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  • Global legal protection: Whether a rear-end collision, on a bike tour, or a flight cancellation – with traffic legal protection insurance, you are comprehensively covered against the financial risks of a legal case.
  • Fast and straightforward help with legal cases: Our experts are there for you to offer professional advice and help you defend your rights in the event of disputes. You can contact us whenever you have a question about your legal standing or about the right procedure to adopt in a tricky situation.
  • Carefree mobility package: With the two modules “Mobility and travel” and “Health and personal insurance,” you benefit from comprehensive traffic legal protection in the case of disputes regarding property damage and personal injury.

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Why do I need traffic legal protection insurance?

You bought a brand new e-bike, and the motor isn’t working properly after just two months. The bike shop refuses to pay for it to be repaired. Maybe you had to cancel your summer vacation because of an operation, and your travel insurer refuses to cover the cancelation costs. Or the driver and vehicle licensing office is threatening to revoke your license after you ran into the back of someone else’s car.

Road users can often find themselves facing a legal dispute out of the blue. In cases like these, AXA-ARAG insurance coverage gives you peace of mind. You can count on our legal experts to explain your next steps, offer advice, and defend your rights.

Comprehensive traffic legal protection: carefree mobility package

Our traffic legal protection insurance is modular. The carefree mobility package contains two modules for all-round traffic legal protection: Mobility & Travel and Health & Personal Insurance. 

  • The  Mobility & Travel module covers property damage and protects you in disputes relating to road, rail, sea or air traffic, buying a vehicle, and travel.
  • The Health & Personal Insurance module covers personal injuries and additionally protects you in disputes concerning illnesses and accident-related injuries, for instance if you’re hit by a car while riding your bike and can’t work because of your injuries.

In what situations can AXA-ARAG traffic legal protection insurance help?

Find out the kinds of legal questions and disputes concerning vehicles, traffic offenses, and travel contracts we can help you with.

Mobility & Travel – carefree mobility

The Mobility & Travel module covers property damage and protects you in the following cases, among others:

  • Disputes concerning your car, e.g. involving a purchase or leasing contract or a repair job
  • Disputes arising from vehicle rental contracts – in Switzerland and worldwide
  • Criminal proceedings and proceedings regarding the revocation of Swiss driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations
  • Disputes arising from transportation, accommodation, and package travel contracts
  • Disputes with vehicle and travel insurers


Health & Personal Insurance – carefree well-being

The Health & Personal Insurance module covers personal injuries and insures you, for example, in the following situations:

  • Reduction or cancelation of insurance benefits: “I had a bad car accident 15 years ago, and I’ve received a full pension from disability insurance and accident insurance ever since. Following a review, the accident insurer wants to reduce my payments, even though my condition hasn’t improved at all.”
  • Claiming compensation under the Victim Support Act: “While riding my bike, I collided with another cyclist who refused to yield. I was badly injured, and my ability to work is permanently restricted. Unfortunately, the person who caused the accident doesn’t have personal liability insurance and can’t afford to pay me compensation. AXA-ARAG is helping me claim compensation under the Victim Support Act.”


Is it also worthwhile to take out traffic legal protection insurance for young people?

It is definitely worthwhile to take out traffic legal protection insurance for young people. Young people, in particular, are out often – whether it be by car, bike, or public transportation – and like to travel. Traffic legal protection insurance helps, for example, when the purchase of a first car doesn’t go as planned, a flight is canceled, or for a speeding ticket while riding an e-bike.


Examples of legal cases

Flight cancelation

Flight cancelation

Andi and his partner Nina have booked themselves a dream vacation in the Maldives, but their connecting flight is canceled, and they miss out on a day’s vacation and a night in a luxury hotel. The tour operator claims it’s the airline’s fault. Only after AXA-ARAG gets involved is the tour operator prepared to pay the couple immediate compensation of CHF 2,200.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. AXA-ARAG advisory fee: CHF 587.50
  3. Andi and Nina’s deductible CHF 0
  4. AXA-ARAG fee CHF 587.50
The stolen racing bike

The stolen racing bike

Martina loves riding her racing bike, but sadly she’s plagued by bad luck. Her expensive bike has been stolen for the second time. Her insurer is accusing her of fraud and refusing to pay the claim of almost CHF 8,000. It only agrees to pay after AXA-ARAG points out that its interpretation of the law is wrong.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Payout for customer CHF 8,000
  3. Deductible CHF 0
  4. AXA-ARAG advisory fee CHF 840
The overloaded trailer

The overloaded trailer

Ruedi runs his own construction business. He’s on the road every day, often hauling construction materials. One day, while driving with his trailer attached, he gets pulled over by the police. They determine that the trailer’s carrying double the permitted load. Ruedi faces a charge of driving with an unsafe trailer. However, the charge is dropped in court, and Ruedi is partially acquitted. After AXA-ARAG intervenes, the driver and vehicle licensing office bans him from driving for one month instead of three. This is a big relief for Ruedi, who can’t work without his driver’s license.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Deductible CHF 0
  3. AXA-ARAG advisory fee CHF 3,961.95

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