For your outpatient treatments Supplementary outpatient insurance

Coverage of 100% of the costs of emergencies abroad
Coverage of 90% of the costs for medicines
Contributions for sports and complementary medicine
Key points at a glance
  • Prevention, check-ups, vaccinations: With this supplementary insurance, we contribute to the costs for preventative screening or complementary medicine.
  • Glasses, hearing aids, etc.: Thanks to this insurance, you pay less for your new eyeglasses, contact lenses, or gym membership.
  • Massages, alternative medicine, etc.: We also make a financial contribution to medical massages, alternative medicine, nutritional counseling, or therapies not prescribed by a doctor.

Individual product details: benefits overview and contractual provisions.

Supplementary outpatient insurance: Sports clubs and gym memberships

Are you in a sports club, do you go to the gym or practice yoga? Our supplementary outpatient insurance shares the costs of many different services in the area of health promotion, sport, and mental fitness.

In accordance with the applicable General Insurance Conditions and Supplementary Insurance Conditions of the ACTIF and COMPLET products, we cover the cost of the following measures relating to the promotion of good health and sporting activities.

As of January 2024

Health promotion and sporting activities

Recognized health promotion and sporting activities Annual reimbursement by AXA, in CHF

Gym membership fees*

(at least six-month membership, must be listed in the Fitness Center Search)


75% up to 200


75% up to 300

Sports club membership and sports subscriptions

  • Active membership of a sports club for Swiss Olympic sports (site in German), floorball, and orienteering**
  • Annual subscription for a swimming pool
  • Annual subscription for a climbing club 


75% up to 100


75% up to 150

Exercise classes***


75% up to 200


75% up to 300

Maximum amount reimbursable for the above activities


up to 400 per year


up to 500 per year

*The start date of the gym membership must be after the insurance commences.

**Active membership in a sports club belonging to Swiss Olympic (site in German) is required.

*** Course providers must be listed by Fitness-Guide or Qualitop or Qualicert certified; swimming schools must be recognized by aQuality or Swiss Aquatics. (sites in German)

Recognized psychological healthcare advice (“mental fitness”)

Preventive health promotion services aimed at improving mental health and provided by psychologists recognized by AXA:

  • ACTIF / PLUS: No reimbursement of costs by AXA
  • COMPLET: 75%, up to CHF 500, within three calendar years

Note: In the event of mental illness, the benefits are provided under mandatory basic insurance and cannot be covered by AXA.

Members of the following professional associations are recognized by AXA:

  • Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP)
  • Swiss Professional Association of Applied Psychology (SBAP)

You will find members of the associations here:

Supplementary outpatient insurance in the field of complementary medicine

Is alternative medicine something you use? Are acupuncture and Chinese medicine important to you? Would you be interested in insurance that pays towards the costs of treatment by an alternative practitioner? Our outpatient benefits cover a wide range of alternative medicine, medical massages, and nutritional counseling.

As of January 2024

Recognized therapists

For AXA to provide benefits, treatment must be provided by a doctor or recognized specialist. Recognized specialists are naturopaths and therapists who are entered in the Empirical Medicine Register (EMR) or registered for the relevant method with the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine (ASCA). In der Therapist search you will find all specialists recognized by AXA.

Complementary medicine

AXA’s outpatient products cover 75% of the costs of complementary medicine treatments. With ACTIF we cover a maximum of CHF 1,000 per year, and with COMPLET we cover a maximum of CHF 3,000 per year. Accident – Private pays 100% of the costs up to a maximum of CHF 3,000 p.a. for complementary medicine therapies and/or medical massages following an accident. AXA only pays benefits for necessary medical treatments.

With complementary-medicine group courses involving 10 classes or more and aimed at prevention or treatment, the same reimbursement guidelines apply as for exercise classes. ACTIF thus covers 75% of costs up to a maximum of CHF 200 per year; COMPLET covers 75% of costs up to a maximum of CHF 300 per year.

AXA will cover the method only if it is performed by a specialist who is registered for that method with the EMR or ASCA .

AXA recognizes the following methods of complementary medicine:

Benefits overview

EMR number

EMR method

ASCA number
ASCA method
6 APM therapy (formerly acupoint/acupuncture massage) 272 APM therapy (acupoint/acupuncture massage)


Alexander technique


Alexander technique


Anthroposophic medicine

249 Anthroposophic therapy


Respiratory therapy

173 Respiratory therapy


Autogenic training


Autogenic training


Movement therapy, integrative/clinical

550 Movement and bodywork therapy


Bioresonance therapy

269 Bioresonance


Craniosacral therapy

180 Craniosacral therapy
58 Drama therapy
563 Drama and speech therapy
59 Boeger therapy 6)   5)


Eutony (Gerda Alexander method)

186 Eutony (Gerda Alexander method)
76 Color therapy 275 Color therapy


Feldenkrais method

192 Feldenkrais therapy


Hatha yoga

258 Hatha yoga


Therapeutic eurythmy


Eurythmy therapy, anthroposophic


Classical homeopathy

197 Homeopathy
97  Intermedial art therapy
562 Intermedial art therapy



199 Kinesiology
114 Art therapy 204
Painting therapy
Creative and painting therapy
115 Art therapy, anthroposophic 251 Art therapy, anthroposophic


Music therapy


Music therapy


Music therapy, anthroposophic


Music therapy, anthroposophic



213 Osteopathie/etiopathy


Hands-on creative therapy, anthroposophic

255 Hands-on creative therapy, anthroposophic



214 Polarity
152 Psychomotor therapy 826 Psychomotor therapy


Puppetry therapy

572 Puppetry therapy



583 Rebalancing 


Rolfing/structural integration

220 Rolfing/structural integration
172 Shiatsu massage 221 Shiatsu massage


Anthroposophic speech therapy

256 Anthroposophic speech therapy


Dance therapy

542 Movement and dance therapy


Movement and dance therapy (Hauschild-Sutter method)

213 Rhythmic massage, anthroposophic 250 Rhythmic massage, anthroposophic
Reflexology massage
Reflexology therapy
664 Reflexology (general)


Spiral Dynamics Diploma Level Intermediate MED



Spiral Dynamics Diploma Level Advanced MED-Q

263 Spiral dynamics 

Naturopathic therapies NHP (naturopaths)

145 Western phytotherapy
218 Dietetics (NHP)
219 Purging procedures (NHP)
220 Hydrotherapy (NHP)
221 NHP massage (naturopath)


Naturopathy (WAM) 

211 + 415 Phytotherapy (WAM) 1)
211 + 229 corresponds to nutritional counseling (WAM) 1)
211 + 665 Purging procedures 1)
211 + 807 Hydrotherapy 1)
211 + 205 Classical massage 1)
211 + 218 Foot reflexology therapy 1)
211 + 664 Reflexology (general) 1)


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

3 Acupressure
5 Acupuncture (TCM)
9 An-Mo/Tui-Na (TCM)
64 Electroacupuncture (TCM)
69 Chinese nutrition therapy (TCM)
108 Laser acupuncture (TCM)
124 Moxa/moxibustion (TCM)
136 Auricular acupuncture (TCM)
146 Traditional Chinese medicine (TCHM) previously phytotherapy (TCM)
160 Qi-gong (TCM)
170 Cupping therapy (TCM)
182 Tai-chi (TCM)


Naturopathy (TCM)

171 Acupressure
231 + 172 Acupuncture 2)
231 + 416 Tuina/anmo massage 2)
231 + 182 Electroacupuncture 2)
231 + 233 Nutritional counseling (TCM) 2)
231 + 260 Laser acupuncture 2)
231 + 322 Moxa/moxibustion 2)
231 + 458 Auriculotherapy (TCM) 2)
231 + 235 Phytotherapy (TCM) 2)
231 + 412 Qi-Gong (TCM) 2)
231 + 282 Cupping therapy (TCM) 2)
231 + 436 Tai-chi (TCM) 2)


Ayurveda (Ayur.)

24 Ayurvedic nutritional counseling (Ayur.)
57 Ayurveda nutrition
26 Ayurvedic medicine (Ayur.)
28 / 57 Ayurvedic massage (Ayur.)


Naturopathy (AVM)

545 + 541 Nutritional counseling (AVM) 3)
545 + 414 Phytotherapy (AVM) 3)
546 Ayurvedic massage


1) only when also simultaneously registered for 211 naturopathy (WAM)

2) only when also simultaneously registered for 231 naturopathy (TCM)

3) only when also simultaneously registered for 545 naturopathy (AVM)

5) Not an ASCA method

6) Additional qualification for qualified naturopaths (NHP) or osteopaths

Medical massages

For persons insured under ACTIF and COMPLET products, AXA will reimburse 75% of the cost of medical massage up to a maximum of CHF 200 per calendar year. Persons with the Accident – Private product receive 100% of the costs up to a maximum of CHF 3,000 per year as a result of an accident (complementary medicine therapies and medical massages). Benefits for medical massage count toward the total amount that may be reimbursed for complementary medicine treatment.

AXA currently recognizes the following methods.

Status: January 2024

Benefits for medical massage

EMR number EMR method ASCA number ASCA method
33 Therapeutic massage 133 Massage therapy
35 Connective tissue massage (med. massage) 232 + 206
234 + 206
Connective tissue massage 4)
43 Dorn therapy 7) 268 Dorn/Breuss therapy
59 Boeger therapy 7)    5)
67 Electrotherapy (medical masseur) 232 + 404
234 + 404
Electrotherapy 4)
82 Foot reflexology massage (medical masseur) 232 + 218
234 + 218
Foot reflexology massage therapy 4)
95 Hydrotherapy (medical masseur)  232 + 807
234 + 807
Hydrotherapy 4)
103 Medical massage (medical masseur) 232 + 205
234 + 205
Classic massage 4)
112 Lymphatic drainage massage, manual (med. massage)
232 + 202
234 + 202
Manual lymphatic drainage massage 4)
205 Wraps/compresses (med. massage)
232 + 669
234 + 669
Wraps/compresses/fango 4)


4) only when also simultaneously registered for 232 medical massage SRC certificate of competence (“FA”) or 234. medical massage federal certificate of competence

5) Not an ASCA method

7) Additional qualification for qualified medical masseurs

Nutritional counseling

AXA covers a portion of the costs of nutritional counseling from the benefit budget for prevention. 

The benefit for nutritional counseling in detail:

  • EMR number: 68
  • ASCA number: 229
  • ACTIF: 75% up to a maximum of CHF 300 per year.
  • COMPLET: 75% up to a maximum of CHF 500 per year. 

AXA will cover the method only if it is performed by a specialist registered for that method with the EMR or ASCA or by a federally qualified dietitian. 

Supplementary outpatient insurance for preventive examinations and measures

Is it important to you for your private supplementary insurance to make additional payments for preventive medical examinations? Would you like comprehensive vaccination cover that goes beyond the benefits provided by the statutory health insurance funds? We offer you a wide range of insurance cover for prevention and preventive care.

In accordance with the applicable General Insurance Conditions and Supplementary Insurance Conditions of the ACTIF and COMPLET products, we currently cover the cost of the preventive examinations and measures listed below, provided they are performed by a registered doctor or other medical specialist. You will find a list of registered doctors at AXA’s payments are in addition to what is covered by basic health insurance.

As of January 2024

Preventive examinations and measures

Preventive measures Annual reimbursement by AXA, in CHF

Gynecological screening in addition to what is covered by basic insurance





Childbirth preparation and postnatal exercise classes


75% up to 300


75% up to 500

Nutritional counseling 1)


75% up to 300


75% up to 500

Weight reduction for children


75% up to 300


90% up to 500

Medical screening in addition to what is covered by basic insurance 2)

(e.g. cardiovascular check-up, diabetes check-up, mammogram, colonoscopy, mole screening, specific lab test screenings, etc.)


75% up to 300


75% up to 500

Maximum amount reimbursable for the above-isted preventive measures


up to 500 per year


up to 600 per year


1) For AXA to provide the benefits, this method must be performed by a specialist who is registered for this method by the EMR or ASCA or a recognized dietitian (in German).

2) Screenings are specific preventive examinations of symptom-free persons aimed at detecting illnesses at an early stage.

Medical health check-ups

Comprehensive, non-specific general medical examination (medical history, general physical examination including lab tests, discussion of results, etc.):

  • ACTIF: 75% of the costs, up to CHF 500, within three calendar years
  • COMPLET: 5% of the costs, up to CHF 1,000, within three calendar years

Vaccinations – Covered by basic insurance

The costs of the following vaccinations are covered by basic insurance (minus excess and deductible).

As of September 2022

  • Tick vaccination (tick borne encephalitis)
  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • Chickenpox (varicella)
  • Diphtheria (every 10 years)
  • Tetanus (every 10 years)
  • Whooping cough (pertussis)
  • Haemophilus influenzae type B
  • Pneumococcal infections
  • Poliomyelitis (polio)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis A for special risk groups
  • Influenza
  • Annual flu vaccination for persons aged 65 and above and individuals with an increased risk of complications in the event of flu
  • Cervical cancer (human papilloma virus, HPV)
    For girls and young women aged 11–19 vaccination costs are reimbursed, at no cost, if vaccination is carried out as part of a cantonal program.

Vaccinations – Covered by AXA Healthcare

Under its COMPLET and PLUS outpatient products, AXA covers 90% of the costs of preventive vaccinations that are medically recognized in Switzerland but not covered by mandatory health insurance. These include vaccinations against: 

  • Yellow fever
  • Rabies
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Typhoid fever (typhus abdominalis)
  • Cholera
  • Herpes zoster (shingles)
  • Rotavirus gastroenteritis

Supplementary outpatient health insurance for medical equipment and devices

Would you like supplementary insurance to cover the costs of medically prescribed medical equipment and other items such as wheelchairs or nursing beds? Supplementary outpatient health insurance contributes to the following costs:

As per the exhaustive list below, we assume a portion of the costs of medical equipment and devices prescribed by a doctor that are not covered by basic insurance or are supplementary to AHV/IV benefits. You must submit the refusal of cover from the IV/AHV together with a doctor’s prescription.

With our PLUS product AXA pays 75% of the costs up to a maximum of CHF 1,000 per year. With our COMPLET product AXA pays 90% of the costs up to a maximum of CHF 2,000 per year. With the Accident – Private product AXA pays 100% of the costs resulting from an accident up to a maximum of CHF 2,000 per year (incl. glasses and lenses).

As of September 2022

Hearing and speech aids

  • Hearing aids

Devices to stabilize the limbs and torso

  • Cranial orthosis

Mobility aids

  • Walkers and other walking aids (e.g. frames or crutches)
  • Wheelchairs
  • Shoe inlays

Bed-rest aids

  • Mattresses and pillows to prevent the formation of pressure sores (decubitus)
  • Electrically adjustable nursing bed


  • Blood-pressure monitors
  • Wigs (for cancer patients)
  • Mite-proof mattress cover, bedcover, etc.

Supplementary outpatient insurance for medications

The statutory health insurance funds only pay toward the cost of certain medications. With supplementary insurance in the outpatient segment, you receive additional financial support for various medicines.

Insured medications

Basic insurance policies contribute to the cost of medicines prescribed by a doctor that feature in the list of specialties, are approved for the indication in question, and are used within prescribed limits or are produced in accordance with the specifications of the list of medicines with tariffs on the basis of a medical prescription.

Under supplementary outpatient insurance (Health PLUS, Health COMPLET, and Accident – Private), AXA Healthcare also contributes to the cost of medication that is approved by Swissmedic and prescribed by a doctor but not covered by mandatory healthcare insurance. 

Non-insured medications 

Everything on the list of pharmaceutical products with special applications (LPPV) (in German) is excluded, as are the medications that feature in the non-exhaustive list below.

As of January 2024

Remedies for functional gastrointestinal disorders

  • Products for digestive disorders 
  • e.g. Carvon tablets, Luvos healing earth, Imogas capsules, etc.

Obstipation remedies

  • Products for constipation 
  • e.g. glycerin suppositories, Dulcolax, Colosan Plus granules, etc.

Weight loss remedies

  • Slimming products 
  • e.g. Liposinol Biomed tablets, Formoline L112 tablets, etc.

Vitamins, minerals, tonics, and other remedies for the digestive tract and metabolism

  • Everything except approved vitamin and mineral products intended for women during pregnancy, which are reimbursed during pregnancy
  • e.g. Supradyn coated tablets, Vitasprint, Biotin Biomed forte, etc.

Antifungal agents

  • Antifungal medications for topical application 
  • e.g. Excilor nail fungus solution, Nailexpert by Wartner, etc.

Dermatological products

  • Antihidrotics (products for excessive sweating)
  • Medicinal hair shampoo 
  • Wart remedies, products to remove calluses, products for corns
  • e.g. Botox, Selsun shampoo, Wartner wart treatment, Kamillex liquid, Kelosoft scar cream, etc.

Skin care and skin protection products

  • Products for the care and protection of the skin
  • e.g. Viola almond oil ointment, Carbaderm cream, etc.

Products for the treatment of wounds

  • Products to promote the healing of wounds
  • e.g. Zeller balsam, Kamillosan Liquidum, etc.

Remedies for ectoparasites, insecticides, and repellents

  • Products for mosquitoes, lice and ticks, remedies for scabies
  • Products to kill or repel insects
  • e.g. Prioderm shampoo, Loxazol lotion, Anti-Brumm, etc.

Antiseptics and disinfectants

  • Products based on quaternary ammonium compounds
  • e.g. Stellisan solution, Octeniderm solution, etc.


  • Products for the prevention of malaria (including standby emergency treatment)
  • e.g. Malarone, etc.


  • Birth control products
  • Local and systemic contraceptives
  • e.g. NuvaRing, condoms, oral contraceptives ("the pill"), etc.

Remedies for erectile dysfunction

  • Used neither for the treatment of erectile dysfunction nor for the treatment of the functional symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • e.g. Viagra, Cialis, etc.

Topical remedies for joint and muscle pain

  • Products applied externally for joint and muscle pain, such as products containing capsaicin
  • e.g. Isola Capsicum patches, Dul-X cream, comfrey gel, etc.


  • Products for the local treatment of mouth and throat disorders
  • e.g. Elmex Jelly, Kenacort A adhesive paste, etc.

Throat and pharynx therapeutics

  • Local anesthetics for the mouth and throat, anti-inflammatory, or humidification products
  • e.g. Mebucaïne lozenges, Hextril spray, etc.


  • Head-cold products
  • e.g. Triomer nasal spray, Emser nasal ointment, etc.

Products for general colds

  • Oils, baths, teas, or hot drinks
  • e.g. Po-Ho oil, Pulmex vapor bath, etc.

Dry-eye treatments and other undifferentiated remedies

  • Products for moistening the eyes
  • e.g. Bepanthen eye drops, autologous serum eye drops, etc.

Home-made products or products prepared to a doctor's specifications

Innovative medications

Innovative medications that have been approved by Swissmedic but are not yet included in the list of specialties are covered in addition to basic insurance benefits. Coverage of the benefits by AXA is subject to the following conditions:

  • Reimbursement of the medication under the basic health insurance policy has been reviewed in accordance with Art. 71b KVV (Verordnung über die Krankenversicherung – federal ordinance on health insurance))
  • Basic insurance policies contribute to the cost of the medication 

Supplementary outpatient insurance for medical treatment abroad

We contribute to the costs of planned and emergency outpatient treatment abroad.

The payment of benefits is governed solely by the Health Insurance Act (HIA) and related ordinances, as well as the General Insurance Conditions (GIC) and respective Supplementary Conditions (SC) of AXA Healthcare.

Valid as at July 2022

Scheduled outpatient treatments (no overnight stay in hospital)  

AXA Healthcare contributes to the costs of scheduled outpatient treatment abroad under supplementary outpatient insurance (Health PLUS, Health COMPLET, and Accident – Private).

The following benefits are insured: 

  • Outpatient treatment by doctors and hospitals, including the therapies prescribed by them, which are covered in Switzerland by basic insurance in accordance with the Health Insurance Act 
  • Medicines that are directly comparable with those authorized by Swissmedic in Switzerland 

Medical emergency

The insured is required to notify AXA or the AXA emergency hotline of the treatment by calling +41 58 218 11 11 without delay.

Basic insurance cover contributes to the costs of medical emergencies as follows:

  • EU/EFTA countries: the relevant national tariff
  • Other countries: up to double the costs in accordance with tariffs at the insured's place of residence or place of work

AXA Healthcare also contributes to the costs of medical emergencies under supplementary outpatient and inpatient insurance (Health PLUS, Health COMPLET, and Accident – Private). 

Travel expenses for a person close to the insured

In medical emergencies, provided the insured stays in hospital for at least 7 days.

In addition, AXA Healthcare contributes to the following travel expenses for a person close to the insured under supplementary outpatient insurance (Health PLUS, Health COMPLET, and Accident – Private):  

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Return air fare (economy)

Benefits that are not covered

This denotes those procedures that are excluded in accordance with our General Insurance Conditions (section C3). These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cosmetic treatments and operations
  • In vitro fertilization and infertility treatments
  • Gender reassignment surgery
  • Procedures that do not focus primarily on treatment for illness or accident

Benefits for psychotherapy

Since January 1, 2023, psychotherapy services prescribed by a doctor have been paid out solely through basic insurance; therefore only treatments by therapists who have basic insurance registration are covered. Since that date, these benefits have no longer been covered by AXA Healthcare. 

From January 1, 2024, AXA will contribute to the costs of psychotherapy services provided by psychotherapists without basic insurance approval. 

Cost sharing for services provided by psychotherapists without a basic insurance licence:

  • PLUS: 75%, up to a maximum of CHF 1,000 per year 
  • COMPLET: 75%, up to a maximum of CHF 3,000 per year 


  • The therapists must adopt a federal have a recognized qualification for further education in psychotherapy (the sole study of psychology does not entitle you to perform psychotherapy).
  • Medically prescribed psychotherapeutic services provided by therapists with a basic insurance licence are reimbursed exclusively via the basic insurance.

Invoice service for your medical bills

If you want to save on health insurance premiums, why not combine affordable basic insurance with attractive supplementary insurance? And our invoice service makes it even simpler.

FAQ on supplementary outpatient insurance

  • What is supplementary outpatient insurance?

    Supplementary outpatient insurance covers part of the cost of sports and complementary medicine. It also covers the cost of emergencies abroad as well as medications not included in the basic health insurance catalog.

  • Why do I need supplementary outpatient insurance?

    Supplementary outpatient insurance closes key gaps in basic health insurance cover. After all, compulsory health insurance covers only a portion of outpatient benefits. 

    Benefits typically included in supplementary outpatient insurance are costs of preventive examinations and complementary medicine, of glasses, contact lenses, gym memberships, and medical massages.

  • What is the difference between outpatient and inpatient?

    Outpatient treatment means procedures for which you do not have to stay overnight in a hospital. With inpatient treatment, you spend at least one night in a hospital.

    That is why supplementary outpatient insurance also covers services provided outside of the hospital environment. 

    The cost of inpatient treatment that is not covered by basic health insurance can be insured under supplementary hospital insurance.  

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