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  • Cost contributions: In the outpatient segment, the supplementary insurance contributes to the costs of eyeglasses and contact lenses, gym memberships, and complementary medicine.
  • Flexible choice of ward: With inpatient hospital benefits, you can choose between general, semi-private, and private coverage.
  • Additional supplementary insurance options: We offer you additional protection for your teeth, for when you are traveling, or for financial protection in the case of hospital stays, invalidity, or death.

Individual product details: benefits overview and contractual provisions.

Supplementary outpatient insurance

Do you want to make sure you have the best possible coverage for outpatient treatment? Are you looking for supplementary insurance that supports complementary medicine and pays toward the costs of your glasses? Then our supplementary outpatient options are the perfect answer.

Summary of the supplementary health insurance benefits from AXA Healthcare

Summary of our Healthcare products. Detailed information on benefits can be found in the benefits overview.

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    We have received a number of awards for our supplementary insurance options. SonntagsZeitung gave us “top” in additional health insurance. VZ Vermögenszentrum gave the benefits offered by the “COMPLET” package an “above-average” rating.

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Supplementary hospital insurance

Do you want to be able to choose freely when it comes to selecting a hospital or specialist who will treat you? Is privacy important to you, and would you rather have a single room? Are you a frequent traveler and want to make sure you have the best possible coverage for when you’re abroad too? Discover our attractive supplementary hospital insurance options now.

Summary of the supplementary hospital insurance benefits from AXA Healthcare

Summary of our hospital products. Detailed information on benefits can be found in the benefits overview.

Switching service for basic insurance

Very few people take the opportunity to switch their mandatory basic insurance each year, even though they can save money by doing so. This is because it takes time and effort to compare prices, ask for quotations and terminate coverage.

Because we're aware of what a hassle this can be, we will take care of it for you if you are insured under our supplemental health insurance. Every autumn our customers can check which provider offers them the most affordable basic insurance. In addition to health insurance, you can also explore the differences among the various plans and deductibles. If you decide to switch, we'll take care of it for you. This way, you will save on premiums every year – automatically.

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Additional supplementary insurance options

Hospital Indemnity

Dental Insurance

  • For dental treatment, dental correction of misaligned teeth for adults, dental hygiene, and bleaching.

Capital insurance


FAQ on supplementary insurance

  • What is the difference between basic health insurance and supplementary health insurance?
    • Every resident of Switzerland must take out basic health insurance cover. The insurance providers are obligated to accept all applicants, regardless of their age or state of health, and to provide the same benefits to everyone.
    • Supplementary health insurance is concluded on a voluntary basis and covers gaps in basic insurance. As a rule, supplementary insurance products provide both outpatient and inpatient services. Unlike with basic insurance, insurers offering supplementary insurance are not obligated to accept every applicant.

    Specific terms and conditions apply to newborns. You can find out about these in the article “Supplementary insurance for children”.

  • What does supplementary health insurance cover?

    Supplementary health insurance products close many gaps in basic insurance, for example, with financial contributions toward glasses and contact lenses, gym memberships, or complementary medicine. 

    An additional advantage is that, whereas basic health insurance does not allow you a free choice of hospital or doctor, with supplementary hospital insurance you can tailor your hospital benefits to suit your needs.

    For details of the benefits offered by AXA supplementary insurance solutions, please see our benefits overview.

  • What specific costs does AXA cover?

    AXA covers the following costs

    • Gym memberships, courses, and sports club memberships
    • Glasses and contact lenses
    • Complementary medicine: Recognized therapists

    You will find all further details in our benefits overview.

  • What discounts does AXA offer for families?

    There is a 5% discount for two-person families and, for families with three or more members, a 10% discount for each family member of the same household. For the discount to apply, at least one person must be an adult and at least one a minor.

    In addition, our products Dental 1000, Hospital Flex 1, Hospital Flex 2, Hospital Semi-Private, and Accident - Private are free up to a baby’s first birthday.

  • What other options are available to lower basic health insurance costs?

    There are three ways to save money on your basic health insurance cover:

    • Change your provider. This option usually promises the biggest savings – and your benefits remain unchanged. If you opt for supplementary health insurance with AXA, our switching service can help. On our comparison platform, you will find the most cost-efficient basic health insurance cover, and we take care of the termination of your old contract and the switch to a new one for you. More information on the AXA switching service.
    • Depending on your insurance model, you can benefit from lower prices. The Standard model with free choice of doctor is generally the most expensive, and Telmed is normally the least expensive option. Under the Telmed model, you call a medical hotline before consulting a doctor. With the General Practitioner and HMO models, you first have to consult your general practitioner or your group practice, respectively. In terms of price, these models are located between the other two models.
    • Adjust your franchise (excess). A higher franchise, or excess, means a lower premium because you pay more of your healthcare costs from your own pocket. It is advisable to select either the smallest (CHF 300) or the highest (CHF 2,500) option, as the mid-range ones are definitely not worthwhile. You will find everything you need to know about franchises and excesses in our article.
  • When and how can I terminate supplementary insurance?

    The minimum term for supplementary insurance is one year. Each year, the contract is automatically renewed for a further year on the expiry date.

    You can terminate the policy on December 31 of each year and switch to another health insurance provider in Switzerland. The notice period is three months, meaning your notice of termination must be received by no later than the last working day of September. 

    If the insurance premium changes, a one-month notice period applies. The notice of termination is considered to have been submitted on time if AXA receives it during standard office hours no later than 30 days after notification of the change. 

    You will find details of terminating your supplementary insurance on the web page “Terminating insurance contract?

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