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Key points at a glance
  • Worldwide coverage: With private accident insurance, you are protected in Switzerland and abroad against the financial consequences of an accident.
  • Contribution to high consequential costs: This insurance bears the costs of repatriation, hospital stays, or rehabilitation.
  • Childcare included: This insurance also provides you with support for childcare during a hospital stay.

Individual product details: benefits overview and contractual provisions.

The following benefits are insured

Our accident insurance offers broad coverage. Full information on benefits can be found in the benefits overview.

Rescue and transportation

A broken arm while climbing a via ferrata, a broken leg on the ski slopes, or concussion after falling off a ladder: Sometimes transportation to hospital isn't straightforward, or rescue and recovery is needed. In such cases, our accident insurance covers 100 percent of the costs in Switzerland. Outside of Switzerland, 100 percent of rescue missions and transportation is covered, along with up to CHF 20,000 per year for search and recovery missions. 

Hospital stay

In Switzerland our private accident insurance covers 100 percent of the costs of a private ward. In addition, we meet 100 percent of the costs of emergencies abroad and contribute to the costs of planned treatment abroad.

Support for you and your family

An accident doesn't just affect one person – it affects the whole family. That’s why we also help you with childcare costs during your hospital stay or if an insured child is in hospital because of an accident. We also contribute to the costs of house-minding during your stay in hospital, and to the cost of domestic help or care in the home.

Mental impairment

Whether because of the accident itself, its effects on everyday life, or even how to cope with disability: Sometimes it isn’t only physical impairments that need treating. Our accident insurance therefore also meets the cost of a stay in a psychiatric clinic or for non-medical psychotherapy.

Complementary medicine

Would you like to have complementary therapies or medicines to help your recovery following an accident? Our private accident insurance also contributes to these costs.

Switching service for basic insurance

You want to be optimally insured without paying too much? Then our switching service for basic insurance is perfect for you: Every year we evaluate basic insurance premiums on your behalf and present them to you in an easy-to-read format. You simply decide whether you want to switch, and to which company. We take care of everything else.

Questions about accident insurance

  • Am I not already insured against accidents?

    By law, people who work in Switzerland are insured against occupational accidents and diseases. Anyone who works at least eight hours per week for an employer is also insured for non-occupational accidents. This also applies to people who are registered as unemployed in Switzerland.

    People who are not insured include children, students, housewives/househusbands, and pensioners. They are nevertheless subject to statutory accident coverage: They must also be insured against accidents via their compulsory basic health insurance.

    In any case, it is worth checking your insurance cover and the agreed sums insured. After all, an accident can result in substantial expenses and not every insurance policy protects you against these.

  • Why do I need private accident insurance?

    People who work at least eight hours per week are insured against accidents (occupational and non-occupational accidents) via their employer’s insurance. People who do less than eight hours’ paid work per week are insured against accidents via their compulsory basic health insurance. Depending on the insurance coverage and insurance conditions, additional costs may be incurred or the recovery process may require additional services that are not covered. In this case, private accident insurance can help and can protect you from the financial consequences.

  • How does private accident insurance work?

    As its name suggests, private accident insurance is a type of insurance that insures you against accidents. Treatment is provided in a private hospital ward.

  • What does private accident insurance pay in the event of disability?

    In the event of disability or partial disability, private accident insurance covers medical expenses and stays in a rehabilitation clinic or a psychiatric hospital. We also meet the costs of medical equipment or medications prescribed by a physician (up to CHF 2,000 per year).

    Depending on the level of disability involved, other costs can be incurred, such as retraining or adaptations to the home or car. These costs are not covered by accident insurance. For greater financial security, a Capital insurance policy for accidents is advisable.

  • Is my accident insurance also valid outside Switzerland?

    If accident protection is included with your basic health insurance, only some of the costs are covered. For example, medical emergencies are covered, but not transportation costs. In addition, outside the EU/EFTA countries, basic health insurance covers a maximum of twice the amount that would be due in Switzerland.

    If you have insurance via your employer, it is worth taking a look at the insurance conditions. Pay attention to matters such as accommodation, coverage abroad, and the sums insured.

    If you use our accident insurance, you are also insured for emergencies abroad. We likewise contribute to planned treatments abroad and repatriation.

  • What are the financial consequences of an accident?

    An accident incurs costs for rescue, transportation, and medical treatment. How far you are covered for the costs incurred will depend on the insurance and the insurance coverage (basic insurance, employer) you have.

    One example of the costs:

    Ralf has been looking forward to skiing for weeks. The conditions are perfect, and with only a few people around he’s enjoying the trip up on the chairlift and looking forward to his next downhill run. On getting off at the top, however, Ralf slips and falls backwards. As soon as he puts some weight on his knee again, he knows that his day’s skiing is over.

    The costs for transportation, surgery, and accommodation in a private room come to CHF 18,300. Ralf sends the bill to AXA Healthcare.

    Contributions from insurance policies
    Covered by compulsory accident insurance

    CHF 9,770

    Covered by AXA

    CHF 8,530

    Balance payable by Ralf CHF 0
  • Will the accident insurance pay for cosmetic operations too?

    If cosmetic operations are necessary in order to reconstruct your appearance following an accident, we will pay up to CHF 50,000 per claim. We even meet 100 percent of the costs of dental reconstruction – worldwide.

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