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Do you want to realize the dream of owning a home? Then plan the long-term financing of your own four walls with a mortgage from AXA now! Calculate your personal interest costs and choose a mortgage that you can afford over the long term.

AXA's mortgage products

You have a choice of two AXA mortgage products to finance your home purchase: a fixed-rate mortgage or a variable-rate mortgage. Do you prefer stability or flexibility? The choice is yours.

1. Fixed-rate mortgage

Would you prefer to know your interest costs in advance? Then the fixed-rate mortgage is the right product for you. You lock in the interest rate and the term when you sign the contract. This means that you always pay the same rate of interest, but the downside is that you can't benefit from any fall in mortgage rates. You can choose a term of between 1 and 15 years, depending on the loan amount.

The minimum amount of a fixed-rate mortgage is CHF 100,000.

2. Variable-rate mortgage
The variable-rate mortgage is ideal for homeowners who expect interest rates to fall but can accept the risk that they may rise. It doesn't tie you to a fixed interest rate or a specific term.

The product is also suitable for homeowners who would like to remain financially flexible (e.g. when planning to sell their home).

Financing example

Example calculation of costs and affordability

Example calculation of costs and affordability

Would you like to find out if you can really afford the long-term commitment of a mortgage to pay for your own home? The example here shows how to accurately work out what you can afford.

  1. Costs
  2. Purchase price CHF 900,000
  3. Own funds (at least 20 % of purchase price) CHF 180,000
  4. 1st mortgage (borrowed capital) CHF 600,000
  5. 2nd mortgage (borrowed capital) CHF 120,000
  6. Household income CHF 160,000
  7. Interest rates
  8. Imputed interest rate* for calculating affordability of 1st mortgage: 4.5 %
  9. Imputed interest rate* for calculating affordability of 2nd mortgage: 5 %
  10. Realistic interest rate for calculating costs: 1 %
  11. Annual ancillary costs/maintenance: 1 %
Affordability calculation

Affordability calculation

Can you, at least hypothetically, afford to buy your own home? To find out, lenders carry out an affordability calculation before granting you a mortgage to make sure that your income is enough to cover the cost of financing and running a home. The total cost shouldn't be more than a third of your gross household income.

  1. Imputed interest rate* of 4.5 % for 1st mortgage (66,67 % of purchase price) CHF 27,000
  2. Imputed interest rate* of 5 % for 2nd mortgage (13,33 % of purchase price) CHF 6,000
  3. Repayment of 2nd mortgage** CHF 8,000
  4. Annual ancillary costs/maintenance (approx. 1 % of purchase price)*** CHF 9,000
  5. Total imputed costs CHF 50,000
  6. Total imputed costs per month CHF 4,167
  7. Costs as a percentage of household income: 31,25 %
Real cost of financing

Real cost of financing

What's the real cost of owning a home? The real cost of financing can be calculated from the size of the mortgage, the actual interest rate, the amortization costs, and the monthly running costs. The total shouldn't be more than a third of your annual household income.

  1. Sample interest rate**** of 1.75 % for 1st mortgage (66,67 % of purchase price) CHF 10,500
  2. Sample interest rate**** of 1.75 % for 2nd mortgage (13,33 % of purchase price) CHF 2,100
  3. Repayment of 2nd mortgage** CHF 8,000
  4. Annual ancillary costs/maintenance (approx. 1 % of purchase price) CHF 9,000
  5. Total realistic costs CHF 29,600
  6. Total realistic costs per month CHF 2,467
  7. Costs as a percentage of household income: 18.5 %

* Imputed interest rate: Lenders use this purely theoretical interest rate to gauge whether you could still afford the mortgage if rates were to rise sharply.

** Repayment: The mortgage is repaid in equal quarterly installments. The second mortgage must be repaid within 15 years or by age 60 at the latest.

*** Ancillary costs: As a rule of thumb, 1 % of the property value should be set aside every year for ancillary and maintenance costs.

**** Sample interest rate: This depends on the lender's actual rates and the term of the mortgage. We have used a rate of 1 % in this example to keep things simple.

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Support and frequently asked questions

  • How much of my own funds do I need to invest?

    AXA uses the 20:80 rule: you pay at least 20 % of the purchase price for your own home from your savings and borrow up to 80 % in the form of first and second mortgages. The higher the percentage you pay with your own funds, the lower your interest payments will be.

    When you take out an AXA mortgage, you must pay at least 20 % of the purchase price of the property from your own funds. None of this is allowed to come from an early withdrawal from Pillar 2 or other loans, and pledging Pillar 2 assets is also not permitted.

  • How do I repay my mortgage?

    Mortgage repayment is normally split across two different mortgages:

    • The first mortgage generally corresponds to 66,67 % of the purchase price of your home. For tax reasons, it can make a lot of sense not to start repaying this mortgage straight away.
    • The second mortgage covers the remainder of the borrowed capital, usually 13,33 % of the purchase price. This must be repaid in full within 15 years or at the latest by your 60th birthday.
  • How do I draw up a sensible budget?

    The running costs of your home shouldn't amount to more than a third of your gross annual income. These costs include interest on the first and second mortgages, ancillary costs, and repayments for the second mortgage.

  • For what types of home does AXA grant mortgages?
    • Owner's main residence
    • Single-family houses and condominiums with a broad market appeal and good resale potential

    The minimum mortgage amount is CHF 400,000.

  • For what investment properties does AXA grant mortgages?
    • Principally residential, office, and commercial properties that are rented out to third parties and have broad market appeal and good resale potential
    • Short-term vacancy rate of max. 5 % - 10 %
    • Max. 30% of rental income from hospitality/commercial/industrial tenants

    The minimum mortgage amount is CHF 800,000.

  • For what properties does AXA not grant mortgages?
    • Construction land/construction projects
    • Vacation properties (chalets/apartments/houses)
    • Properties abroad
    • Financing of subordinate mortgages
    • Properties financed with the help of the Swiss Confederation under the legal provisions on the promotion of home ownership
    • Properties in bad condition
    • Properties intended for resale
    • Special-purpose properties, e.g. agricultural, schools, residential homes, hotels, restaurants, commercial, industrial
    • Projects by applicants with questionable or non-transparent creditworthiness and/or properties for which legal enforcement measures apply
  • What happens to my mortgage if I die?

    Your heirs will face a sudden loss of income if you die. This puts the mortgage at risk. In a worst-case scenario, your home might have to be sold. You can prevent this with term life insurance, which allows your heirs to reduce the mortgage debt and thus makes it easier to cover the interest payments from the remaining income.

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