Key points at a glance
  • Comprehensive everyday protection: We support you in legal matters and disputes and protect you against financial risks if your case ends up in court.
  • You only choose and pay for what you need: Our legal protection insurance is a modular offer that can be combined flexibly – to make sure you can enjoy ideal coverage at every stage in life.
  • Easy-to-understand advice from our legal team: Around 140 attorneys and legal experts from every legal area provide you with advice on all your questions of a legal nature.

Purchase advice: 052 244 86 00

In what situations can our personal legal protection insurance help?

Whether it's a car accident, problems at work or faulty goods bought online, you can quickly become involved in a legal dispute through no fault of your own. Our personal legal protection supports you in legal matters and disputes and protects you against financial risks if your case ends up in court.

How you can benefit

Legal disputes can arise anywhere and at any time. That's why we offer personal legal protection insurance. You can choose exactly which areas you want to cover, from mobility and travel to your work or your partnership.

The following benefits apply to all combinations of modules:

  • Lawyer's fees for representing you in court covered
  • Court costs covered
  • Other party's costs covered if you lose the case
  • Arbitration costs
  • Access to legal tips and document templates

Flexible personal legal protection for every situation in life

Thanks to its modular structure, AXA-ARAG personal legal protection insurance has the flexibility to adapt to your individual needs, so you can be sure that you're fully covered in all areas and stages of your life. Find out more about our  legal protection modules .

Grafik Rechtsschutzmodule

Home & Everyday

We help you defend your rights when you get involved in a dispute as a tenant, consumer or neighbor.

A carefree day-to-day life

The Home & Everyday module helps you with the following:

  • Tenancy law disputes with your landlord or landlady, e.g. if your apartment is scheduled for renovation and you want to contest the termination of your contract.
  • Objections to your immediate neighbors' construction projects, e.g. if you want to object to your neighbor's plan for an extension that would block your view.
  • Disputes with your neighbors, e.g. if a neighbor's hedge is too high and makes it harder for you to drive out of your garage.
  • Legal disputes with domestic staff in your capacity as an employer, e.g. if you want to fire your home help because she's always late.
  • Legal disputes with insurers, e.g. if your personal liability insurer refuses to cover damage to a parquet floor.
  • Disputes arising from written loan, credit, and gifting agreements, e.g. if a friend you lent money to under a legally binding agreement refuses to pay you back.
  • Legal disputes in connection with violations of your legal personality rights, e.g. if someone you know has mentioned you by name in his blog and insulted you personally.
  • Disputes in connection with copyright violations, e.g. if you receive a claim for thousands of francs in compensation because your son has been regularly streaming music.

You need to take out the Health & Personal Insurance module of our personal legal protection insurance to cover disputes in connection with sickness or accident-related injuries.

Supplementary coverage for landlords and landladies: we help you with legal questions and disputes under tenancy law, for instance if your tenant offers your apartment on Airbnb without asking you first. Perhaps your tenant has bought a dog, even though her contract expressly forbids pets. We'll be happy to provide detailed information on this product. Request advice now

Mobility & Travel

Did the "idyllic country hotel" you booked turn out to be a dive right next to a highway? Are you at risk of losing your driver's license? We can save you time, stress, and money.

Carefree mobility

Whether you're on foot in Switzerland, riding a mountain bike in Patagonia or driving a car in France, we're here to help you stand up for your rights – worldwide.

The Mobility & Travel module protects you in the following cases, among others:

  • Disputes concerning your car, e.g. involving a purchase or leasing contract or a repair job
  • Disputes arising from vehicle rental contracts – in Switzerland and worldwide
  • Criminal proceedings and proceedings regarding the revocation of Swiss driver's licenses and vehicle registrations
  • Disputes arising from transportation, accommodation, and package travel contracts
  • Disputes with vehicle and travel insurers

You need to take out the Health & Personal Insurance module to cover disputes in connection with sickness or accident-related injuries.

Health & Personal Insurance

We're your ideal partner for legal issues concerning sickness, medical malpractice, maternity, retirement or unemployment.

 Carefree well-being 

Private individuals are often reluctant to take on hospitals, insurers or pension funds for fear of running up huge bills for expert opinions, lawyers, and court costs. We offer you peace of mind by helping you defend your rights in these situations.

The Health & Personal Insurance module covers the following cases, among others:

  • Disputes relating to congenital defects
  • Reduction or cancelation of insurance benefits
  •  Compensation claims under the Victim Support Act
  • Disputes with hospitals and doctors over treatment
  • Disputes with Swiss child and adult protection agencies (KESBs)



Do you want to contest a bad testimonial? Have you been fired without notice? We're here to help you defend your workplace rights.

Carefree at work

Lots of people give in to their employer in disputes under employment law because they worry that they'll get fired and not be able to find a new job. With our insurance, however, you don't have to compromise when you've got the law on your side. 

The "Work" module covers the following cases, among others:

  • Disputes relating to the termination of your employment contract
  • Disputes with your employer relating to rules on working hours, overtime or vacation planning 
  • Legal advice on unclear clauses in your employment contract
  • Disputes relating to a testimonial

Supplementary coverage

The supplementary coverage for executives option insures you in your role as managing director or executive board member. We'll be happy to provide detailed information on this product. Request advice now

Secondary self-employment with an annual revenue of more than CHF 36 000

Even if your self-employment brings in revenue of more than CHF 36,000 a year, we can offer you the ideal legal protection solution with our all-inclusive package for the smallest businesses.

Accidents and sickness

You need to take out the Health & Personal Insurance module to cover disputes in connection with sickness or accident-related injuries.

Partnership & Family

We make sure that a legal dispute with social services, a custody battle or an inheritance dispute doesn't cost you a fortune. 

Carefree family life

Does your child need dental braces, but your ex-husband isn't willing to share the cost? Do you want to separate from your partner but can't agree who gets to stay in the apartment? Disputes relating to family law are the most common kind in Switzerland, and they often end up in court – which can work out very expensive.

The Partnership & Family module insures you for the following cases, among others:

  • Disputes with Swiss child and adult protection agencies (KESBs)
  • Disputes with Swiss school authorities
  • Separation in cases of cohabitation, registered partnership or marriage under Swiss law
  • Disputes in connection with Swiss inheritance law
  • Contractual disputes with babysitters or daycare centers


We're among the few legal protection insurers in Switzerland that offer assistance in disputes with the Swiss tax authorities.

Pay your taxes without a care

Has your tax advisor sent you a massively inflated bill? Do you want to contest the tax authority's decision to increase the imputed rental value of your home? We can help you in cases like these.

Most laypeople find Swiss tax law baffling, and many get a headache just from filling out their yearly tax return. Our tax law specialists provide you with expert advice and help you defend your rights.

The Taxes module offers support with the following: 

  • Legal questions about income or wealth taxes
  • Disputes with Swiss tax authorities regarding income tax and wealth taxes as a private individual

Legal Advice PLUS

This module perfectly complements the other AXA-ARAG legal personal legal protection insurance modules. With Legal Advice PLUS, we offer you comprehensive expert advice in the areas not covered by your chosen modules as well as all areas of Swiss law not normally covered by legal protection insurance, such as your residence permit, self-employment or a major building conversion.

Legal Advice PLUS includes the following:

  • Analysis of your situation
  • Review of documents
  • Legal advice
  • Three hours of legal advice per insurance year

If you have taken out other modules, legal advice on the relevant subjects is insured under the respective module and not counted toward the three hours. 

Unlike legal protection insurance, Legal Advice PLUS does not cover lawyers' fees or court costs.

Find out more

Do you have a question about a pending legal case?

A one-off phone consultation from MyRight is a quick solution that cuts out the paperwork.

AXA-ARAG's experts will advise you on legal matters, recommend what to do next, and check through your documents on request. You can simply pay with your credit card or receive a bill.

To MyRight one-off consultation

Frequently asked questions about personal legal protection

  • What's the difference between legal advice and personal legal protection insurance?

    Legal advice is all about answering your questions on legal issues. We look at your case with you, provide recommendations for what to do next, and clarify anything you're unsure about.

    With personal legal protection insurance, in addition to providing legal advice, we actively support you in the event of a legal dispute by drafting documents, taking legal action, and covering lawyers' fees and court costs.

  • Does personal legal protection cover my whole family?

    Yes, if you have named each family member on the policy and they all live at the same address (confirmation of home address required). The family includes:

    • Policyholder
    • Spouse or registered partner 
    • Cohabiting partner
    • Children
    • Lodgers
    • and any other person named on the policy and registered at your address.
  • Is there a waiting or qualifying period for AXA-ARAG personal legal protection?

    No, we don't impose a waiting period. With our legal protection insurance, you're covered from day one.

  • What costs are paid by personal legal protection insurance?

    We assume the cost of

    • advice and representation by our in-house legal team
    • an external lawyer
    • proceedings before the courts and authorities
    • compensation for the opposing party if you lose a court case
    • expert opinions
    • arbitration proceedings
    • translations
    • travel to attend court proceedings abroad
    • loss of earnings
    • collection of debts owed to you in connection with an insured legal case

    You can find a detailed list of all the costs we cover in our General Insurance Conditions (GIC) in part A under the heading "What is insured?".

  • Does the insurance provide coverage worldwide?

    Our modular legal protection insurance offers you worldwide coverage in most cases. Our General Insurance Conditions contain more information about insurance benefits and details of the coverage provided by the various modules. We would be happy to advise you personally with a view to putting together the right legal protection package for your needs.

  • Can personal legal protection insurance be taken out for an existing legal case?

    No, cases that are already ongoing can't be insured. Insurance is taken out as a preventive measure. A legal case is covered if the triggering event and need for legal protection occur – and the case is reported – during the insurance term.

    For existing legal cases, we recommend our one-time consultation by phone for as little as CHF 69 via Our legal experts will be happy to advise you on the next steps to take.

  • Am I free to choose whichever lawyer I want?

    Sometimes, but usually not. Our in-house lawyers and legal experts will support you with your legal cases, but it is occasionally necessary to bring in an external lawyer.

    In such cases, you have access to proven specialists from our global lawyer network. You are free to choose your own lawyer if you are about to enter legal or administrative proceedings or in the following cases:

    • If your opposing party is an AXA Group company (other than AXA-ARAG)
    • In legal cases where AXA-ARAG must also provide insurance coverage to your opposing party

    We reserve the right to reject your chosen lawyer. If this happens, you can suggest three further lawyers. They must not belong to the same law firm. We must accept one of these three. In all these cases, we cover the costs within the scope of the coverage confirmation that was issued.

  • Personal legal protection, traffic legal protection or internet legal protection – how can I take these out with AXA-ARAG?

    Our modular personal legal protection insurance is designed specifically for your needs and comprises six thematic insurance modules as well as one advisory module. You can choose whichever modules you want and combine them any way you like to create the legal protection you need.

    We recommend the following:

    • For personal legal protection: Home & Everyday and Work modules. These cover you, for example, in legal disputes with your landlord or neighbor, problems with goods bought in shops or online, violations of your personality rights or trouble in the workplace.
    • For traffic legal protection: Mobility & Travel and Health & Personal Insurance modules. These cover you, for example, in legal disputes relating to your car, traffic violations, travel contracts, traffic accidents, and personal injury. They also cover all kinds of disputes with insurers, social security authorities, and pension funds.
    • For combined protection: Home & Everyday, Work, Mobility & Travel, and Health & Personal Insurance modules.
    • Your online legal protection: The Home & Everyday module covers you, for example, in disputes relating to goods bought online, intellectual property, and violations of your personality rights. It also covers disputes with your landlord, mobile provider, online shops, and more besides.
  • Which legal cases does AXA-ARAG personal legal protection cover?

    Depending on the product you choose, we advise and represent you in disputes under the following areas of law:

    • Employment
    • Tenancy
    • Contracts
    • Damages and satisfaction
    • Personality rights
    • Internet
    • Road traffic
    •  Travel
    • Insurance
    • Family
    • Animals
    • Education
    • Taxes
    • Child and adult protection
    • Property
    • Trademarks, patents, and copyright

    This list is not exhaustive. You can find a list of all the legal cases covered by each product in our General Insurance Conditions (GIC) from part B onward under the heading "What is insured?".

  • What's the difference between a pre-contractual event and a waiting period?

    Pre-contractual is the term used to describe a legal case or a legal dispute whose cause occurred already prior to taking out a legal protection insurance policy. This can occur, for example, when a person buys a product that some weeks later turns out to be defective. The buyer complains about the defect, but the seller refuses to help. The buyer now takes out legal protection insurance with the idea of getting assistance with this dispute. Because the purchase agreement for the product was signed before the buyer took out the legal protection insurance, this case is qualified as pre-contractual. So that is why this case is not insured.

    The idea behind a waiting period (also known as a qualifying period) is primarily an attempt to exclude risks for the insurance company by agreeing to a waiting period of a specific number of months. In addition to the pre-contractual events, any other new legal cases that ensue are not yet insured during this period.

    Our legal protection insurance policy does not have a waiting period. With us, you are insured against future legal cases as of the next day. But we do still exclude coverage for pre-contractual legal cases.

  • Are there limits on the amount of costs covered?

    The sum insured as stated in the policy is the maximum amount payable in all personal legal cases. A special maximum amount applies in some areas of law, which are listed in the GIC. 

  • How do I file a legal claim?

    Contact us as soon as you need legal support.

    • Have your policy number ready, together with all documents that are relevant to the case (e.g. contracts, correspondence, fine notices, summonses, and rulings).
    • Check any documents and rulings for deadlines that may apply (e.g. for appeals).
    • Describe the events and the damage you suffered briefly and fully.
    • Upload any relevant documents such as contracts, correspondence, and rulings using the online form or send them to us by post.


    Reporting a legal case online couldn't be simpler, and you can do it 24/7.
    To the form

    By phone:
    AXAjur – report your case directly to our legal experts: 0848 11 11 00 (Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 6:00pm)

    By post: 
    AXA-ARAG Legal Protection 
    Affolternstrasse 42 
    P.O. Box 6944 
    8050 Zürich

  • What does Legal Advice PLUS offer?

    Legal Advice PLUS entitles you to  three hours of advice on all issues relating to Swiss law. If you have selected other modules, legal advice on the relevant subjects is insured under the respective module and not counted toward the three hours.

  • Is it also worthwhile to take out legal protection insurance for young people?

    It is definitely worthwhile to take out legal protection insurance for young people. Young people don’t know, for example, what has to be taken into account legally and what they have to bear in mind when moving into their first own apartment, buying their first car, starting their first job, or changing jobs. The legal experts of AXA-ARAG explain legal issues in these cases and advise young people on the next steps to take.

Examples of legal cases

Flight cancelation

Flight cancelation

Andi and his partner Nina have booked themselves a dream vacation in the Maldives, but their connecting flight is canceled, and they miss out on a day's vacation and a night in a luxury hotel. The tour operator claims it's the airline's fault. Only after AXA-ARAG gets involved is the tour operator prepared to pay the couple immediate compensation of CHF 2,200.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. AXA-ARAG advice: CHF 587.50
  3. Andi and Nina's deductible CHF 0
  4. AXA-ARAG benefits CHF 587.50


Marc receives notice of termination from his employer. Once the employment relationship has ended, Marc's former employer refuses to pay out his accrued overtime and vacation entitlement. He also receives evasive answers whenever he asks about a testimonial. Only when AXA-ARAG gets involved are the amounts due transferred and a positive testimonial provided.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Marc's deductible CHF 0
  3. AXA-ARAG benefits CHF 1,188.30
Moving house

Moving house

Isabel is moving out of her apartment at the end of the month, and she's worried that her landlady wants to deduct various costs from her deposit for supposed damage. She notifies AXA-ARAG about her concerns online, and a tenancy law expert calls her right away. Thanks to AXA-ARAG's preventive legal advice, Isabel now knows exactly what to look out for when handing over the apartment, so she doesn't have to worry about moving out.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Saving due to defense against tenant damage claim CHF 2,500
  3. Rental deposit repaid CHF 2,400
  4. AXA-ARAG advice CHF 500
  5. AXA-ARAG benefits CHF 5,400

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