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One contract, one invoice and transparent, individual vehicle lists
Automatic premium and cover reduction for older vehicles
Saves time and money in combination with AXA fleet services
Key points at a glance
  • Safe on the road: Fleet insurance protects your fleet (from five vehicles) and includes the essential insurance policies in one single uncomplicated policy.
  • Coverage for your fleet: This insurance covers privately-owned vehicles, company vehicles, semi-truck fleets, delivery trucks, and much more.
  • Our no-worries package: With the fleet management and prevention services that can be freely combined, you save on costs and effort for your vehicle fleet.
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Who needs fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance from AXA offers comprehensive protection for your fleet and combines all necessary insurance in one policy. This not only saves on premiums but also on administration. Fleet insurance is worthwhile for your company from as few as five vehicles. Every vehicle is included – from the forklift to the truck. Parking damage, own damage and bonus protection can be included in the coverage in line with your wishes. One particular advantage is that the entire vehicle register is updated and maintained by AXA. This ensures that the insurance protection of a newly registered car is not forgotten, and that every vehicle enjoys the right insurance protection at all times. For example, insurance by vehicle age - in line with your requirements - is automatically adjusted from comprehensive to partial accident damage.

Do you also use your car for business?

If you use your car for private and business purposes, you can insure your private car through standard motor vehicle insurance. Agree with your employer how much your company will pay towards your company car's vehicle insurance. 

It's worth pointing out that the subject of insurance is important, but don't forget to check the tax position! Here too, our fleet experts will be happy to help you.

The no-worries package for your vehicle fleet

As well as classic fleet insurance, AXA offers you a wide range of fleet services for your vehicle fleet. Whether fleet management, telematics, prevention services or legal protection insurance - with AXA fleet services, you have control over your fleet, you reduce costs and save time.

UPTO Fleet Management

UPTO fleet management is a cost-cutting, time-saving fleet service for companies of all sizes. With our fleet managers there to help, you’ll no longer need to worry about time-consuming price quote checks, trips to the garage, or maintenance deadlines. Thanks to their expert knowledge and the national network of AXA Mobility Services, our fleet managers can additionally cut your mobility costs by up to 20%.

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Smart Fleet - prevention for your fleet

A vehicle fleet costs money. Some of cost relates to the purchase, maintenance, service, tax and insurance. But there are often additional costs, such as through improper use of vehicles and through accidents. The causes are wide-ranging, but can be minimized and even eliminated through prevention. Over the long term, this leads to a reduction in the cost of your fleet. Various prevention measures are also available to you. You work together with our technical experts on accident research and prevention on what measures are the most suitable for your fleet and drivers as part of free prevention advice.

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Motor legal protection

If mobility is a part of your business activity, then motor legal protection should be too. Choose this module if you maintain company vehicles. It supplements commercial legal protection with the legal areas relevant to drivers:

  • Vehicle contract law: disputes arising from contracts for company vehicles, e.g. because of repairs or leases
  • Vehicle taxation: disputes over vehicle tax and road pricing
  • Ownership and property law: disputes arising from the ownership of insured company vehicles

What does fleet insurance cover?

Motor vehicle fleet insurance from AXA offers insurance protection for the entire vehicle fleet in one contract. Not every car or truck needs the same insurance cover. You can therefore combine the insurance range individually for your fleet with at least five vehicles in one single contract in line with your needs.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance is obligatory in Switzerland for all keepers of motor vehicles under the Road Traffic Act. It covers any damage you may cause to other road users (drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians), animals or property while you are driving and protects you from unjustified claims for damages you may face.

Accidental damage insurance

Partial accidental damage: Partial accidental damage insurance covers you for damage to your own vehicle and includes theft and damage from natural perils, animals, glass breakage and martens, among other things. In addition to the basic package, transported belongings and the replacement car service can be included.

Comprehensive accidental damage: Comprehensive accidental damage insurance (collision) covers damage to your own vehicle in addition to any damage that is covered under partial accidental damage insurance.

You can find more information on  comprehensive or partial accidental damage in our blog "Partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance? Tips for choosing your best coverage".

Parking damage

Parking damage cover insures damage an unknown person may cause to your vehicle while it is parked.


The insurance covers the driver and persons traveling in the vehicle who suffer an accident during the journey. Insured benefits are provided immediately, even if the question of who is at fault has not yet been resolved.

Payment in the event of a total loss

In the event of a total loss, you can choose between the present value supplement Plus, present value supplement and the present value. If you have the present value supplement Plus, the full new-for-old value of the vehicle will be compensated for a claim in the first two years. In the following years, AXA will pay the prorated portion (a percentage) of the vehicle’s value based on its years in operation.

Which supplementary modules can be included in fleet insurance?

With our main modules, you're already very flexible and you're covered for those risks that make sense in your situation. Our supplementary modules enable you to make further individual adjustments to your fleet insurance in line with your own needs. Regardless of whether bonus protection, gross negligence or own damage; our fleet insurance offers a wide range of supplementary modules so that you, your fleet and your employees have the best cover.

Bonus protection

If you include bonus protection in your insurance, AXA accepts a higher claim frequency and claim amount before increasing your premium. If you combine bonus protection with prevention offers from AXA, you have the greatest chance of your premium not being increased. 

Waiver of gross negligence penalty

Under the Federal Insurance Contract Act (ICA), traffic accidents and collisions caused by gross negligence – e.g. driving through a red light – mean that indemnities are reduced. This reduction can be minimized with the "gross negligence waiver". But this does not apply to loss or damage caused when driving while intoxicated or in an otherwise unfit condition, or when grossly disregarding the speed limit. Swiss law naturally applies here. 

Legal protection

Legal disputes cost a lot of time and money. If you include motor vehicle legal protection insurance, you will receive robust assistance and professional support in the event of legal disputes that can arise from ownership, possession or use of insured vehicles.

Own damage

If two of your fleet vehicles are involved in a collision with each other, there is no insurance cover in basic liability insurance, but own-damage cover insures this type of event.

Coverage against loss while abroad

If you suffer an accident abroad, filing a liability claim can prove to be costly and time-consuming. AXA indemnifies bodily injury and property damage that the person who caused the accident would have been insured for under the applicable law in Switzerland, and it handles any recourse claims abroad. This amounts to a substantial added value for companies whose vehicles go abroad regularly. 

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