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Operational boat insurance

Premium reduction for years with no claims
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If watercraft are part of your company’s everyday business, you’ll know the daily risks only too well. Reliable insurance protection is a must and is also important for your company's image. AXA offers you flexible and needs-based insurance options.

Keep your boat on course

As a boat owner, you are responsible if you cause damage on the water or onshore. You decide yourself what coverage you need: Choose from AXA’s liability, accidental damage, and accident insurance to create your personal insurance package.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance is mandatory for the following boats:

  • Boats powered by an engine
  • Sailboats with a sail area exceeding 15 m²
  • Rental boats in general

This insurance covers damage or loss that you inflict on a person (e.g. waterskiers or wakeboard riders) with your watercraft. It pays for damage to property and accidents involving animals.

Partial accidental damage insurance

With partial accidental damage insurance, your boat is insured for the following types of loss or damage, among others:

  • Theft
  • Natural forces
  • Natural forces ‘Plus’ (storm damage while berthing on the water is insured in addition to natural forces cover)
  • Fire
  • Snowslide
  • Malicious damage (vandalism damage up to CHF 10,000)
  • Loose accessories 
  • Flying objects
  • Damage due to seaweed, nets, ropes or lines up to CHF 5,000; deductible: CHF 500
  • Recovery and transportation to the nearest dock, up to CHF 100,000

Comprehensive accidental damage insurance (collision)

in addition to the losses covered by partial accidental damage insurance, comprehensive accidental damage insurance covers collisions:

  • Loss or damage due to a sudden and violent external occurrence
  • Damage as a consequence of buckled or broken masts and spars, as well as torn standing or running rigging

Machinery insurance

You can supplement your comprehensive accidental damage insurance by adding machinery insurance to the coverage. This module covers loss or damage due to external effects and internal causes such as:

  • Improper use, carelessness, negligence
  • Insufficient water, oil, fuel, or other operating agents
  • Failure of systems used for measuring, control, or safety

Accident insurance

Accident insurance protects you against the financial consequences arising due to accidents in connection with the use of the boat as well as those due to sunstroke, heatstroke, hypothermia, freezing, drowning, etc. You are free to choose the amount of insurance. The insurance can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Daily benefits and/or daily hospital benefits
  • Disability and death lump sum
  • Rescue missions, recoveries, transportation of body in case of death, up to CHF 100,000 per accident
  • Cleaning or replacing damaged clothing, up to CHF 2,000 per person

Marine legal protection insurance

Legal protection insurance covers the financial costs necessary to defend and enforce your legal interests, for example:

  • If you face revocation of your license
  • To enforce your rights in connection with damages and satisfaction
  • In matters relating to tax and contract law in connection with your boat

The amount of insurance is limited to CHF 300,000 in European inland waters. You are insured for a maximum of CHF 150,000 on sea voyages.

You pay no deductible for lawyer fees if legal advice is provided by a lawyer recommended by AXA.

Other ways you benefit

  • Independent watercraft experts for damage assessments
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage leaves you free to enjoy carefree sailing
  • Premium reduction for years with no claims 
  • Search missions, up to CHF 10,000

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