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Motorcycle insurance

Worry-free rides on two wheels: With motorcycle insurance from AXA, you have the wind behind you. Calculate your premium online – You keep your advisor even when you purchase from us online.

  • Roadside assistance throughout Switzerland – and you're back on the road within an hour
  • Extras insured free of charge

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Insurance overview

Liability insurance is mandatory. It covers any damage you may cause to other road users, animals or property while you are driving and protects you against any unsubstantiated claims for damages you may face. Accidental damage insurance is voluntary and covers damage to your motorcycle.

Third-party liability insurance

  • Guaranteed amount CHF 100 million

Partial accidental damage coverage

  • Roadside assistance throughout Switzerland
  • Theft
  • Malicious damage (e.g. deliberately broken off rear-view mirrors)
  • Damage by natural forces (e.g. hail), fire, animal damage
  • Items carried along (e.g. leather jacket)
  • Extras: Free coverage for up to 10% of the vehicle’s list price
  • Present value supplement for total loss: in year one, repayment of 100 % of new price; thereafter, higher compensation than present value of the vehicle

Comprehensive insurance (collision coverage)

  • Damage to your motorcycle that you cause unintentionally

Accident insurance

  • Valid for all motorcycles registered in Switzerland that you drive and not just your own
  • Medical expenses, e.g. private ward in a hospital
  • Death lump sum, in addition to other insurance benefits
  • Disability lump sum, in addition to other insurance benefits

Discounts and suspension waiver

  • Claims-free driving leads to a reduction in your premium until it is just 30%.
  • The suspension waiver allows you to keep your license plates in the winter and benefit from a premium reduction.

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Examples of damage/loss

Theft at the service station

Theft at the service station

After a motorcycle trip, Igor enjoys a break in a service station. On returning to the parking space, he is stunned: The locked storage box has been broken into – and his motorcycle helmet and expensive leather jacket have both been stolen.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Accidental damage
  3. Damage to storage box CHF 250
  4. Theft of motorcycle helmet CHF 359
  5. Theft of leather jacket CHF 899
  6. Total damage/loss CHF 1,508
  7. Igor’s deductible CHF 0
  8. Compensation by AXA CHF 1,508


Adrian is heading to work one morning in fall. The road is still wet as it has rained in the night. In a bend, he loses control over his motorcycle and falls.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Accidental damage
  3. Towing fees CHF 350
  4. Damage to the motorcycle CHF 7,559
  5. Total damage/loss CHF 7,909
  6. Adrian's deductible CHF 500
  7. Compensation by AXA CHF 7,409
Collision with a car

Collision with a car

Motorcycle rider Martina violates the right of way at an intersection at the same time as a car is approaching the intersection. Martina can no longer prevent a collision and crashes into the car side-on.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Accidental damage (for Martina’s motorcycle)
  3. Towing fees CHF 350
  4. Total damage to motorcycle CHF 15,841
  5. Liability claim (for the car)
  6. Towing fees CHF 350
  7. Damage to the car CHF 7,899
  8. Total damage/loss CHF 24,440
  9. Martina's deductible CHF 1,000
  10. Compensation by AXA CHF 23,440

Support and frequently asked questions

  • Certificate of insurance / change of vehicle: How to proceed

    Call us and we will send the certificate of insurance directly to the department of motor vehicles by electronic means.

  • When does my premium rise following a claim?

    If you file a liability or full accidental damage (e.g. collision) claim before September 30, your premium will increase from January 1 of the following year. In the case of claims you file between September 30 and December 31, you will start paying a higher premium only from January 1 of the year after the following year.

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