As an AXA customer with supplemental insurance you profit not only from benefits that supplement your health insurance but also from free services.

Use the switching service to change to the least expensive basic insurance each year, or submit all your invoices from doctors, hospitals or other medical service providers to us via the invoice service – we will take care of everything else, including forwarding them to your basic health insurer.

With our services and partnerships you not only save money but also time and stress.

Enjoy these services free of charge with AXA's supplementary insurance

  • 1

    Invoice service: Send all your healthcare invoices to us. We'll forward them to the relevant health insurer.

  • 2

    Switching service: Each year you can choose the least expensive health insurance for your basic insurance. We will handle the switch for you.

  • 3

    Get help with potential disputes with your basic health insurer in connection with the switching or invoicing service or a recognized service provider in connection with a medical treatment.

  • 4

    Pension saving service: Top up your 3rd pillar with health insurance refunds.

  • 5

    Planned hospital treatment abroad: We contribute to the costs of planned, medically required inpatient treatment abroad.

Invoice service for your medical bills

What’s the easiest way to reduce personal healthcare costs? Combine affordable basic insurance with the right supplementary insurance. Our short video will show you just how easy that can be.

Switching service for basic insurance

Very few people take the opportunity to switch their mandatory basic insurance each year, even though they can save money by doing so. This is because it takes time and effort to compare prices, ask for quotations and terminate coverage.

Because we're aware of what a hassle this can be, we will take care of it for you if you are insured under our supplemental health insurance. Every autumn our customers can check which provider offers them the most affordable basic insurance. In addition to health insurance, you can also explore the differences among the various plans and deductibles. If you decide to switch, we'll take care of it for you. This way, you will save on premiums every year – automatically.

Compare basic insurance

Legal assistance in disputes with your health insurer

This free service helps you with potential disputes with your basic health insurer in connection with the switching or invoicing service or a recognized service provider in connection with a medical treatment.

Using health insurance reimbursements to top up your Pillar 3 

Would you like a convenient way to put money aside for the future and save on tax? You can with the pension saving service from AXA. If you have a supplementary health insurance policy with us, any reimbursements you receive can be paid straight into your AXA SmartFlex 3a pension plan.

Conditions for using this service

To make use of the pension saving service you must:

  • have a supplementary health insurance policy with AXA and be able to receive reimbursements from us.
  • have taken out a SmartFlex (Pillar 3a) pension plan with AXA.

How the service works

  1. Invoice received: You consult your doctor and pay the invoice.
  2. Submit invoice: You submit your healthcare costs through your AXA supplementary health insurance.
  3. Reimbursement announced: AXA informs you how much you will receive.
  4. Receive payment or invest it in Pillar 3a: You decide whether to have the amount transferred to your private account or credited to your AXA SmartFlex 3a pension plan.
    Important: You can only pay amounts due through your own healthcare benefits into Pillar 3a – not those for other members of the family. In addition, the reimbursement must be for an amount of at least CHF 20 before it can be paid into Pillar 3a.
  5. Save: AXA makes the payment in accordance with your request.

How you benefit

  • Save for the future in a convenient way: Our service enables you to save for the future without even noticing.
  • Save tax: The service helps you put more into your Pillar 3a. Which means you save on taxes.
  • Stay flexible: Each time you receive a reimbursement, you decide whether and how much to pay into Pillar 3a. It’s easy to sign up for the service and you can cancel it at any time.

FAQs from our customers

Reimbursements for medically necessary hospital stays abroad

Would you like to receive medical treatment abroad? We contribute to the costs of planned, medically necessary hospital stays in acute hospitals, psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation clinics abroad.

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