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Parking damage insurance: A sensible addition to your car insurance

You parked in the underground parking lot at the movie theater and when you come back you notice a long scratch in the paint on the door. But you don’t see the person who did it, there’s no note on your car and not a witness in sight.

It’s a classic case of parking damage – damage caused to your parked car by an unknown vehicle or person. Whether it’s scratched paint, a dent in the bodywork or some other damage, you’re on the hook for the entire cost of the repairs if you don’t have parking damage insurance. And repairs nowadays can be very costly.

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Who pays for parking damage to your car?

Ideally, the person who caused the damage will wait for you to return to your car. But, unfortunately, that is all too seldom the case. You usually won’t know who’s responsible or who ought to pay for the damage to your parked car. This is where parking damage insurance from AXA comes in. You can choose to include partial or comprehensive accidental damage coverage in your car insurance. 

How much of the damage does the insurance cover?

AXA lets you determine the amount of parking damage coverage you want. There are three options to choose from:

  • CHF 1,000 option: We will cover 2 instances of parking damage per insurance year (based on the date the claim is filed) of up to CHF 1,000 each
  • CHF 2,000 option: We will cover 2 instances of parking damage per insurance year (based on the date the claim is filed) of up to CHF 2,000 each
  • Unlimited option: We will cover any and all parking damage occurring within a single insurance year. There is no cost limit per claim.

The unlimited option is only available with comprehensive accidental damage coverage. The other two options are also available with partial accidental damage coverage.

Which vehicles can I insure against parking damage?

You can insure both new and used vehicles against parking damage. When you take out the insurance, your car cannot be more than 8 years old.

What is not covered under parking damage insurance?

  • Damage you cause yourself: Damage you cause to your own car while parking is not considered parking damage. Swiping a pillar in a parking garage, for instance, is classified as collision damage. These types of parking damage you cause yourself are only covered under comprehensive accidental damage insurance . 
  • Malicious damage: If an unknown person deliberately damages your parked vehicle, it will generally be covered by your partial accidental damage insurance. This includes acts of vandalism such as slashed convertible tops, broken-off mirrors or defaced paintwork. Parking damage insurance means that, at a minimum, you have partial accidental damage coverage, so you are automatically insured against having to pay for damage of this kind. 
  • Glass breakage: Parking damage insurance does not cover your side windows being smashed. This is covered by partial accidental damage insurance.

You can include parking damage insurance in your AXA partial or comprehensive accidental damage policy to add an extra layer of protection.

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