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Key points at a glance
  • Liability for registration: In Switzerland, you must have liability insurance before you can register your motorcycle. It covers the cost of any injuries or damages you cause to people or property with your motorcycle.
  • Accidental damage insurance for your motorcycle: Accidental damage insurance is voluntary, but recommended. Partial accidental damage covers damage to your motorcycle caused by animals, fire or bad weather. Comprehensive accidental damage insurance (partial accidental damage plus collision) also covers any damage that you cause to your motorcycle.
  • Add-ons for extra protection: Get even more protection by including our separate add-ons in your accidental damage policy. You can insure yourself against damage to your motorcycle when it’s parked or to your motorcycle clothing (helmet, boots, protectors, etc.). You can also choose extra bonus protection.

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Build your own motorcycle insurance

AXA motorcycle insurance offers you the best service if you’re in an accident, attractive solutions and outstanding flexibility – all so you can get back on the road again.

Build your own motorcycle policy with exactly what you need: liability and accidental damage as well as many other coverages.

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A few clicks is all it takes to  calculate your motorcycle premium and purchase your policy online:

Motorcycle liability insurance for damage that you cause to others

Motorcycle liability insurance is mandatory for registering your motorcycle, motor scooter or moped in Switzerland. It covers injuries or damages that you as the driver cause to other people, animals or property.

You can also choose to insure damage to your own property, such as your vehicle or your garage.

Motorcycle comprehensive accidental damage insurance for damage to your motorcycle

Accidental damage insurance gives you an extra layer of protection against damage to your motorcycle. You can choose between partial accidental damage (no collision) and comprehensive accidental damage (includes collision) and include add-on coverages as well.

Motorcycle partial accidental damage insurance

Partial accidental damage insurance  protects your motorcycle against damage due to an unknown reason, forces of nature or animals. The insurance covers:

  • Theft including car-hacking and misappropriation
  • Glass breakage to front, rear and side windows
  • Natural hazard events, hail, rockslides, etc., and fire  or lightening strikes
  • Damage due to martens and rodents as well as collisions with animals (e.g. accident involving wild animals)
  • Malicious damage including slashing or defacing of saddle bags and seats

Motorcycle comprehensive accidental damage insurance

You will be even better protected with comprehensive accidental damage insurance.  On top of all the protection from partial accidental damage insurance, you are also covered for damage to your motorcycle that you yourself cause in a collision. Comprehensive accidental damage includes:

  • All the benefits of partial accidental damage insurance
  • Collision: Damage to your motorcycle that you cause unintentionally

Add-ons for motorcycle comprehensive / partial accidental damage insurance:

  • Parking damage insurance protects you against damage to your parked motorcycle by an unknown vehicle or an unknown person. It makes no difference whether the damage is to the paintwork, the bodywork or elsewhere.
  • Damage to headlights and side view mirrors
  • Personal belongings in your vehicle, such as a leather jacket or smartphone, which are damaged in a collision or stolen
  • Motorcycle clothing: Helmets, boots, gloves, protectors, etc. if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen in an accident or in another insured event
  • Loss and damage to vehicle keys including remote controls and keyless access systems

Services and add-ons for motorcycle insurance

If you need more coverage: With our optional services and add-ons, you can increase your coverage even more – and enjoy your freedom on two wheels to the full.

Increase your insurance – liability or accidental damage – with the extra protection you need.

You have chosen liability? Then you have the option of choosing from the following services and add-ons:

  • Gross negligence: Benefits are not reduced for traffic accidents that were caused through gross negligence (such as crossing a double yellow line or running a red light).
  • Bonus protection: Prevents you from losing your premium discount if you have an accident. If you haven’t had any accidents, we will lower your motorcycle insurance premium by up to 30%. 
  • Roadside assistance including onward travel: If your motorcycle leaves you stranded, AXA will organize and pay for roadside assistance and your trip directly home or will reimburse you for up to CHF 500 per person to continue the trip.
  • Replacement vehicle: If you total your motorcycle or have it repaired, regardless of whether this is due to an insured loss or a breakdown, AXA will pay for a replacement vehicle for you.
  • Vehicle legal protection: This supplement gives you legal protection when you’re driving your car or riding your motorbike. Our experts advise you on legal questions about the next steps and support you if there are any disputes about your vehicle. For example, if you’d like to contest the excessive bill you’ve received from your car repair shop.
  • Injuries to you and your passengers: Our accident insurance supports you financially if the driver or passengers are injured or killed. The benefits from existing accident insurance will be increased as a result.

You have chosen liability plus partial accidental damage (damage caused by natural hazards, animals, and unknown persons) or liability plus comprehensive accidental damage (partial accidental damage plus any damage you cause yourself)? Then you can also choose from any of the abovementioned services and add-ons. And increase your insurance coverage further with the following:

  • Damage to parked vehicle
  • Headlights and side view mirrors
  • Personal belongings in the vehicle
  • Motorcycle clothing
  • Loss of and damage to vehicle keys

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Your advantages with AXA motorcycle insurance

  • 1

    We also assist you when your vehicle has been damaged by others.

  • 2

    We help you cancel your current insurance.

  • 3

    Ready immediately: Your certificate of insurance will be automatically sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Insure your electric scooters and mopeds

AXA gives you attractive add-ons to choose from for your electric motorcycle, scooter or moped:

  • The e-mobility battery optional benefit lets you insure your battery against operating errors, complete discharge, losses of power or overvoltages. If your battery is damaged, we will pay to repair or replace it.
  • You can also protect your mobile or fixed charging station from damage or theft with the e-mobility charging station optional add-on from AXA. If it is damaged or stolen, AXA will pay for a like-for-like replacement and for any installment costs.

FAQs about motorcycle insurance

  • What is not covered under motorcycle insurance?

    The insurance excludes damage or traffic accidents that are caused by you as the driver:

    • while unfit to drive,
    • under the influence of alcohol (blood alcohol level above the statutory permitted per mil. threshold),
    • while driving without a legally required driver’s license or without official authorization,
    • or with particularly gross disregard for the maximum permitted speed limit (according to Road Traffic Act).

    Nor is operating damage to the motorcycle, such as wear and tear included.

  • Do I also need roadside assistance?

    If you have purchased the Roadside assistance including onward travel add-on, we will make sure that your insured motorcycle is always ready to go. Roadside service from INTERTOURS travel insurance covers any vehicle that you drive. If you regularly rent cars or borrow them from friends, roadside service gives you welcome peace of mind.

  • How is the premium calculated for motorcycle insurance?

    We use different kinds of information to calculate the premium for your motorcycle insurance. One aspect we consider, for example, is what model motorcycle you have and how old it is. And of course what benefits you’d like to have: Partial or comprehensive accidental damage? Bonus protection? Courtesy vehicle if you have an accident? 

    The premium is calculated based on your needs.

  • Are passengers also insured?

    If you include “Injury to you and your passengers” coverage, then passengers are insured in addition to the owner of the motorcycle. If you have an accident which results in injuries, your motorcycle insurance will cover all transport of persons, treatment, hospital / spa stays, initial procurement of prostheses and much more.

  • What coverage do new motorcyclists need?

    All motorcyclists are required by law to have liability insurance. It’s usually also a good idea to have either partial accidental damage or comprehensive accidental damage insurance. Partial accidental damage includes a theft policy and covers the costs of damage due to natural hazards, such as hail, damage caused by animals and malicious damage. Comprehensive accidental damage covers all of the above plus damage you cause to your motorcycle yourself. Which coverage is right for you depends on how you drive, the age of your bike as well as other factors. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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