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Sustainability and climate protection in your company

How can your company become more climate-friendly? Use our calculator to work out your CO₂ emissions with just a few clicks and learn what measures you can take to make your business more sustainable.

Important note
The CO₂ calculator offers a first impression of your company's current carbon footprint. For more detailed information and an analysis of your emissions, we recommend using the CO₂ management platform.

How to address sustainability and climate protection in your company

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be reduced to slow down global warming. Besides politicians and society at large, more and more companies are also acknowledging the need for them to play their part. AXA's 2022 SME report shows that SMEs in Switzerland are also concerned about sustainability and climate protection:

  • Almost half of Swiss SMEs already have a sustainability strategy, and the proportion is actually much higher for those with 50 or more staff.
  • Two thirds of SMEs are sorting their waste and/or reducing the amount of packaging materials they use, and larger SMEs are taking a keen interest in measures they can adopt in terms of energy and mobility.
  • One in five SMEs aims to be climate-neutral, but two thirds of them don't know how much CO₂ they currently emit.

There are four steps you should take on the path toward a more climate-friendly future for your company: analyze the current situation, set targets for reducing CO₂ emissions, decide on and implement measures, and check that the measures are having the desired effect.

AXA can help. We offer attractive services for improving climate protection in your company, from energy consumption to mobility, your premises, and your staff. We'll help you to get things moving in your SME, benefiting both the company and the environment.

Climate protection secures your company's future

Like any company, yours must take action to protect the climate in order to remain economically viable over the long term. Investors, customers, and staff increasingly expect companies to commit to reducing the environmental impact of their business. Adopting climate-friendly solutions today will pay off for your company going forward:

  • Cost savings on energy and resources in terms of production and (packaging) materials thanks to more efficient, sustainable processes: If your SME reduces its CO₂ emissions, it won't just save on operating costs, it will also be ready for any future legislation in this regard. 
  • Competitive advantages: As a pioneer in sustainable solutions, your company will gain a reputation for driving innovation. This could open up your SME to new business models, products, services, and markets. 
  • Access to supply chains: A climate-friendly SME has greater appeal as a supplier, service provider or business partner, since many large corporations factor in sustainability when deciding who to work with.
  • Access to capital: An increasing number of banks and investors are making climate protection a top priority and thus including sustainability criteria in their policies on lending to and investing in companies. 
  • Success factor in recruitment: Environmental commitments lend your company a positive image, and SMEs that care about the environment and climate protection are popular with prospective and existing staff alike. With skilled workers in increasingly short supply, this makes for a clear competitive edge.
    But be careful: Only communicate credible activities, and do so in a truthful, fact-based way, otherwise you could be guilty of greenwashing, which could severely harm your company's reputation.

By reporting your CO₂ emissions transparently and setting targets for reducing or avoiding emissions, you can pave the way toward a climate-friendly future for your SME, which is good news for you and your stakeholders as well as for the climate and the environment.

AXA's climate protection offering for SMEs

Sustainable transportation thanks to e-mobility and efficient fleet management

Does your SME have a fleet, and would you like to reduce its emissions? Our subsidiary UPTO will be happy to show you the benefits of e-mobility.

Raise awareness among your staff with the AXA Climate School

Guide your staff toward an environmentally aware future: the AXA Climate School uses short tutorial videos to teach them about climate protection.

  • What does the AXA Climate School involve?

    The AXA Climate School comprises a series of tutorial videos. The "Understand" and "Act" modules explain the science behind sustainability and climate protection and what practical measures you can take in your day-to-day work. They improve your staff's awareness and understanding by highlighting cause-and-effect relationships and by showing them how to play their part in climate protection. Your staff will receive certificates when they complete the courses. The videos are in English, with subtitles in German and French.

  • How long does the AXA Climate School take?

    The AXA Climate School consists of 64 videos in total, each of which is no more than five minutes long. You don't have to watch them all, you can simply choose the ones that are relevant to your industry. Some of the videos are geared to specific job types, and your staff can choose the module that best fits their profile (e.g. "I work in procurement").

  • How do I sign my SME up for the AXA Climate School?

    Click on the button marked "I'm interested in the AXA Climate School" to go to the contact form. You'll receive an e-mail within two days of sending the form that explains how to proceed. 

  • How much does the AXA Climate School cost?

    The AXA Climate School is currently in a pilot phase that will last several months. During this time, we have a number of free licenses available for SMEs that are interested in using it. These will be granted on a "first come, first served" basis.

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