Financial security in the event your commercial building sustains damage Commercial building insurance

Help within 4h if you suffer water damage
Conversions and renovations are insured up to CHF 100,000
All-round no-worries supplement to the cantonal building insurance
Key points at a glance
  • Comprehensive protection: Commercial building insurance offers protection for damage to buildings and their surroundings, as well as for loss of any rental income that could result. 
  • Mandatory in most cantons: Insurance against fire and damage caused by natural hazards is mandatory for building owners in 22 cantons. In 19 cantons, fire insurance must be taken out with the cantonal buildings insurance provider.
  • Also for unforeseen circumstances: As an add-on to mandatory insurance, property insurance offers coverage in the event of property damage from fire, natural hazards, theft, or water.

Who needs building insurance from AXA?

Regardless of whether your SME uses the property itself or rents it out: Almost everywhere in Switzerland, owners of buildings and properties are required to take out insurance against fire and natural forces, in fact it is provided directly by cantonal building insurance in 19 out of 26 cantons. But since this minimum protection doesn’t nearly cover all the main building risks, it is advisable to take out this all-round no-worries supplement from AXA.

Legal situation

Coverage against fire and natural forces is required by law in 22 Swiss cantons and provided under cantonal building insurance in 19 of them. Damage from natural forces is damage caused by the impacts of nature – such as basements been flooded by torrential rain. Damage attributable to fires, sudden emission of smoke, lightning strike, explosion or aircraft all constitute ”fire damage”.

Cantonal building insurance is mandatory in : Aargau, Appenzell-Ausserrhoden, Bern, Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt, Fribourg, Glarus, Graubünden, Jura, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Nidwalden, St. Gallen, Schaffhausen, Solothurn, Thurgau, Vaud, Zug, Zurich, and the Oberegg district (AI)

Insurance conditions in the GUSTAVO* cantons: Coverage against fire and natural forces is also mandatory in Schwyz, Obwalden and Uri, but there is a free choice of insurer. By contrast, building insurance is not mandatory in Appenzell-Innerrhoden – with the exception of the Oberegg district – Geneva, Ticino and Valais.

Geneva / Uri / Schwyz / Ticino / Appenzell-Innerrhoden / Valais / Obwalden

What does building insurance cover?

A real estate property can account for a substantial share of an SME's operating assets. So it makes sense that your insurance coverage should not just be limited to damage from fire hazards or natural forces, but should also kick in when human behavior is to blame or perhaps wild animals have been at work. This is why AXA building insurance provides financial protection for all eventualities, from the cost of locating rodent damage, emergency security measures following willful damage to your showroom and subsequent repair work on the display windows, to the coverage of lost rental income resulting from a devastating storm.

Building insurance – for complete protection or as a supplementary option

The owners of buildings in cantons with a free choice of insurer receive reliable one-stop insurance protection from AXA. Property owners legally required to take out basic coverage against fire and natural forces with cantonal building insurers can rely on AXA for options to individually supplement and optimize cover and  avoid any gaps.

Insurable risks

Fire hazards and natural forces
Fire and smoke, heat, lightning and explosion can cause immense damage to a building. These are covered, along with damage caused by storm, hail, high water or other natural occurrences .

Water damage: Whether water or other liquids –  AXA covers the cost of remedying damage due to frozen and leaking pipes. Or caused by rainwater, meltwater or condensation penetrating the structural fabric .

Earthquake: If your building suffers earthquake damage, this policy will cover you. Where it is unclear whether a tectonic event is actually the source of the damage, the assessment of the Swiss Seismological Service will be taken as the basis.

Burglary: The costs of all damage to buildings and building elements demonstrably shown to be caused by actual or attempted burglary will also be borne by AXA.

Glass breakage: Display windows, solar energy systems or sanitary installations: If glazed areas of the building are broken, the insurance will cover repair or replacement costs. 

Construction projects: If you insure your building, construction projects such as renovation, maintenance and extension work up to CHF  100,000 are automatically covered. This is conditional on the work being carried out by qualified builders.

Other risks: Building insurance from AXA can, if requested, be extended to cover property damage resulting from  vandalism, animal gnawing, or other causes such as a vehicle or the collapse of a building on neighboring land.

Insurable items

The insurance covers not only the building itself but building-related and operational installations such as building services and infrastructure (for instance  solar energy installations or elevators), as well as the building's surroundings, e.g. gardens or equipment and materials needed to maintain or use the building.  Buildings are normally insured at replacement value. This includes all costs that would be incurred to reconstruct the building unchanged in the event of a claim. In order that the amount can be regularly updated in accordance with the construction cost index and to ensure that no underinsurance develops over the years, the inclusion of automatic adjustment of the insured amount is recommended.

Insurable benefits 

Repair and renovation costs as well as consequential costs arising from an insured event – for example, loss of revenue or rental income – are covered. And in the event of a total loss, AXA will pay for reconstruction of the building or for a newbuild.

What additional benefits are available?

Owning property comes with responsibilities. If a customer’s bicycle is damaged by parts of the roof falling off, or if the postman slips on an icy pathway leading to your company building, property owner's liability insurance from AXA is indispensable. Then you'll be on the safe side if third parties suffer material or health damage in connection with your property and your business is held liable.

What does property owner's liability insurance cover?

Where personal injury and property damage to third parties is attributable to the existence, condition or maintenance of an insured real estate property, you or your  company are liable. AXA's SME property owner's liability insurance provides security: It covers the financial consequences of all justified claims and wards off those which prove to be unfounded.

Bodily injury: In- or outpatient treatment costs.  Financial losses resulting from an insured event – for example, a loss of earnings suffered by the injured person – are also covered.

Property damage: This includes damaged or destroyed third-party objects. We cover the cost of their repair or replacement and make good any losses in value.

Potential risk areas

  • Black ice on paths and in front of buildings
  • Damaged steps, loose roof tiles or loose carpets
  • Unsecured shafts and ditches
  • Passenger elevators, tank facilities, ponds, basins, pools
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Parking spaces and garages for motor vehicles
  • Ancillary buildings, tool sheds, greenhouses
  • Maintenance vehicles

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