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A rental guarantee from AXA as an alternative to a rental deposit

Rental guarantee

Tenants must place a rental deposit with the bank. This often amounts to as much as three months’ rent. But now, anyone who prefers not to tie up this large amount of money can opt for a rental guarantee from AXA as a convenient alternative.

  • Affordable annual premium
  • 10% combination discount with personal liability insurance
  • Can be terminated at any time

Purchase advice: 0800 800 501

You can register a claim here

How does a rental guarantee work?

With a rental guarantee from AXA you have free access to your savings instead of having to deposit the amount for the full duration of the lease. We pay your landlord any justified claims such as damage or unpaid rent. We subsequently claim this amount back from you.

Quick procedure

  • Take out a rental guarantee from AXA.
  • You will receive confirmation immediately.
  • The landlord receives the surety within three working days.


  • Annual fee: 4% of the guarantee amount
  • No initial fee
  • Free adjustment if you change your rental circumstances, e.g. new landlord
  • Can be terminated at any time, with a prorated refund of the annual premium already paid

Combination discount and service advantage

  • Requirement: Personal liability insurance
  • Personal liability insurance from AXA: You receive a 10% discount on the annual premium of the rental guarantee and we automatically clarify whether any damage by tenants is covered.

Conversion of a rental deposit

  • You already have a rental deposit with the bank? No problem: After contacting your landlord, you can take out a rental guarantee from AXA at any time.
  • The landlord will then have your rental deposit paid out.

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Support and frequently asked questions

  • What is a rental guarantee from AXA?

    A rental guarantee from AXA is not an insurance but a type of surety, for which you pay an annual premium.

  • Is the landlord at any disadvantage from a rental guarantee?

    For landlords, a rental guarantee from AXA offers the same protection as a traditional deposit with a bank. The surety reaches the landlord three working days after the tenant signs the agreement. Moreover, he knows for certain that the tenant has taken out personal liability insurance.

    We issue payment immediately if there is a claim due to unpaid rent or damage to the apartment, for example. For this, the signatures of the tenant and the landlord are needed.

  • Are my premiums used in order to pay off the deposit?

    No, your premiums compensate AXA for its willingness to cover, up to a certain amount, any damage to the apartment or any rental fees you may owe during the contract term.

  • What is the maximum guarantee amount?

    AXA's rental guarantee is limited to CHF 20,000.

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