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Key points at a glance
  • Additional security: if your client or an authority requires additional security for a project, then AXA can support you with a surety, guarantee, or bond.
  • The number one by your side: AXA is the number one in the insurance market in Switzerland. With us by your side, you increase your trustworthiness.
  • Comprehensive offer: you choose the right solution for you – from simple guarantees you can obtain online, to special guarantees you can tailor to your individual needs.

Bond, surety and guarantee for your company

Customers, business partners or government agencies may ask for additional security when awarding contracts. This way, they can be sure that their project is in safe hands from start to finish. In other words, they can also expect the contract to be carried out if the commissioned company files for bankruptcy, for instance. 

With AXA’s bonds and guarantees ("surety insurance") , AXA covers the surety for your projects. This means that AXA guarantees to meet the contractually defined obligations. This improves your trustworthiness and appeal as a service provider or supplier, helping to secure your company lucrative contracts.

How do bonds and guarantees work?

Here’s an example:

  • The sample municipality is planning a major project and would like to build a new school. 
  • The CHF 6 million contract is awarded to a general contractor. The construction contract anticipates a nine-month construction period
  • As the construction owner, the municipality would like to ensurethat the general contractor carries out the job on time and professionally
  • AXA therefore issues a performance guarantee for the general contractor to ensure that the job is carried out on time and professionally over the nine-month period.
  • If the company is unable to meet its contractual obligations as planned (e.g. due to insolvency), AXA steps in and covers the contractually defined obligations.

What are the advantages of a guarantee or bond?

With surety insurance, you offer the customer valuable security and secure knowledge that you will meet the agreed obligations as planned. In times of economic fluctuations and increasing insolvencies, this is a competitive advantage:

  • Greater trustworthiness: a guaranteed payment increases your trustworthiness with (potential) purchasers or customers. This boosts your appeal as a service provider or supplier which could lead to new and bigger orders.
  • Greater financial flexibility: at the bank, your security facility will be freed up and your credit limit unencumbered. 
  • More liquidity: your company’s liquidity is not restricted and you avoid liquidity squeezes. Furthermore, your trustworthiness and ability to make fresh investment are strengthened.

Guarantee & bond: the offer from AXA 

With AXA, you have the number one on the Swiss insurance market as a partner by your side.  Our good reputation in terms of rating both domestically and in other countries has a positive impact on your company’s trustworthiness.

From performance guarantees to customs bond:  we have numerous guarantees, bonds and sureties in the portfolio and there is definitely one that is the ideal solution for your company. Most of our offers can be easily applied for and processed online. And after completion too, you benefit from our digital service through our myAXA customer portal: less red tape and more time for your business!

The major guarantees

  • Performance guarantees  to ensure the contractually agreed benefits. 
  • Deposit guarantees  to ensure payment by the customer in case performance does not comply with the contract.  
  • Work or warranty claims  to ensure that hidden defects are corrected during the guarantee period (also  see contractors' guarantee insurance).
  • Bid or tender guarantees  to ensure the obligations of the vendor according to the offer. 

The major bonds:

  • Customs bonds  to guarantee the customs fees or to comply with the contract provisions of the customs authorities. 
  • Professional bonds  in connection with the issuance of a professional license or official permit (e.g. for notaries, fiduciaries or for gravel extraction). 
  • Rental guarantees for businesses to guarantee any landlord claims arising from the lease agreement. 

FAQ on guarantees & bonds

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