Salary notification

Carry out your salary notifications – for your accident insurance and for group daily sickness benefits insurance  – directly from your payroll bookkeeping.

  • Considerably less effort and reduced error potential
  • Notification for the AHV compensation fund and other recipients in a single workflow
  • Free service

Submit salary data securely and efficiently

Make your payroll bookkeeping more efficient! Use the synergies of Swissdec-certified payroll bookkeeping software as well as AXA's online service for the salary notifications relating to your employee insurance policies.

Conditions for electronic salary notification (ESN)

  • Certified payroll bookkeeping software in accordance with Swissdec Standard 4.0 or higher

After you have installed or updated the software, we will send you the insurance profile you need in order to configure the payroll bookkeeping system.

Timing of salary notifications

  • Accident and/or daily sickness benefits insurance: After completion of payroll bookkeeping for the past year

To payroll bookkeeping software Swissdec

Support and frequently asked questions

  • What is the procedure for employees paid a salary customary for the profession and location?

    In the case of an insured who is paid a salary customary for the profession and location, for the purpose of calculating the UVG salary he/she must be taken out of the group of insured persons and entered manually.

  • What needs to be done when persons who are paid a fixed salary leave the company?

    Report these persons (including date of departure) to AXA to ensure that they can be excluded from the policy on the correct date.

  • What has to be considered in the case of maximum salaries?

    If a maximum salary is dependent on a medical examination, the maximum salary without medical examination must be entered in the system as default. Only when AXA issues a certificate of insurance for the higher salary amount can the maximum salary be entered with health questions. This applies to each case separately.


    Maximum salary without medical examination: CHF 300,000

    Maximum salary with medical examination: CHF 350,000

    Without a certificate of insurance from AXA a declarable salary of CHF 300,000 is entered.

    With a certificate of insurance from AXA the declarable salary can be increased to CHF 350,000.

  • What has to be considered in the case of young employees' salaries?

    Employees must be declared to the AHV office on January 1 of the year in which they reach age 18 (the year of their 18th birthday).

    This minimum age does not apply to daily sickness benefits, mandatory accident insurance or supplementary accident insurance. Young employees' salaries have to be declared regardless of age.

  • What has to be considered in the case of AHV pensioners?

    Currently persons who have reached the reference age (formerly: normal retirement age) of 65 for both men and women receive CHF 16,800 annually that is tax free and exempt from OASI contributions and which does not need to be declared.

    This exempt amount does not apply to daily sickness benefits, mandatory accident insurance or supplementary accident insurance. The full salary has to be declared. The difference versus the AHV salary is entered in the system.

  • What is the procedure with compensation under the income replacement scheme (EO)?

    EO compensation must be entered separately. AHV: EO compensation has to be declared. Accordingly, under UVG supplementary insurance it must be added to the UVG and surplus salary to obtain the effective AHV salary. This can be done during the data entry completion phase prior to the confirmation phase. 

  • In respect of mandatory accident insurance under the UVG, what must be borne in mind for persons in multiple employment?

    In the case of persons in multiple employment, salaries can be adjusted manually prior to submission.


    Salary at employer A: CHF 80,000

    Salary at employer B: CHF 100,000

    Total: CHF 180,000

    The total must be reduced to the maximum UVG salary – currently CHF 148,000.

  • Transmission of salaries failed. What might be the problem?

    Check the following common sources of error:

    • Has the correct contract number been entered?
    • Has the correct customer number been entered?
    • Has the correct insurer number been entered? (AXA: S14)
    • Have you carried out confirmation or completion separately for all sectors within 24 hours?

    Was there a submission failure? Please contact

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