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  • Financial flexibility: Ideal for anyone who wants to have access to their money at all times without it being tied up in a security deposit account.
  • A surety from AXA: A rental guarantee insurance replaces the traditional security deposit account at a bank. While your landlord enjoys the same security, you can receive an advance payment for any claims you file.
  • Personal liability insurance is recommended: To ensure that you’re covered for any damage to the rental property, we recommend taking out personal liability insurance. If you buy both rental guarantee and personal liability insurance from AXA, we’ll give you a bundle discount of 10% on your rental guarantee insurance.

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How does AXA’s rental guarantee insurance work?

Rental guarantee insurance without a security deposit is widely used in Switzerland and is a form of rental guarantee recognized by landlords.Rental guarantee insurance from AXA provides your landlord with the same financial security as a security deposit at a bank – only the service is quicker and better.

Rental guarantee insurance is a surety that serves as a guarantee for your landlord on your behalf. And all you pay is an annual fee.

The surety is really simple: If you damage your rented apartment or don't pay your rent, we will pay your landlord for any justifiable damages or rent owed. Sometime later we will then require you to reimburse us for this amount.

What advantages does AXA rental guarantee insurance offer?

  • No initial fees or costs
  • Your money is available whenever you want it
  • 10% bundle discount on your rental guarantee insurance if you also take out personal liability insurance from AXA.  Claims for damages can become very costly. We recommend purchasing personal liability insurance so that you and your loved ones living in the same household are protected against such a situation.
  • CHF 250 discount on moving services from Relock: As an AXA customer, you can get a discount on a final cleaning or on booking a moving company through our partner Relock, the leading moving services company with a digital platform that simplifies planning your move.
  • Free processing if your rental situation changes (e.g. new landlord)
  • Your landlord receives the rental guarantee surety within three to five business days
  • After discussing it with your landlord, you can cancel at any time. And you’ll receive a prorated refund of the annual premium you’ve already paid.

Security deposit or rental guarantee insurance: What’s the difference?  

If you have to put up a deposit for your apartment, you have two options: Take out rental guarantee insurance or pay the deposit into a security deposit account. We’ll show you how they differ.

Security deposit: 

  • You can’t use your money: You must leave your money in this security deposit account for the entire duration of the lease.
  • Security: A security deposit account offers the same security as rental guarantee insurance.
  • Costs: Generally a security deposit costs you nothing. But you could be missing out on earning interest because you are not able to invest your money how you want.
  • Service: No services are provided.

Rental guarantee insurance:

  • Your money is not tied up in a bank account: You do not need to deposit your own money.
  • Security: Rental guarantee insurance provides the same security as a security deposit account.
  • Costs: 4% of the amount of the rental guarantee plus 5 % federal stamp duty.
  • Service: For every claim you make, we will automatically check to see whether your AXA personal liability insurance will cover it.

What happens to my rental guarantee insurance when I move?

Your current AXA rental guarantee policy cannot simply be transferred to your new apartment. When your lease ends, you must cancel your rental guarantee insurance. If you’ve already paid your annual premium, then we will refund it to you after discussing the matter with your landlord. When you rent a new apartment, all you need to do is sign another contract with us for the new rental guarantee amount. You will then receive a new rental guarantee certificate.

Of course you can cancel the rental guarantee insurance at any time. Just have your landlord confirm the cancellation in writing and return the original surety document. You are responsible for paying the premiums for the AXA rental guarantee insurance until the end of your lease. 

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FAQ about rental guarantee insurance

  • Which is better? Rental guarantee insurance or security deposit?

    While you have to pay the full deposit into a security deposit account all at once, with rental guarantee insurance from AXA, you can access your money any time you like. You only pay 4% of the rental guarantee amount as an annual premium to AXA. If you file a claim, we’ll check to see if it's a personal liability claim.

  • What advantages does rental guarantee insurance give your landlord?

    Rather than receiving a document confirming that a security deposit account has been opened, landlords will receive a surety document three days after the contract is concluded. This means they have fewer administration hassles. They also know that the creditworthiness of their tenant has already been checked. This is why rental guarantee insurance is so popular with landlords.

  • Is rental guarantee insurance worth it?

    AXA rental guarantee insurance offers tenants several advantages:

    • If you don’t have the financial means to make a deposit into a security deposit account, rental guarantee insurance can help.
    • If you want to have access to your money instead of parking it in a security deposit account, rental guarantee insurance pays off here too.
  • What happens if a claim is made?

    AXA will pay your landlord right away in cases of damage or unpaid rent if the claim is justified. We will need the signatures of both the landlord and the tenant. Sometime later we will then require you to repay us the money we paid on your behalf as tenant.

  • How is the premium for rental guarantee insurance calculated?

    The premium is based on the amount of the rental guarantee surety and is set at 4% of the rental guarantee amount plus 5% federal stamp duty. The premium is due annually. Click here if you would like a personal consultation.

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