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  • Safe in the air: Commercial aviation insurance for companies offers you, as the keeper, air freight carrier, pilot, or lessee, comprehensive protection, and assistance in the event of a claim.
  • Comprehensive coverage of costs: This insurance will protect you against the financial consequences of a claim, both in the air and on the ground.
  • Full insurance protection: With commercial liability insurance and event liability insurance for the aviation industry, you are optimally covered for industry-specific risks.

What is commercial aviation insurance?

Whether you keep airplanes or own a ground handling business or a flight school, companies involved in the aviation industry face numerous risks everyday. The right aviation insurance will protect your company against the financial consequences of a claim, both in the air and on the ground.

What types of corporate aviation insurance are available?

  • Liability insurance for aircraft: As an aircraft keeper, you're responsible if there's a claim. The right aviation insurance protects you and your aircraft used for civilian flights against the financial consequences of personal injury and property damage. 
  • Commercial third-party liability insurance (aviation industry): Whether your business manufactures aircraft, flies cargo, operates ground handling or a runs a flight school, commercial third-party liability insurance for the aviation industry provides comprehensive coverage for industry-specific risks. 
  • Event liability insurance (aviation industry): Event liability insurance covers any risks that arise when you host air shows and aviation events.

Which kinds of aircraft can I insure?

  • Powered, experimental & ecolight aircraft
  • Gliders, motor gliders & ultralights
  • Paragliders, delta gliders & balloons
  • Model aircraft & drones
  • Helicopters & turboprops
  • Jets

What does commercial aviation insurance from AXA cover?

Liability insurance for aircraft

  • Liability insurance assumes the financial consequences of personal injury and property damage, in particular to passengers and persons outside the aircraft, and protects you against any unsubstantiated claims for damages.
  • Keepers and owners of aircraft, crew members, pilots and air freight carriers are all insured.
  • The guaranteed amount is calculated by our specialists in accordance with statutory requirements and adapted in line with your individual requirements.

Comprehensive accidental damage insurance

Cyber insurance protects you from the financial consequences of damage to your aircraft, for example as a result of:

  • Collision
  • Theft
  • Natural hazards
  • Fire
  • Glass breakage
  • Marten damage

Depending on the category, the sum insured is determined based on the market value of the aircraft or agreed individually.

Passenger accident insurance

  • Coverage for passengers and crew members
  • Contractually agreed types and amounts of benefits
  • Rapid financial assistance through immediate payout of benefits (without determining liability)

Add-on insurance

Secure the best possible protection with our add-on insurance – no matter what aircraft you’re traveling with:

  • War and terrorism coverage including malicious damage
  • Legal protection for your aircraft

Commercial liability insurance (aviation industry)

Commercial third-party liability insurance protects your company against claims that come from having a business in the aviation industry. It offers individuals and businesses whose work is involved with the aviation industry in some capacity comprehensive coverage and is especially suited to: 

  • Flight trainers
  • Flight schools
  • Associations
  • Airport operators
  • Service and maintenance operators (including CAMO and NCC)*
  • Retail businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Ground handling teams
  • Air shows

*CAMO: Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation; NCC: Non Commercial Complex

Liability insurance for event hosts (aviation industry)

  • Event liability insurance covers any risks that arise when you host air shows. If protects you against the financial consequences of personal injury and property damage and against any unsubstantiated claims. 
  • It also serves as mandatory third-person liability insurance if military aircraft take part in your event. 

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