Key points at a glance
  • Obligatory protection for your household staff: This insurance protects you against the financial consequences of accidents involving your household staff – it is obligatory in Switzerland.
  • You can quickly be deemed an employer: Whether they are a babysitter, gardener, or cleaner: As soon as you employ someone, you are considered to be an employer.
  • Level of employment and salary: This insurance is for all of your household staff who work up to eight hours per week and do not earn more than CHF 15,000 per year.

Protect your domestic staff

As soon as you use the services of a cleaner, gardener or babysitter, you are deemed to be an employer. You are therefore legally obligated to insure your domestic staff against accidents.

Benefits of mandatory accident insurance (UVG)

  • Treatment costs (medical treatment, hospital stays in the general ward)
  • Daily benefits (maximum 80% of insured earnings from the third day)
  • Disability pension (maximum 80% of insured earnings)
  • Surviving dependants' pensions: 40% of the insured earnings for widows/widowers, 15% for each orphan who lost one parent, and 25% for each orphan who lost both parents (maximum 70% in the case of multiple survivors)
  • Compensation for physical or mental impairment and helplessness
  • The insurance can be terminated at any time when you no longer employ domestic staff on a permanent basis


  • Employees may work for you for a maximum of eight hours per week
  • Earnings may not exceed CHF 15,000 per year 

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Examples of damage/loss

Ankle injury

Ankle injury

Peter the gardener falls over a hosepipe while cutting flowers and injures his foot. Following an X-ray, he receives the diagnosis from his doctor: a sprained ankle. He must rest for four weeks before resuming full-time work. AXA accident insurance for domestic staff pays the costs of medical treatment and the daily benefits.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Doctor, treatment costs, pharmacist's bill CHF 534
  3. Daily benefits CHF 320
  4. Total costs CHF 854
  5. Assumption of costs by AXA CHF 854
Concussion with consequences

Concussion with consequences

On cleaning a roof window, the cleaner Ursina falls off the ladder and lands with a blow to the head. In hospital, concussion is diagnosed. After a short stay in hospital and six weeks’ recuperation, Ursina can resume full-time work.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Transportation costs, hospital stay CHF 2,853
  3. Daily benefits CHF 504
  4. Total costs CHF 3,357
  5. Assumption of costs by AXA CHF 3,357
Upper arm fracture on black ice

Upper arm fracture on black ice

Michelle works as a nanny alongside her studies. One winter's day, she slips on an icy stairway on the way to work. She suffers an open fracture of the upper arm. Following operations and therapy, Michelle regains only limited use of her arm, and can only do office work.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Transportation costs, hospital stays, operations, therapy CHF 55,821
  3. Daily benefits CHF 8,648
  4. Impairment compensation CHF 37,050
  5. Total costs CHF 101,519
  6. Assumption of costs by AXA CHF 101,519

Support and frequently asked questions

  • Who is the insurance for domestic staff intended for?

    It is intended for employees who work in private households, e.g. cleaners, household helps, babysitters and gardeners. Domestic staff who are provided through a company (e.g. a cleaning company) have to be insured by that company.

  • Are pocket-money jobs in private households exempt from the insurance requirement?

    An exception has applied to so-called pocket-money jobs since January 1, 2015. Salaries up to CHF 750 per employee and calendar year are exempted from the insurance requirement – provided the employee is not older than 25 in that same calendar year and is not subject to social insurance contributions. If the employee suffers an accident or an occupational disease, the consequential costs are nonetheless covered. In such cases, the accident insurance (UVG) substitute fund levies a premium from the employer.

  • When does insurance coverage commence?

    Insurance coverage commences on the direct way to work and ends on completion of the direct way home.

  • How does the simplified procedure work?
    1. Read the information sheet "Simplified procedure for transferring AHV contributions for employers."
    2. Complete the application form for the simplified procedure.
    3. Send the form to your AHV compensation fund.
    4. Deduct the corresponding amounts from your employees' salaries.
    5. Transfer the contributions to the AHV compensation fund once a year.
  • Can I take advantage of the simplified procedure for transferring contributions?

    Your employees must live in Switzerland and have work permits. They must be older than 17 but younger than retirement age.
    The salary per employee and year may not exceed CHF 21,510 and the total payroll for all your employees may not exceed CHF 57,360.

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