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Sending us your healthcare and doctor’s bills couldn’t be simpler. Just open the myAXA app, take a photo of your bill, and upload it directly in high quality. Alternatively, you can upload your bill or claim form via the customer portal. Once we’ve received it, we’ll take care of the division between basic and supplementary insurance.

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Support and frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to know when uploading my invoice?

    Whether basic or supplementary insurance, you can submit all documents to us. The best way is to upload them in the customer portal using a photo. To help us get back to you as quickly as possible, please note the following:

    • The invoice must be legible.
    • The name of the insured person must be clearly visible.
    • When you have several invoices, please upload each one separately.
    • All invoices must be submitted in full. With medication and medical equipment (such as shoe inlays) in particular, it is important that the prescription from the doctor is submitted together with the invoice.


  • I had an accident and don't know where I should report it. Is it covered by my supplementary health insurance?

    That depends on your coverage and your employment contract. If you are in work, then it is best to contact your employer first. If you know that you have accident coverage as part of your healthcare insurance or if you are unsure, please call us on 0800 888 999. We will then send you a form for reporting your accident, if applicable.

  • What happens in the case of invalidity or if someone dies?

    Please call us and we will discuss the further steps that need to be taken with you. For lump-sum payments, certain documents, such as the decision of the IV authorities or a death certificate, are required. Please store all correspondence regarding the accident or illness carefully, just in case you are ever asked to produce them again.

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