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Costs for lawyers, court fees, and legal opinions paid
Personal advice from our legal team
All-round protection for start-ups, SMEs, and large companies
Key points at a glance
  • Secure your existence: We cover the financial risk if you become involved in a dispute, for example with employees, customers, or suppliers. 
  • Professional advice: Our specialized lawyers and legal experts provide support and advice regarding your legal questions and the next steps to take – and help you defend your rights.
  • Individual protection: Regardless of whether your are a large company or a start-up – we have the right legal protection for your needs.

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How can businesses benefit from AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance?

Unexpected claims from your employees, problems with the landlord of your commercial properties, or trouble with authorities because of permits – legal cases such as these regularly come up in the course of ordinary business and often end up in court.

As your partner, AXA-ARAG assumes the financial risk for legal cases concerning your business and provides professional advice in the areas of labor law, contract law, and criminal law. We support you in your case from start to finish and make sure that you only have to give thought to one thing: Your business.

Why does your business also need legal protection insurance?

Filing a lawsuit in Switzerland requires advance payment of the expected procedural costs and court fees – in addition to the attorney’s fees. A financial challenge for any company – from sole proprietorships to limited companies.

What the law says

Because even if the suit is won, the plaintiff is responsible for claiming reimbursement of all costs incurred as well as any benefits awarded. If the losing party cannot pay, the plaintiff must bear the default risk themselves. Due to this arrangement, many companies and self-employed persons forgo pursuing their claims in court, even when the legal situation is clear. Here, the only thing that can help is legal protection insurance, which covers the risk of costs and services in the event of legal cases against payment of a comparably low premium. 

Coverage and costs

These payments are covered by the AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance for companies:

  • Legal advice for and processing of your legal case by the attorneys, legal experts, and law specialists of AXA-ARAG
  • Useful tips, even in uninsured legal cases
  • Assumes attorney’s fees
  • Covers costs for required reports, analyses, and expert opinions
  • Assumes court fees and procedural costs
  • Non-court costs  awarded to the opposing party
  • Pays arbitration court and mediator fees
  • Collects court-awarded claims from a legal dispute 
  • Bail to avoid detention (advance payment)
  • Immediate right to an attorney: Makes advance payment for a criminal defense attorney whom you engage for the first questioning
  • Covers translation/interpretation fees
  • Pays costs of necessary travel to court hearings abroad

What does AXA-ARAG commercial legal protection insure?

The risk of becoming entangled in a legal dispute is part of everyday business life. Possible causes can be employees, real estate management, insurance, or authorities.

Insured legal cases

The risk of becoming entangled in a legal dispute is part of everyday business life. Possible causes include employees, landlords, neighbors, or insurance. Changes in the law can also lead to unexpected disputes – with authorities, for example. As your partner, AXA-ARAG assumes the financial risk for legal cases concerning your business and provides professional advice and representation in these cases.

Commercial legal protection

  • Labor law: Disputes related to labor law, e.g. because of terminations, vacation entitlements, or  salary claims of employees
  • Tenancy and leasehold law: Conflicts that arise in connection with your role as landlord or lessor because of terminations, maintenance, or repairs
  • Construction owners: Disputes as construction owners, e.g. involving new buildings, extensions, and conversions of commercial property 
  • Civil damages law and satisfaction: Enforcement of your non-contractual claims for damages as injured party or organization
  • Criminal and administrative procedures: Defense in criminal and administrative proceedings in the case of negligence offenses (something that happened unintentionally)
  • Permits: Proceedings over revocation, restriction, or non-renewal of operating permits or licenses in connection with your profession or company
  • Insurance law: Disputes with private or social insurance providers such as pension funds or health insurers
  • Neighbor law: Disputes with neighbors, e.g due to noise, odor, or other emissions
  • Expropriation: Disputes due to expropriation of property and equivalent restrictions on ownership by the state
  • Ownership and property law: Disputes arising from ownership or property, e.g. commercially-used real estate
  • Furniture, installations, and maintenance: Disputes regarding commercial items or the maintenance of property
  • Business trips and travel (not including commutes to and from work): Disputes in connection with insurance, traffic, or contracts, e.g. in the event of an accident or relating to business accommodation
  • Data protection: Disputes in connection with the Data Protection Act and defense in criminal proceedings based on violations of the Data Protection Act
  • Antitrust law: Defense and representation in administrative and criminal proceedings under antitrust law
  • Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law: Representation of your interests in dismissal, withdrawal, attachment, or opposition proceedings

You can find more information on AXA-ARAG business legal protection insurance in our explanatory video.

What additional modules are available?

Good commercial legal protection offers individual options to expand coverage. After all, no two companies are alike – regardless of the sector, size, or risks. With additional modules and supplementary coverage, you can expand your legal protection according to your needs.

Supplementary legal protection for landlords

If you are the landlord or lessor of property, this supplementary coverage for commercial legal protection provides optimum protection. Disputes often arise in property management between landlords and their tenants. If a lawsuit ensues, you need a strong partner at your side to advise you and defend your rights.

Contract legal protection

Contracts are part of everyday life for entrepreneurs. Whether purchase, employment, or manufacturing agreements – the provisions they contain are designed to stipulate the obligations between you and your company’s customers, employees, or service providers. Non-compliance can lead to financial turbulence. As your partner, AXA-ARAG represents you and your interests in contractual disputes. You can find more information in our explanatory video Contract legal protection.

Supplementary debt collection legal protection

Some bills go unpaid simply because the recipient mislaid them. However, they become a problem when the customer fails to respond to a reminder. Further reminders are needed, then a final demand, and eventually perhaps debt enforcement proceedings, which are costly and time-consuming. With this supplementary coverage to contract legal protection, AXA-ARAG is the strong partner at your side, handling further demands and debt enforcement on your behalf.

Personal rights and Internet legal protection

Digitalization offers self-employed persons and SMEs great commercial opportunities. At the same time, being digitally networked also entails risks. Internet entries that violate personality rights, identity and credit card fraud, or disputes regarding website domains are a part of this – which is why they can also be insured if needed. AXA-ARAG protects you or your company against such rights violations. Our explanatory video gives you an overview of the services.

Motor legal protection

If mobility is a part of your business activity, then motor legal protection should be too. Choose this module if you maintain company vehicles. It supplements commercial legal protection with the legal areas relevant to drivers:

  • Vehicle contract law: Disputes arising from contracts for company vehicles, e.g. because of repairs or leases
  • Vehicle taxation: Disputes over vehicle tax and road pricing
  • Ownership and property law: Disputes arising from the ownership of insured company vehicles

We have summarised further information on motor legal protection for you in our explanatory video.

Small companies also enjoy optimal coverage with us.

Disputes with a customer, problems with a landlord, or trouble with a web domain: It can happen quickly – and before you know it you are involved in a legal dispute that threatens the existence of your small business. In this case, we will make sure that you get your rights. Uncomplicated and unbureaucratic. 

The legal experts and attorneys at AXA-ARAG are the “legal department” of your sole proprietorship or small company: We advise you on the phone and are there for you as a strong partner by your side – over months or even years.

For more information on our business legal protection insurance for small businesses, see our explanatory video.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is commercial legal protection mandatory?

    No, commercial legal protection is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. With a company, unexpected conflicts can often occur, e.g. if a neighbor officially objects to the conversion of your office building, an insurance company refuses to pay indemnity, or you have trouble with the authorities in connection with a permit.

  • In what cases does a company need legal protection?

    A neighbor officially objects to the conversion of your office building, an insurance company refuses to pay indemnity, or you have trouble with the authorities because of a permit. Legal cases like these are common in business – that’s why they are covered by AXA-ARAG commercial legal protection.

    Labor law

    An employee gives notice. After leaving, she makes substantial salary and overtime claims.

    Tenancy and leasehold law

    You rented a copy machine that has now been defective for the past three days. Despite numerous notifications, Bürotechnik AG hasn’t responded.

    Neighbor law

    The neighbor constantly complains about noise – and is now suing you.

    Criminal and administrative law

    Welding work starts a fire in your workshop. Even though the fire department puts it out quickly, you and your staff still face a criminal investigation.

  • Do small companies need commercial legal protection insurance?

    Problems with customers, questions about tenancy law, trouble with a web domain: Having a small company doesn’t mean you can’t have legal trouble that could soon threaten its continued existence. If the AHV payroll amount is below CHF 200,000 and your annual sales below CHF 500,000 , you can benefit with AXA-ARAG from an insurance solution that ensures you are on the safe side in all major legal areas.

  • Is there a waiting or qualifying period?

    No, we don't impose a waiting period. With our legal protection insurance for companies, you’re covered from day one.

  • What can I do if I need help with an ongoing legal case but don’t yet have legal protection insurance for my company?

    Opt for our one-time legal phone consultation  for companies for CHF 99 on MyRight. Our legal experts will be happy to advise you over the phone on the next steps to take.

  • I have commercial third-party liability insurance. Isn’t that enough to cover legal disputes?

    It’s great that you have personal liability insurance. It protects you in cases where you’re at fault, e.g. if you have caused damage to another vehicle. However, if someone else has damaged your car, and you want to claim compensation, that’s when you need legal protection insurance. Liability and legal protection insurance complement each other perfectly and offer all-round coverage.

  • Would a legal case that’s already ongoing be covered if I take out new legal protection insurance today?

    No, ongoing cases cannot be insured. Legal protection insurance for companies or small businesses is taken out on a preventive basis. A legal case is covered if the triggering event and need for legal protection occur – and the case is reported – during the insurance term.

  • Who is covered by the commercial legal protection?

    You as the policyholder and all companies and subsidiaries named in the policy. Partners, owners, trustees and members of executive boards and boards of directors (including associations), members of committees composed of communal executives, as well as other members of authorities and administration employees are also insured. There is also legal protection for employees, voluntary helpers, volunteer workers, temporary personnel, and members of the insured organizations.

  • I am self-employed. Does my personal legal protection insurance also cover my company’s legal disputes?

    No, as a rule, business matters are not covered by personal legal protection. However, the Work module of our legal protection insurance for private individuals offers protection for a secondary occupation on a self-employed basis up to annual revenues of CHF 36,000.

    That said, commercial legal protection is also worthwhile for small companies. If your AHV payroll amount is below CHF 200,000 and your annual sales don’t exceed CHF 500,000, you can benefit from a special all-inclusive solution from AXA-ARAG. As an alternative, you can also choose legal advice only when needed – with the individual and unbureaucratic MyRight legal advice over the phone and the MyRight legal tips regarding frequently asked questions.

  • What does legal protection insurance for companies cost?

    The premium amount of your legal protection insurance is based on several factors: Annual sales, payroll amount, and operating activity. To ensure no coverage gaps occur, you must regularly report updated figures to us.

  • How do I file a legal claim?

    Contact us as soon as you need legal support.

    • Have your policy number ready, together with all documents that are relevant to the case (e.g. contracts, correspondence, fine notices, summonses, and rulings).
    • Check any documents and rulings for deadlines that may apply (e.g. for appeals).
    • Describe the events and the damage you suffered briefly and fully.
    • Upload any relevant documents such as contracts, correspondence, and rulings using the online form or send them to us by post.


    Reporting a legal case online couldn't be simpler, and you can do it 24/7.
    To the form

    By phone:

    AXAjur – report your case directly to our legal experts: 0848 11 11 00 (Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

    By mail: 
    AXA-ARAG Legal Protection 
    Affolternstrasse 42 
    P.O. Box 6944 
    8050 Zurich

  • Is legal advice for companies available online?

    Yes, you’ll find a large selection of free templates and documents on a wide range of topics as well as a reference generator at MyRight Business. You can also opt for a one-time phone consultation and pay for it conveniently online. 

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