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Key points at a glance
  • Protection for your electric car: car insurance for electric cars covers the cost of damage that you cause with your electric car to a vehicle, property or a person as well as damage suffered by your own electric car.
  • Individual insurance protection: in addition to the mandatory liability insurance for insuring your car, you can choose from partial and comprehensive accidental damage insurance as well as attractive add-ons.
  • Extra protection for battery and home charging station: we offer you special protection for your mobile or fixed charging station as well as the battery for your electric car. 

Telephone consultation on car insurance for electric cars: 052 244 86 00

Optimal insurance for your electric car

Would you like to buy an electric car or do you already have one? If so, do you now need the right insurance cover? Car insurance from AXA offers you the full load of insurance options specifically for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. And our add-ons also provide the best cover for batteries and charging infrastructure .

Optimal insurance for home charging station or mobile charging equipment

The e-mobility charging station add-on protects your home and mobile charging stations, including charging accessories, against unforeseen damage or destruction, particularly as a result of:

  • falling
  • improper use, carelessness, negligence
  • electrical impacts, such as short circuit or overcurrent
  • water, fire and natural hazards
  • vandalism and theft

Regardless of whether you used your charging station incorrectly, or whether it was damaged by vandalism or stolen: AXA meets the cost of an equivalent replacement or repair and covers the installation costs. The same benefits also apply to mobile charging equipment.

Insure battery for your electric car

Reliably insure your high-voltage battery against:

  • operating errors such as causing an irregular load on the battery, completely discharging it or incorrectly programming a home charging station
  • total discharge, if the battery voltage falls below a critical level, e.g. through defective charging equipment or longer vacation
  • overvoltage, if the battery voltage goes above the tolerance level, e.g. through power failures or lightning strikes
  • malfunctioning of charging device
  • exceptional loss of capacity of more than 50 percent in the first three years

In the event of a claim, we meet the cost of repairing the battery. If a repair isn't possible, we meet the cost of a replacement.

Do your neighbors have concerns about you charging your electric car in the communal garage? You can also insure against property damage to other vehicles, for example, caused by a battery fire, even if there's no legal liability.

Battery certificate – for added safety

The battery is the heart of an electric car. As an AXA customer, you have the opportunity to measure the health of your battery simply and affordably using the battery test box developed by AVILOO. 

Offers and discounts for your electric car

Benefit from our partnership with Swisscharge. As part of our promotion of electromobility, our customers can profit from exclusive offers and discounts.

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    Standard charging rate

    Standard charging rate thanks to cooperation with Swisscharge. AXA subsidizes the standard rate at 10 cents per kilowatt hour.

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    Up to CHF 80 off your new charging station

    Buy your wall box from Swisscharge and you’ll receive the following discounts: CHF 50 discount on a home charging station and CHF 80 off an all-in-one solution.

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Our benefits in the event of a claim

  • 24-hour hotline for immediate assistance and claims notification. When you report a claim by phone or online, you can find out right away if it’s insured.
  • If your car is immobilized, you'll be mobile again within an hour with our roadside assistance add-on which includes onward travel 
  • AXA arranges for your electric car to be repaired by a certified partner garage if it suffers insured accidental damage . By doing so, you benefit from numerous attractive functions:
    • You save time and hassle, as we organize the repair.
    • Your car will be picked up if necessary, you'll be given a replacement vehicle and your car will be returned cleaned.
    • If possible, glass damage can be repaired at your home. 
    • You'll receive a lifelong repair guarantee.

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Support and FAQ on e-mobility

  • What do I have to watch out for when insuring my electric car?

    Electric cars are insured as traditional vehicles. You choose between mandatory liability insurance, partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance and various add-ons. You also have the option of insuring special elements of your electric car. The battery and home charging station and mobile charging equipment.

    Leasing the battery is a special case, in that with certain manufacturers, the car can be purchased but the battery is leased. This has to be taken into account when buying insurance.

  • Why should my electric car's battery also be insured?

    The battery is the heart of every electric car. The add-on specifically for high-voltage vehicle batteries gives your electric car optimal protection for the first eight operating years and up to a maximum of 200,000 kilometers driven. Compared to the manufacturer's guarantee, additional risks such as operating errors or total discharge are insured which are excluded in most cases. In the event of a claim, AXA covers the cost of repair if this is possible. Otherwise we pay for the cost of replacing the battery. Disposal costs are also included when there's an insured event. 

  • What happens if I have to make a claim with my electric car?

    From an insurance point of view, it is irrelevant if a claim relates to a petrol car, hybrid vehicle or electric car. Depending on the incident and existing insurance – liability insurance, partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance – damage to your vehicle is processed and compensated.

  • What happens if I can't drive because the car has run out of battery?

    The breakdown assistance add-on, including onward travel ensures that you stay mobile: your car will be collected from the breakdown site, returned and your personal journey home or onward travel is also included to a specific extent. These services also apply to electric cars with a flat car battery.

  • What do I have to know when it comes to charging an electric car?

    Many places now have public charging stations, divided into slow (AC) and quick charging stations (DC). The latter charge batteries quickly. The price at public charging stations can be made up of a storage fee for parking and a charging fee per kWh. These prices vary from station to station.

    AXA cares about cost transparency: customers charge their vehicle at all Swisscharge charging stations at a standard transparent price. Register here.

  • Why is AXA committed to a standard charging price for electric cars?

    As a mobility expert, we recognized that the solutions that are currently available for our customers are lacking in cost transparency. So we have teamed up with Swisscharge to offer you an exclusive and transparent solution for charging your EV at a standard rate.

  • Can the standard price change?

    Yes, adjustments to the charging price or discount are possible. Swisscharge informs registered AXA customers proactively about price changes by email. The current standard price can always be found in the Swisscharge app.

  • I'm already a Swisscharge customer, how can I benefit?

    Simply register here. Enter your AXA motor vehicle insurance policy number and accept the "Charging with the standard price" supplementary conditions.
    Do you already have an RFID card from Swisscharge or a SwissPass? Simply change this on the new AXA account after registration. This way , you simply start and stop the charging transactions with your card. Please do not hesitate to contact Swisscharge if you have any questions.

  • When I charge from Swisscharge, is the electricity from renewable sources?

    Yes, you charge with certified green electricity at practically all charging stations linked to Swisscharge. For example, you can charge with 100 percent certified green electricity at the following charging stations:

    • GOFAST
    • Energie 360°
    • IWB
    • Agrola
    • EWZ

Your electric car is helping to create 1 square meter of moorland

By purchasing car insurance for your EV, you are also doing your bit for the environment. For every new policy purchased, AXA will invest in rewilding 1 square meter of a moor in the Grisons municipality of Maienfeld.

  • 1

    As humans dry out the moors, rare species are losing quality habitat. And this also releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

  • 2

    In order to restore the moors, trenches are filled with sheet pilings so that the area can become a wetland again.

  • 3

    The groundwater rises to a certain level until the biodiversity of life specific to that moor is restored. Dead plant matter and carbon are stored for a very long time in the peaty ground.

Together for more sustainability

With its Flora Futura initiative, AXA intends to create around two million square meters of space in which biodiversity can flourish by 2025 – that’s one square meter for every customer. Here you can learn more about the products and solutions we have to support your more sustainable lifestyle.

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