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  • More protection for your business model: Credit and Lifestyle Protection from AXA secures your customers' installment payments. This is important for any company offering services or products with repeat payments.
  • Solvent customers: misfortunes such as involuntary unemployment, occupational disability, illness and death are covered.
  • Protection for various payment models: car leasing, mortgages, loans and many more.

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What is Credit and Lifestyle Protection from AXA? 

Does your company sell mortgages, grant loans, act as a lender or provide other services on an installment basis? Then your customers make repeat payments to your company. Credit and Lifestyle Protection from AXA enables you to offer your customers insurance for their installment payments in the sales process. This means that monthly payments are secured, even when there's a financial bottleneck. 

The fact is that misfortunes such as involuntary unemployment, occupational disability or serious illness do occur. And this can result in your end customers having insufficient funds to cover their loans and bills. In these cases,  Credit and Lifestyle Protection from AXA  comes into play as the  safety net for your customers and for your company. 

Solvent customers, even in uncertain times

Car leasing

Car leasing

A customer took out a lease agreement for a new car with you six months ago. The monthly leasing installment is CHF 850. Due to a reorganization, she loses her job. Credit and Lifestyle Protection from AXA now comes into force - your customer receives monthly payments and can make her leasing payments as usual.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Monthly leasing installment CHF 850
  3. Duration of unemployment: 10 months
  4. Waiting period: 2 months
  5. Benefit period: 8 months
  6. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 6,800

What types of Credit and Lifestyle Protection are available?

Whether mortgages, loans, credit cards or bills, installment and balance protection insurance from AXA means that if your customers experience an unexpected financial bottleneck due to unemployment, accident or illness, you offer them optimum protection and individual security in all of life's situations: 

  • Insured benefits: monthly installments, outstanding debt (in the event of occupational disability or death)
  • Covered risks: death, occupational disability due to illness or accident, incapacity to work due to illness or accident, involuntary unemployment
  • This applies to: mortgages, car leasing, credit card contracts, private loans and other funding arrangements

Premium exemption insurance

With premium exemption insurance, your customers are relieved of their payment obligations for health insurance or life insurance premiums if they become insolvent as a result of accident, illness or unemployment.

Lease installment insurance 

Lease installment insurance protects your customers against payment difficulties if they experience an unexpected financial bottleneck due to illness or involuntary unemployment. If an insured event occurs, AXA covers the payment of your customers' monthly lease payments. 

Credit card balance insurance

Credit card balance insurance covers the accumulated credit card debt should your customers experience payment difficulties due to incapacity to work or involuntary unemployment.

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Our experts are happy to help you and will clarify your questions about cooperation options, link to your sales process and more. Just get in touch with us!

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