Insurance against accidents as under an employment contract Interim accident insurance

Just CHF 40 per month
Suspended during military or civil defense service
Automatic termination on commencement of employment
Key points at a glance
  • Ideal insurance for small workloads: Interim accident insurance is for anyone who has quit their job, taken unpaid leave, or reduced their workload to less than eight hours per week and still wants to have accident insurance coverage.
  • Note the expiration of the temporary extended coverage period: After 31 days, the temporary extended coverage of your current employer expires.
  • Extension of protection: With this insurance, you can extend your accident insurance by up to six months.

Insurance against accidents as under an employment contract

If you give up your job either permanently or temporarily or reduce your hours (notice of termination, unpaid leave, reduced hours, etc.), you remain insured against accidents by your current employer for 31 days. However, following the temporary extended coverage, your protection ends. By taking out AXA interim accident insurance, you can extend this protection by a maximum of six months.

Extension of accident insurance (interim accident insurance)

If your employment relationship changes, due to termination without immediate re-employment, or because your working week drops below 8 hours, mandatory accident protection against non-occupational accidents ends. With interim accident insurance you can extend this by up to six months. This is recommended if you remain unemployed for longer than 31 days or are planning a longer period of unpaid leave.

  • Full benefits under the Federal Act on Accident Insurance (UVG)
  • Insurance coverage for a maximum of six consecutive months
  • Monthly premium payments are possible (each payment before the existing monthly contract term expires)
  • The insurance is suspended automatically during military or civil defense service and resumes thereafter accordingly


  • The interim accident insurance must be taken out before the temporary extended coverage period expires, i.e. no later than 31 days after your last working day.
  • Notify AXA immediately in the event of an accident.

Under the following circumstances, interim accident insurance is recommended:

  • Your employment is terminated or you have given notice yourself and have no new job for more than 31 days.
  • You temporarily reduce the length of your working week to less than eight hours and would like to benefit from full insurance coverage for non-occupational accidents.
  • You lose your job and don't register with the unemployment insurance fund immediately.  

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