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For healthy and motivated employees
For more productivity
For lower absence costs
Key points at a glance
  • Success factor for your company: healthy and motivated employees are more productive and have fewer absences from work.
  • Better employee health: with WeCare, AXA's corporate health management, you promote the mental and physical health of your employees – with preventive measures and professional support.
  • CHM is worth it ethically and financially: with WeCare, you increase the satisfaction of your employees and employee retention, and decrease costs for health-related absences at your company.

What is Corporate Health Management?

The aim of Corporate Health Management (or CHM) is to maintain and promote the health of employees in a company. It combines all measures in a company that can be employed to prevent absences due to accident, motivation or illness. Structures and processes are designed so that employees can carry out their daily work in a health-promoting way and thus avoid occupational accidents and illnesses.  

It's worth it, both for staff and the company: Corporate Health Management increases your team's satisfaction levels and reduces the expense of health-related absences. On average, every franc invested in CHM is returned three times.

WeCare: Corporate Health Management

With WeCare, AXA has developed an offer that is dedicated entirely to employee health in your company. WeCare offers you personal support with issues connected with your employees’ health. You know that your employees’ health is always in good hands. 

What benefits does Corporate Health Management offer?

Corporate Health Management is worth it for companies both for ethical and financial reasons:

  • A good working atmosphere encourages your employees to perform and motivates them – it also strengthens your reputation as an attractive employer.
  • Happy employees are more loyal to a company and change jobs less often. This makes the team more stable and means that you have lower staff turnover.
  • Healthy and motivated employees cause fewer accidents and are less likely to be off sick. This reduces direct and indirect absence costs. 
  • Lower absence costs take the strain off the budget and promote your company's profitability and competitiveness.
“In WeCare, we have found a strong and competent partner to help us set up Corporate Health Management in the municipality of Stans. The measures we have implemented are the groundwork for making us fit for the future.” Stephan Starkl, Head of Central Services, municipality of Stans
“By working together with WeCare, we have created a culture that is more attuned to health and well-being at work. Thanks to the steps we have taken so far, we have seen a measurable decline in health-related absences – which has saved us a lot on expenses.” Sandra Gomes-Deubelbeiss, Professional Human Resources, INGRAM MICRO GmbH

How does Corporate Health Management work with WeCare?

WeCare is an exclusive offer for AXA customers with  accidentdaily sickness benefits insurance and/or  occupational benefits solution. With WeCare, your company has access to a large selection of preventive services for improving employee health and can access the professional support of Care and Case Management for potential long-term absences.  


WeCare has cooperation programs in place with a wide range of  partners in the healthcare sector. This in turn gives your company access to a broad range of offers to provide an individual solution for any situation. 

Support and frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of Corporate Health Management?

    According to statistics, around 60 percent of absences in Swiss companies are due to a medical necessity. Around 40 percent of absenteeism cases are motivation-related. Corporate Health Management helps in both instances: through targeted measures, your employees’ motivation can be improved and some medically indicated absences reduced. This means that Corporate Health Management has a positive impact on around half of all illness-related absences.

  • What is the difference between corporate health management and corporate health promotion (CHP)?

    There isn't any real difference; they both belong together:

    Corporate health management  is a management task and includes controlling and integrating all the company's processes with the aim of maintaining and promoting employee health, motivation, and wellbeing.

    Corporate health promotion (CHP) includes all the measures that directly or indirectly influence behavior and circumstances with a view to promoting health. 

  • How expensive is CHM?

    All in all, corporate health management saves on costs, as every franc you invest pays you back three times over, and thanks to the systematic approach, not only are costs saved but also time.

    WeCare has a broad offering of free and fee-based offers in the employee health sector. Initial analysis with different tools, AXA Care Management and many other measures are available to you for free with your AXA personal insurance. There is also a comprehensive selection of other services from our external partners that you can use at reduced rates as an AXA corporate customer. 

  • Why is CHM becoming increasingly important?

    Mental stress at work is widespread among employees and is increasing all the time: according to the Job Stress Index of Health Promotion, Switzerland,  28.2% of respondents are suffering from increased stress at work. Almost one third (30.3%)  are emotionally exhausted and therefore at greater risk of burnout.

    For companies, this means risks and expenditure that can affect their economic efficiency and competitiveness. Work-related stress costs Swiss companies around CHF 6.5 billion every year. With corporate health promotion and targeted prevention measures, companies can counteract psychosocial stresses in the workplace.

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