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Sustainability and climate protection in your company

Important note
Important note: The CO₂ calculator gives you an initial idea of your company's current CO₂ footprint. The results also include specific recommendations for actions you can take.

Climate protection in your company: sustainability as a success factor

Climate protection measures are becoming ever more important when it comes to securing a company's long-term viability. Investors, customers, and staff increasingly expect companies to commit to minimizing the environmental impact of their business. Actively adopting climate-friendly solutions today will yield many benefits for your SME going forward:

  • Cost savings thanks to efficient processes: Reducing CO₂ emissions will not only lower your operating costs, it will also ensure that you comply with potential future legislation. More efficient production and packaging processes save energy and resources.
  • Competitive advantages as an innovator: As a pioneer in sustainable solutions, your SME will gain a reputation for innovation. This will strengthen your competitive position by creating scope for new business models, products, and markets.
  • Supply chain appeal: A climate-friendly SME has greater appeal as a supplier, service provider or business partner. More and more large corporations are factoring in sustainability when deciding who to work with, and some have even made it a requirement.
  • Access to capital: An increasing number of banks and investors are making climate protection a top priority and favoring companies that operate sustainably when they make lending and investment decisions.
  • Environmental engagement as a powerful recruitment tool: Environmental engagement will enhance your company's image. At a time when skilled workers are in short supply, this makes for a clear competitive edge in terms of recruiting and retaining staff.

You should remember, however, that credible communication is key. Avoid greenwashing by communicating truthfully and focusing on hard facts. By reporting your CO₂ emissions transparently and setting clear climate protection targets, you will pave the way toward a sustainable future for your SME, which is good news for all stakeholders as well as for the climate and the environment.

How to address sustainability and climate protection in your company

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced worldwide to slow down global warming. Besides politicians and society at large, more and more companies are also acknowledging the need for them to play their part. AXA's 2022 SME report shows that SMEs in Switzerland are also concerned about sustainability and climate protection.

There are four steps you should take on the path toward a more climate-friendly future for your company:

  • Analyze the current situation
  • Set targets for reducing CO₂ emissions
  • Decide on and implement measures
  • Check that the measures are having the desired effect

AXA can help. We offer attractive services for improving climate protection in your company, from energy consumption to mobility, your premises, and your staff. We'll help you to get things moving in your SME, benefiting both the company and the environment.

Our SME offering for better climate protection

We have developed three services geared to helping SMEs improve climate protection. Our comprehensive range of innovative solutions makes your company more environmentally friendly, aiming not just to reduce your carbon footprint but also to increase operating efficiency and competitiveness.

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