The most important facts and tips on health promotion Employee health: What you need to know

What does employee health mean? What effect do the health and motivation of your employees have on the success of your business? How do you, as an employer, reduce absenteeism? The most important facts and tips on promoting employee health: This is how you improve the health, motivation and performance of your employees and create a long-term healthy corporate culture.

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Healthy employees are essential

Healthy employees and a good working environment are the basis for your company’s success. But what do you do if an employee is absent due to burnout or an employee wants to work but constantly complains about severe back pain? From preventive health services to support during illness: We offer you suitable solutions that help make your everyday life easier, keep your employees healthier and therefore make your business more successful.

What does employee health mean?

The term "employee health" is closely linked to corporate health management (CHM). CHM is the systematic optimization of relevant factors for health at work. By adapting structures and processes at work, CHM creates favorable conditions for the health of your workers, thereby contributing to the company's success.

Health Promotion Switzerland divides CHM into three pillars:

  • Occupational health and safety (pillar 1) combines the prevention measures required under the Labor Act, the Accident Insurance Act (AIA), the Chemicals Act, the Participation Act etc.
  • Health promotion in the workplace (pillar 2) aims to reduce stress and strengthen resources with behavioral measures and changes to operating conditions
  • Dealing with absenteeism and measures to support returning to the workplace is represented by pillar 3.

An effective CHM brings together all implemented mandatory (pillar 1) and optional (pillars 2 and 3) measures to support the health and safety of the workforce.

Why is employee health so important?

Employee health has a crucial impact on the success of your business: Healthy employees are deemed to be happier, more motivated and more likely to deliver top performance. Whether physical or mental health - increased wellbeing promotes a good working environment and your attractiveness as an employer. Healthy employees also minimize absenteeism and the related costs. This means that every franc invested in corporate health management is paid back three times over. Other facts on the benefits of corporate health promotion:

Increased productivity: Motivated employees are 22% more productive than unmotivated ones

Fewer absences: Following accident or illness, employees are off work six days a year on average

Lower costs: Stress-related absences cost companies up to CHF 6,000 per person and year.

Which offers on employee health are available from AXA?

Due to the wide-ranging benefits, every employer should have a positive influence on employee health. In doing so, you should make sure that you respect your employees' personal rights. You can rely on professional support from AXA when it comes to corporate health promotion. Whether physical or mental wellbeing - from formulating preventive measures to choosing the right insurance and comprehensive health management. We are by your side with competent support and advice. Together we will ensure that your employees stay healthy, motivated and effective.

Corporate Health Management

AXA offers comprehensive CHM solutions for sustainable health management. We accompany you and your staff from prevention to reintegration into the workplace. Step by step – for your healthy company success.

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Care Management

In Switzerland, every second person suffers from a mental illness at least once in their life. At AXA Care Management, specialists support your employees in dealing with the stressful situation and help reintegrate them back into working life.

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Work environment compass

Introduce measures to prevent stress and burnout that are tailored to your company. The work environment compass gives you a comprehensive and continuous picture of the health, motivation and loyalty of your employees.

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How do you reduce staff absenteeism?

More satisfaction, fewer absences: With employee surveys and health platforms, you can measure the satisfaction of your employees, increase their wellbeing, and minimize absences. Enabling your employees to have a stable work-life balance means that you as an employer also gain more trust and achieve better performance.

Lower absence rates

Benefits of established corporate health management include a reduction in absenteeism and psycho-social risks such as stress. Health-promoting prevention measures form the basis for this. The aim of prevention: to prevent sickness-related absences and boost employee motivation and productivity.

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Lower absenteeism and professional absence management

Care managers can provide valuable support in cases of long-term incapacity to work. The primary goal: Quick help for long-term reintegration of the sick employee into the company. Thanks to Care Management, companies reduce absence costs based on long absences. Absence management offers a basis for planning and implementing targeted measures. Moreover, it is also the basic prerequisite for consistent and individual support and assistance for critically ill employees. You gain relevant cost savings thanks to the introduction of professional absence and claims management.

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Conclusion: Guaranteed to be healthier

Admittedly, there is no guarantee of success of health measures. But if you conduct a serious analysis of the current situation, know your resources, set realistic goals, and take action accordingly, you will create the optimum conditions for successful health promotion at the workplace and a high-performance work environment. With AXA’s health offers for SMEs, you are doing the right thing for all your employees. Take advantage of the expert know-how of AXA health managers in areas of stress and burnout prevention, ergonomics, accident prevention and care management.

What you need to know about employee health

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