Key points at a glance
  • Cost contributions: In the outpatient segment, the supplementary insurance contributes to the costs of eyeglasses and contact lenses, gym memberships, and complementary medicine.
  • Flexible choice of ward: With inpatient hospital benefits, you can choose between general, semi-private, and private coverage.
  • Additional supplementary insurance options: We offer you additional protection for your teeth, for when you are traveling, or for financial protection in the case of hospital stays, invalidity, or death.

Individual product details: benefits overview and contractual provisions.

Supplementary outpatient insurance

Do you want to make sure you have the best possible coverage for outpatient treatment? Are you looking for supplementary insurance that supports complementary medicine and pays toward the costs of your glasses? Then our supplementary outpatient options are the perfect answer.

Summary of the supplementary health insurance benefits from AXA Healthcare

Summary of our Healthcare products. Detailed information on benefits can be found in the benefits overview.

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    Top products

    We have received a number of awards for our supplementary insurance options. SonntagsZeitung gave us “top” in additional health insurance. VZ Vermögenszentrum gave the benefits offered by the “COMPLET” package an “above-average” rating.

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Supplementary hospital insurance

Do you want to be able to choose freely when it comes to selecting a hospital or specialist who will treat you? Is privacy important to you, and would you rather have a single room? Are you a frequent traveler and want to make sure you have the best possible coverage for when you’re abroad too? Discover our attractive supplementary hospital insurance options now.

Summary of the supplementary hospital insurance benefits from AXA Healthcare

Summary of our hospital products. Detailed information on benefits can be found in the benefits overview.

Switching service for basic insurance

Very few people make use of the opportunity to switch mandatory basic insurance each year, despite the fact that they can save a considerable amount by doing so. This is because it takes time and effort to compare prices and offerings, ask for quotations, and terminate cover.

We know this – and it’s precisely why we take care of all of this for our customers with supplementary health insurance options.  Every fall, we send you a proposal for the most cost-efficient basic insurance. If you accept the proposal, we’ll take care of the switch for you. Which means you can make savings year after year – without having to lift a finger!

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Additional supplementary insurance options

Hospital Indemnity

Covers consequential costs for acute-care hospital stays of 3 nights or longer. Complements supplementary hospital insurance.


For dental treatment, dental corrections for adults, dental hygiene and bleaching.


For a lump sum payment on disability or death.


The flexible insurance for illness or accidents abroad. Find out more.

Invoice service for your medical bills

What’s the easiest way to reduce personal healthcare costs? Combine affordable basic insurance with the right supplementary insurance. Our short video will show you just how easy that can be.

Using health insurance reimbursements to top up your Pillar 3 

Would you like a convenient way to put money aside for the future and save on tax? You can with the pension saving service from AXA. If you have a supplementary health insurance policy with us, any reimbursements you receive can be paid straight into your AXA SmartFlex 3a pension plan.

Conditions for using this service

To make use of the pension saving service you must:

  • have a supplementary health insurance policy with AXA and be able to receive reimbursements from us.
  • have taken out a SmartFlex (Pillar 3a) pension plan with AXA.

How the service works

  1. Invoice received: You consult your doctor and pay the invoice.
  2. Submit invoice: You submit your healthcare costs through your AXA supplementary health insurance.
  3. Reimbursement announced: AXA informs you how much you will receive.
  4. Receive payment or invest it in Pillar 3a: You decide whether to have the amount transferred to your private account or credited to your AXA SmartFlex 3a pension plan.
    Important: You can only pay amounts due through your own healthcare benefits into Pillar 3a – not those for other members of the family. In addition, the reimbursement must be for an amount of at least CHF 20 before it can be paid into Pillar 3a.
  5. Save: AXA makes the payment in accordance with your request.

How you benefit

  • Save for the future in a convenient way: Our service enables you to save for the future without even noticing.
  • Save tax: The service helps you put more into your Pillar 3a. Which means you save on taxes.
  • Stay flexible: Each time you receive a reimbursement, you decide whether and how much to pay into Pillar 3a. It’s easy to sign up for the service and you can cancel it at any time.

FAQs from our customers

FAQ – The benefits we provide

  • What discounts does AXA offer for families?

    There is a 5% discount for two-person families and a 10% family discount for all family members in the same household for families with three or more members. This requires at least one person to be an adult and at least one person to be a minor.

    Our products Dental 1000, Flex 1, Flex 2, Hospital Semi-private and Accident Private are also free up to a baby's first birthday.

  • How does the switching service for basic health insurance work?

    Comparing prices, obtaining offers and terminating policies all takes time. If you opt for supplementary health insurance from AXA, each fall you receive from us a proposal for the most cost-efficient basic insurance available.

    If you agree to our proposal, we’ll take care of all of the paperwork involved in terminating your old insurance and registering you with your new basic insurer. 

  • Which therapists does AXA recognize?

    As a general rule, AXA recognizes all therapists and methods of complementary medicine listed in this therapist search.

  • What advantages does AXA's Healthcare product range offer?

    In addition to our attractive range of supplementary health insurance products, we can assist you in exercising your freedom to choose your provider of basic health insurance. Although AXA does not offer basic health insurance itself, each year we can help you find the best solution in terms of price and quality. To ensure our advice is unbiased, we don’t receive any commission on basic insurance.

  • What are the rules regarding coronavirus?
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      On our website you can find the latest information relating to the coronavirus.

      Go to the coronavirus information
  • Which supplementary insurance options does AXA offer?

    Our products include both healthcare (outpatient) and hospital services (inpatient). In the outpatient segment, we contribute toward the cost of glasses and contact lenses, gym membership and complementary medicine. With regard to hospital options you can choose between general, semi-private or private coverage. There's also the flexible option of deciding on the level of comfort each time you are admitted to hospital.

    Overview  of the benefits we offer

  • What benefits do AXA’s supplementary health insurance solutions cover?

    Our supplementary healthcare insurance solutions cover up to CHF 300 for gym membership fees and for glasses or contact lenses as well as CHF 3,000 for complementary medicine. In addition, we cover up to 90% of the cost of vaccinations and medicines. For children, we pay up to CHF 12,000 per year towards the correction of tooth misalignments. With supplementary hospitalization insurance you have a free choice of doctor and hospital, and we cover up to 100% of the costs of emergency treatment abroad. If you conclude a dental option, we will pay up to CHF 3,000 towards dental treatment and correcting tooth misalignments, and up to CHF 500 for dental hygiene and bleaching.

    Overview of the benefits we offer

  • When do I need healthcare insurance that covers outpatient benefits?

    Healthcare insurance products bridge many of the gaps in basic insurance cover.

    For instance, if you value complementary medicine and do a lot of sport, AXA’s Health ACTIF product is a good choice. It pays part of the cost of gym membership and offers a wide array of recognized complementary medical treatments. By contrast, basic insurance only covers treatments administered by doctors.

    Health PLUS supplementary insurance pays part of the cost of glasses and contact lenses (basic insurance excludes these for adults), medicines not covered by basic insurance, as well as expensive rescue and recovery operations following emergencies in Switzerland and abroad. Of particular value here are the large amounts paid towards correcting tooth misalignments in children.

    If you would like to combine the benefits of both these products, then Health COMPLET is the right solution for you. Everything is included in this option, and you benefit from higher contributions within the various benefit categories.

    Overview of the benefits we offer

  • When is hospitalization insurance advisable?

    Basic insurance covers hospital stays in multi-bed general wards. You are not free to choose your own hospital or doctor. More comfort – a two-bed or single-bed room – is only available with semi-private or private supplementary insurance. “Flex” hospital insurance solutions are a further option. These allow you to decide on a case-by-case basis what level of comfort you prefer for your upcoming hospital stay.

    Overview of the benefits we offer

  • What advantages does dental insurance for children offer?

    Correcting tooth misalignments in children can cost up to CHF 15,000 and is not generally covered by basic health insurance. Supplementary dental cover should be taken out before your child turns five. Otherwise there is a danger that a misalignment is already foreseeable, in which case a large portion of the costs is not reimbursed. At AXA, dental corrections are included under some healthcare insurance products (Healthcare PLUS and COMPLET). 

  • Which vaccinations does AXA recognize?

    Within the framework of Health COMPLET and Health PLUS products, AXA covers 90% of the costs of all preventive vaccinations medically recognized in Switzerland. This also applies to protective vaccinations for vacations and trips abroad, to the extent that they are not covered by basic insurance.

  • Which doctors does AXA recognize?

    As a general rule, AXA recognizes all doctors licensed to work in Switzerland and whose names appear in the full official Register of Doctors in Switzerland. The register comprises more than 30,000 entries and is updated every day. Nevertheless, AXA reserves the right to exclude individual doctors without having to provide reasons for its decision.

  • When do I receive a lump-sum payment?

    If you have concluded a contract for CAPITAL insurance and you become disabled as a result of an illness or accident, you will receive a lump-sum payment. You are free to use your chosen sum insured (up to a maximum of CHF 300,000) as you require; for example, to convert your home or retrain for a new job. In addition, a lump-sum payment can also be insured to cover death due to illness or an accident. The payout is independent of any other insurance benefits.

  • How can I pay my invoices?

    You will receive your premium invoices by email, for payment via online banking, the post office or PostFinance. If you prefer to use direct debit, Debit Direct or eInvoicing, you can find out how to switch here.

  • What periods of notice do I have with supplementary health insurance from AXA?

    A notice period of three months applies to all our supplementary health insurance products (effective end of the calendar year). You can choose between a one-, two- or three-year contract.

FAQ – the Swiss healthcare system

  • What is the difference between basic health insurance and supplementary health insurance?

    Every resident of Switzerland must take out basic health insurance cover. Insurance providers are obligated to accept all applicants, regardless of their age or state of health. Infants can be registered up to three months after their date of birth, but it is also possible to register a child before it is born. Supplementary health insurance is concluded on a voluntary basis and covers gaps in basic insurance. As a rule, supplementary insurance products provide both outpatient and inpatient services. Unlike with basic insurance, insurers offering supplementary insurance are not obligated to accept every applicant.

  • How do I benefit with supplementary health insurance?

    Supplementary insurance products close many gaps in basic insurance, for example, with financial contributions toward glasses and contact lenses, gym membership or complementary medicine. Moreover, basic insurance doesn’t allow the free choice of hospitals and doctors. More comfort – a two-bed or single-bed room – is only available with semi-private or private supplementary insurance.

    “Flex” hospital insurance solutions are a further option. These allow you to decide on a case-by-case basis what level of comfort you prefer for your upcoming hospital stay.

    For details of the benefits offered by AXA supplementary health insurance, please see our benefits overview.

  • How can I reduce my basic health insurance costs?

    There are three ways to save money on your basic health insurance cover:

    • Change your provider: This option usually promises the biggest savings – and your benefits remain unchanged.
    • Change your insurance model: The standard model with free choice of physician is generally the most expensive, and Telmed is normally the least expensive option. Under the Telmed model, you call a medical hotline before consulting a doctor.
    • Adjust your excess: A higher excess means a lower premium because you pay more of your healthcare costs from your own pocket. 
  • What basic health insurance models are there?

    These are the typical models:

    • Standard: This model allows you to go straight to the doctor or specialist of your choice.
    • General practitioner: With this model you must always consult your general practitioner first (except in emergencies). He/she will refer you to a specialist if necessary.
    • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization): Your first port of call under this model is an HMO practice designated by your basic health insurance. HMO practices are where GPs, specialists and/or therapists work together under one roof.
    • Telmed: With this model, you must always call the medical advice line of your basic insurance before consulting a doctor or specialist.

    Depending on the plan you choose, you can benefit from lower insurance premiums.

  • What excess should I choose for my basic health insurance?

    The excess (expressed as a lump sum in francs) is the annual portion of your costs that you have to bear yourself before your basic insurance cover kicks in. Once you have reached this amount, you have to bear only 10% of the invoiced costs until you have reached the maximum amount of CHF 700 per year. It is advisable to select either the smallest or the highest excess, as the mid-range ones are definitely not worthwhile. You can adjust your excess once a year.

  • How do I know whether it is better to include accident cover in my basic health insurance or pay the costs myself?

    In Switzerland, all working persons are insured against accidents by their employer, provided they work eight hours or more per week. This applies to accidents both at work and in leisure time. To obtain better coverage, you can take out an additional accident module as part of your supplementary health insurance.

  • How do I know which is the best basic insurance?

    The benefits offered under basic health insurance are prescribed by law, i.e., they are the same no matter who you are insured with . Services are thus the only point of difference between insurers. These include the time taken to settle bills and the type of customer service offered. As an AXA customer, you can make use of our free service to switch basic insurance provider: Once a year, we send you a proposal to switch to the lowest-cost provider.

  • What benefits are paid under basic health insurance?

    Basic health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland and ensures basic medical protection in cases of illness or pregnancy. Basic insurance does not cover all areas. For example, it does not cover
    complementary medicine, preventive measures, the correction of tooth misalignments, or glasses for adults. Such risks are covered by supplementary insurance products.

  • How can I change my basic insurance provider?

    As providers of basic insurance are obligated by law to accept new applicants, you can change your provider once a year without any problems. The prerequisite is that you have paid your premiums on time. The annual termination date for all providers is December 31. Your current provider must receive your notice of termination by November 30 at the latest. As an AXA customer, you can make use of our free service to switch basic insurance provider: Once a year, we’ll send you a proposal to switch to the lowest-cost provider. If you decide to accept the proposal, we’ll do the administration for you.

  • Are my benefits likely to be reduced if my basic insurance and supplementary insurance are with different providers (splitting)?

    No, basic-insurance benefits cannot be reduced as they are prescribed by law. The only difference is that you may have more administrative effort. After all, in the case of splitting you have to send your bills to two different insurers. However, our service package for supplementary insurance customers provides an innovative solution: we not only take care of all the red tape involved in changing your basic insurance provider, we also make sure that your bills are always passed on to your respective provider of basic insurance.

  • What do you need to watch out for when terminating your supplementary insurance cover?

    In most cases, supplementary insurance products may be terminated on December 31 of any year subject to a three-month notice period. You should not terminate your existing cover until your new insurer has confirmed acceptance because providers of supplementary insurance are not obligated to accept every applicant. Depending on the information provided in your health declaration, providers of supplementary health insurance may reject your application or accept it subject to conditions.

  • If I move abroad can I retain my supplementary health insurance with AXA?

    If you move your place of residence outside Switzerland, AXA Healthcare cannot pay any benefits. However, you can contact AXA’s partner company expatpartners. They organize seamless insurance solutions, preferably with AXA Global Healthcare. You can find further information at or by calling +41 44 280 68 72. If you intend to live abroad for less than 5 years, you can suspend your AXA supplementary health insurance. This means: During your stay abroad you pay 10% of the premium costs. After you return to Switzerland you will again enjoy the same insurance coverage as before – without having to undergo a new medical check-up.

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