Wallbox / wall-mounted charging station

Thanks to, AXA customers can obtain a Wallbox at a reduced price. is giving you the following discount: CHF 50 on the home charging model  as well as CHF 80 on the all-in-one solutions. Apply here for your personal voucher code

Regardless of whether you used your Wallbox/wall-mounted charging station incorrectly, whether it was damaged by vandalism, or it was stolen: As part of supplementary coverage in motor vehicle insurance, AXA meets the costs of a same-value new Wallbox and assumes the installation costs.

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Europe-wide roadside assistance

AXA's roadside assistance covers your e-mobility in Switzerland and Europe. This cover includes picking up your car at the breakdown location, repatriating it to Switzerland, and your personal return or onward journey up to a certain extent. These services also apply to electric cars with a flat battery.

Attractive compensation in the event of total loss

With the present value supplement Plus, you receive 100% of the purchase price of your electric car in the event of total loss during the first two years. With supplementary coverage for new or used cars, you receive a purchase price guarantee whereby AXA will refund the full purchase price during the first five years.

AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance

Regardless of whether you own your car or are just an occasional driver: We protect you from legal risks in road traffic – even if you're traveling on public transport. If the battery of your electric car suffers an unusual performance loss that results in a dispute with the manufacturer about the warranty service, we'll support you in enforcing your rights.

Additional benefits of AXA car insurance

  • 24-hour phone for immediate assistance and claims notification
  • For insured accidental damage, AXA arranges the car repair through a certified partner:
    • Free car pickup and delivery service
    • Lifelong guarantee on the work carried out
    • Free replacement car
    • Vehicle cleaning
    • Mobile repair/replacement of glass damage on the spot
  • Free emergency roadside assistance anywhere in Europe
  • Higher compensation in the event of a total loss
    • 100% new-for-old indemnity in the first two years with present value supplement Plus
    • 100% purchase price in the first five years from purchase date with purchase price guarantee

Support and frequently asked questions

  • Why is AXA committed to a standard charging price?

    Cost transparency is important for our customers,  including when charging your electric vehicle. AXA makes it easy for you to enter the electromobility world with the standard charging price. We offer you innovative and transparent solutions with

  • What do I have to know when it comes to electric cars?

    There are public charging stations in many places, divided into slow (AC) and quick charging stations (DC). The latter charge the battery the quickest. The price at public charging stations can be made up of a storage fee for parking and a charging fee per kWh. These prices vary from station to station.

    AXA cares about cost transparency: customers charge their vehicle at all charging stations at the standard, transparent price. Register here.

  • What do I have to watch out for with electric car insurance?

    Electric cars are insured as traditional vehicles. Partial and comprehensive accidental damage insurance as well as accident insurance (passengers) can be taken out in addition to compulsory liability insurance.

    Special case: With certain manufacturers, the car can be purchased but the battery is leased. This must be reflected in the insurance.

    Furthermore, AXA offers all-round protection for your Wallbox so that it's also insured against vandalism, for example. 

  • Can the standard price change?

    Yes, adjustments to the charging price or discount are possible. informs registered AXA customers  proactively about price changes by email. The current standard price can always be found in the app.

  • What happens if I have to make a claim with my electric car?

    From an insurance point of view, it is irrelevant if a claim relates to a petrol car, hybrid vehicle or electric car. Depending on the incident and existing insurance - liability insurance, partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance - damage to your vehicle is regulated and compensated.

  • I'm already a customer, how can I benefit?

    Simply register  here. Enter your AXA policy number and accept the "Charging with the standard price" supplementary conditions.
    Do you already have an RFID card? Simply put this on the new AXA account after registration. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

  • When I charge from, is the electricity from renewable sources?

    Yes, you charge with certified green electricity at practically all charging stations linked to You charge with 100% certified green electricity at the following charging stations:

    • GOFAST
    • Energie 360
    • IWB
    • Agrola
    • EWZ
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    Our commitment to climate and energy

    Did you know that AXA is committed to climate protection and renewable energies and is supporting Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050?

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    Our commitment to sustainability

    Did you know that AXA is committed to making a sustainable contribution to the future that goes far beyond its core business? Discover our exciting sustainability projects now.

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