Partial accidental damage coverage: Your car is well protected

Partial accidental damage insurance – which is voluntary – covers you for the financial consequences of damage to your car caused by natural events, animals and unknown persons. AXA partial accidental damage insurance pays for the repairs if your car is damaged in a hailstorm or your windshield gets chipped by road debris. 

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What does partial accidental damage insurance cover?

This insurance protects you against damage to your vehicle caused by natural events, animals and unknown persons:

  • Malicious damage (e.g. slashed tires, side-view mirrors torn off)
  • Loss or damage as a result of theft including car hacking and misappropriation
  • Damage from natural hazards such as hail, fire, floods or lightning strikes
  • Damage caused by a collision with an animal (e.g. wild animal)
  • Marten damage and damage caused by rodents and possible consequential losses
  • Glass breakage on windshield, side and rear windows (headlights and side-view mirrors can also be insured)

The following can be added to a partial accidental damage policy:

  • Parking damage insurance: Covers damage, such as dents and scratches, to your parked vehicle caused by unknown persons or vehicles.
  • Headlights and side-view mirrors: Protection against damage caused by external influences 
  • Damage to the vehicle interior 
  • Tires and rims (e.g. flat tires or scratches on the rims)
  • Personal belongings in the vehicle: Covers personal belongings in the vehicle that are damaged when the vehicle is damaged or that are stolen from a locked vehicle.
  • Motorcycle clothing (including protective clothing such as helmets, boots, etc.) is insured against damage in a motorcycle accident or theft. 
  • Loss of and damage to vehicle keys: We cover the costs for replacing keys, including the costs necessary for changing out the locks.

Add-ons for partial accident damage insurance

  • Gross negligence: Benefits are not reduced for damage caused by gross negligence (e.g. crossing a double yellow line or running a red light).
  • Bonus protection: Your premium will not increase if you have an accident. This means your no-claims level is not affected. 
  • Roadside assistance including onward travel: If the insured vehicle breaks down due to a flat tire, collision or other damage caused by natural events, animals or unknown persons, AXA will organize and pay for roadside assistance including up to CHF 500 per person for direct travel back home or for continuing your trip.
  • Replacement vehicle: The costs for a replacement vehicle are covered if you total your car or while your car is being repaired (due to an accident or breakdown).
  • E-mobility charging station: Covers your charging station and mobile charging equipment if they are damaged or stolen.
  • E-mobility battery: Covers damage to your high voltage batteries if this is caused by operational errors, total discharge, malfunctioning of the charging device, or unusual loss of capacity.
  • Vehicle legal protection: This supplement gives you legal protection when you’re driving your car or riding your motorbike. Our experts advise you on legal questions about the next steps and support you if there are any disputes about your vehicle. For example, if you’d like to contest the excessive bill you’ve received from your car garage.
  • Injury to you and your passengers: Covers injuries resulting from an accident with the insured vehicle. This increases the benefits of existing accident insurance (e.g. private room).

Comprehensive accidental damage insurance provides even more protection and benefits.

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