Make comprehensive provision, build up capital securely SmartFlex pension plan

Build up retirement provision
Save annually on taxes
Generate returns
Key points at a glance
  • Financial protection: With AXA’s SmartFlex pension plan (pillars 3a/3b), you build capital for the time after retirement and save on taxes at the same time.
  • Adjust flexibly: SmartFlex can be adjusted at any time to your current or future life situation.
  • Attractive returns: In line with your risk tolerance, you can divide your money into security capital and return-oriented capital, and thus achieve attractive returns.

SmartFlex pension plan: Saving for old age

With the SmartFlex pension plan (Pillar 3a/3b), you save individually and securely for the period after retirement. In doing so, you benefit from integral risk cover for death and occupational disability. Adapt your pension plan flexibly – to the present and future circumstances of your life.

Your advantages with SmartFlex

  • Transparent, simple pension plan with clear, projected benefits.
  • Your safety capital has full legal protection in AXA’s tied assets. Your return-oriented capital is protected in the tied assets, to the extent of the current market value of the fund units at the time in question.
  • You benefit from AXA’s expertise. AXA is one of the world's largest asset managers, especially for pension assets in pension funds.
  • You control your risk thanks to a selectable premium split, investment topic and safety options, such as making manual reallocations between safety and return-oriented capital or from return-oriented capital to safety capital to protect income.
  • Useful online servicesthat let you see your current policy details at any time.
  • Broad diversification for a reduced investment risk.
  • Low investment costs

How the SmartFlex pension plan works

Simply explained in just 60 seconds. 

Investment theme according to your wishes

The SmartFlex pension plan gives you the option of determining which themes your money can be invested in to generate returns. You can choose between “Sustainability”, “Switzerland”, “Future trends” or “Global”. You can switch your preferred investment theme during the policy at any time – and at no cost. 

All investment themes each consist of an equity fund. These funds are broadly diversified and are subject to AXA's exclusion criteria. Furthermore, as one of the world's largest asset managers, AXA actively exerts influence over the invested companies in order to promote long-term and sustainable added value.

Flexible premium split

With your personal premium split, you determine which portion of your premium should be invested in equities as return-oriented capital, and which portion earns interest as safety capital and is legally secured in full.

You can individually amend your premium split and decide at any time how your assets should be invested or how much you would like to benefit from the possibility of generating returns.

Chart: SmartFlex premium split

Chart: SmartFlex premium split

Safety options

Would you like to help manage the risk of your investment? Choose our safety options and activate and deactivate them at no cost whenever you like.

  • Protection of earnings
    Protect the investment income (distributions from your equity fund) and surpluses from your contract. Your income will be allocated to the safety capital. 
  • Maturity management
    You have the option of reducing your investment risk gradually before the contract ends by progressively reallocating the return-oriented capital into your safety capital portion that earns interest at variable rates.
  • Activate and deactivate safety options
    The SmartFlex safety options can be activated and deactivated at no cost and at any time during the contract.
  • Manual reallocations
    You can make manual reallocations at any time between the return-oriented capital and the safety capital portion that earns interest at variable rates. This enables you to help manage the risk of your investment.

Integrated term life insurance

Did you know that the SmartFlex pension plan includes optional comprehensive term life insurance?

You can choose from the following options:

  • Guaranteed lump-sum death benefit.
  • Reimbursement of premiums already paid into the pension plan +10%, with supplementary insurance for premium waiver in the event of occupational disability in Pillar 3b.
  • Without term life insurance, but with supplementary insurance for premium waiver in the event of occupational disability. 

The amount of the guaranteed lump-sum death benefit can be adjusted. This may require a new review of professional, personal and health circumstances.

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Always there for you

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is better? Pension provision with a bank or insurance company?

    A pension solution with a bank or insurance company does not have all advantages or disadvantages. But in a detailed comparison of both alternatives, it becomes clear that a Pillar 3a pension solution with an insurance company has many more options and flexibility than a pension account with a bank.

  • How safe is my saved capital?

    You benefit from AXA’s experience as one of the world's largest asset managers which is especially known for its expertise in managing pension assets. Your contributions in your safety capital have full legal protection in AXA’s tied assets. The capital in your return-oriented capital also has full legal protection to the extent of the current market value.

  • How flexible can I make provision with the SmartFlex pension plan?

    The SmartFlex pension plan can be flexibly adapted to your personal financial circumstances and requirements. Save for your life in  retirement in a way that suits you today! You benefit from various safety options and can also easily reallocate capital from the safety capital into the return-oriented capital. You also have the option of varying from the fixed pension premium or stopping individual payments entirely.

  • Where does AXA invest our money?

    With SmartFlex, you determine which area you would like your pension capital to be invested. You can therefore choose between the topics   “Sustainability”, “Switzerland”, “Future trends” or “Global”, with investments made exclusively in equities. The best thing is: You can change your preferred investment theme for free at any time. Did you know that regardless of the investment theme you choose, AXA excludes more than 600 companies from sectors such as tobacco, weapons, coal, palm oil, oil sands and others?

  • How can I save on taxes with a pension plan based on Pillar 3a/3b?

    Under the legal regulations on Pillar 3a, paid-in premiums can be directly deducted from taxable income, which means that the tax burden will be reduced depending on canton and family circumstances. But taxes can also be saved smartly on the basis of Pillar 3b: For instance, disbursements from flexible pension provision are tax-free.

  • What supplementary insurance can I take out with the SmartFlex pension plan?

    In addition to the SmartFlex pension plan, there is also the option of taking out term life insurance. In the event of your death, the beneficiaries receive an agreed lump sum. Or you choose an occupational disability pension that provides cover against loss of income through illness or accident. But AXA also offers suitable supplementary insurance for a waiver from paying premiums in the event of death or occupational disability. 

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