Supplementary hospital insurance Everything you need for your hospital stay

Do you want more privacy, a free choice of doctors, or more comfort during your stay in hospital? All this and more is provided by our supplementary hospital insurance options.

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How you benefit with our supplementary hospital insurance options

Our supplementary insurance options for your hospital stay let you choose what is important to you. Do you know what sort of ward you prefer? General, semi-private, or private? Or would you rather decide on a case-by-case basis? With our hospital insurance solutions, that's exactly what you can do. What's more, you are insured throughout Switzerland – and you benefit from many other advantages for inpatient treatment and outpatient procedures.

General Ward

Would you like contributions towards the stay of an accompanying person (rooming-in) or additional benefits abroad? Is a general ward sufficient for you? Is a low premium more important to you than extra comfort? Then our supplementary insurance “Hospital General Ward” is perfect for you. In addition, the “Hospital General Ward” solution covers the additional costs of a hospital stay outside your canton of residence.


Do you want to be free to choose who treats you and where, throughout Switzerland, during a hospital stay? Would you like us to organize childcare and contribute to the costs if you have to stay in hospital overnight? Do you think it would help your recovery if you were in a semi-private ward? Then our supplementary insurance "Hospital Semi-Private” is perfect for you.


Is a free choice of doctor important to you? Is a single room the only option you’ll consider? Do you want all costs be covered in the event of a medical emergency abroad? Then our "Hospital Private” solution is the right choice.

Flex 1 and Flex 2

Do you find the additional benefits of semi-private or private hospital insurance interesting, but you don't see the need for it at the moment? If the case should arise, would you like to be optimally covered? Then our flexible supplementary hospital insurance offers the ideal combination of comfort and attractive premiums.

You can decide which model suits you best from one hospital stay to the next. With our Flex models, the choice is yours.

Invoice service for your medical bills

What’s the simplest way of saving on health insurance premiums? It’s to combine low-cost basic insurance with attractive supplementary insurance options. And our invoice service makes it even simpler.

Negative list of hospitals

Basically all AXA hospital insurance options include the free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland. The hospitals and birthing centers on the following list are excluded.

The AXA Healthcare hospital list is valid for hospital products in accordance with the ICA:

  • Hospital General Ward
  • Hospital Flex 1
  • Hospital Flex 2
  • Hospital Semi-Private
  • Hospital Private
  • Accident – Private

If you are planning to stay in a birthing center, we kindly ask you to contact us.

Hospitals (and their wards) that are not mentioned in this list may be deemed to be approved. This does not guarantee, however, that costs incurred will be covered in all individual cases. The obligation to provide benefits is always determined on the basis of the conditions of insurance applicable when the costs are incurred.

This list is updated periodically. Valid as at July 2020.

Acute-care hospitals




Service provider

AR 9053 Teufen Augenklinik Dr. A. Scarpatetti AG
BE 3013 Bern Stiftung Diaconis Palliative Care
BL 4144 Arlesheim Hospiz im Park
GE 1255 Veyrier Clinique du Grand-Salève
TI 6644 Orselina Clinica Dr Spinedi c/o Clinica Santa Croce
VD 1815 Clarens Clinique la Prairie SA
VD 1820 Territet Biotonus, Clinique Bon-Port SA centre de soins médicaux & esthétiques
ZH 8702 Zollikon Klinik Tiefenbrunnen AG
ZH 8400 Winterthur Eulachklinik AG

Rehabilitation clinics




Service provider




Clinique Les Hauts d'Anières

Psychiatric hospitals




Service provider




Klinik für Suchttherapie




Klinik für Suchttherapie




Klinik für Suchttherapie




Klinik ESTA

Recognized spas and convalescence centers

With supplementary hospital insurance from AXA, we cover treatment in accordance with the contractual conditions at spas and convalescence centers on the following list.

We cover costs as set out in the prevailing General Insurance Conditions (GIC) and supplementary conditions for the following products for a spa cure or convalescence treatment.

  • Hospital General Ward
  • Hospital Flex 1
  • Hospital Flex 2
  • Hospital Semi-Private
  • Hospital Private
  • Accident – Private

The cure must be prescribed by a doctor before it begins, and must take place on an inpatient basis in a spa or convalescence center managed by a doctor and authorized under the Health Insurance Act (see the list below).

The doctor's prescription must be submitted to AXA before the treatment begins, and must include the name of the spa/convalescence center and the date on which the treatment starts. AXA’s payments are in addition to what is covered by basic health insurance.

The following spas and convalescence centers are recognized. Valid from February 1, 2021.

Recognized spas and convalescence centers




Service provider

Convalescence center 1) Spa 2)
AG 5116 Bad Schinznach Privat-Klinik und Kurhotel Im Park
Bad Schinznach Thermal Spa
5330 Bad Zurzach Hotel zur Post
Parkhotel Bad Zurzach
RehaClinic Bad Zurzach
Thermal Springs Resort (Hotel Tenedo)
VitalBoutique Hotel Zurzacherhof
4310 Rheinfelden Parkresort Rheinfelden: Salina Rehaklinik
Park-Hotel am Rhein, sole uno
5707 Seengen Kurhotel Eichberg  
AR 9410 Heiden Hotel Heiden  
9052 Niederteufen Berit Klinik AG  
AI 9108 Gonten Kurhaus Bad Gonten  
9108 Jakobsbad Hotel Jakobsbad  
9057 Weissbad Klinik im Hof / Kurhotel und Gesundheitshotel  
BL 4448 Läufelfingen Bad Ramsach Quellhotel
BE 3654 Gunten Parkhotel Gunten  
3645 Gunten/Gwatt Klinik Schönberg with Deltapark Vitalresort  
3625 Heiligenschwendi Kurhaus Haltenegg  
3854 Oberried EDEN Reha- und Kurklinik  
3852 Ringgenberg Reha-Pflegeklinik EDEN  
GR 7440 Andeer Schamser Heilbad Andeer with Hotel Fravi
Reha Andeer  
7550 Scuol Bogn Engiadina Scuol, Badehotel Belvair, Hotel Belvédère
7212 Seewis-Dorf Hotel Scesaplana  
LU 6205 Eich Ferien- und Erholungshaus Seematt  
6000 Lucerne RehaClinic Sonnmatt, Spa Hotel & Sonnmatt Residence  
6353 Weggis Kurhaus Seeblick  
NW 6363 Obbürgen Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence  
OW 6062 Wilen/Sarnen Kurhaus am Sarnersee  
SG 9030 Abtwil Hotel Säntispark – Centre for Medicine & Sport  
7310 Bad Ragaz Cristal spa hotel  
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Clinic Bad Ragaz and Tamina Therme
9621 Oberhelfenschwil Pflege- und Kurhaus Dorfplatz  
9016 St. Gallen Oberwaid – Das Hotel. The Clinic  
9658 Wildhaus Sunnehus, Kur und Bildung  
TI 6612 Ascona Casa Andrea Cristoforo  
TG 8374 Dussnang Rehaklinik Dussnang AG  
8594 Güttingen Kurhotel Sokrates – Gesundheitszentrum  
VS 3983 Breiten ob Mörel Badehotel Salina Maris
3954 Leukerbad Therme 51 Hotel Physio & Spa
Leukerbad Clinic
ZG 6318 Walchwil Zentrum Elisabeth  
ZH 8802 Kilchberg Kurabteilung See-Spital  

The services provided are governed by the provisions of the prevailing supplementary conditions of insurance.

Footnotes /key

1) Convalescence center: the establishment satisfies the criteria for classification as a convalescence center.

2) Spa: the spa is authorized to provide treatments by statutory social health insurance.

Frequently asked questions: Supplementary hospital insurance

  • What does free choice of doctor mean?

    With supplementary hospital insurance, you can determine who treats you. For non-routine treatment in particular, it’s worth consulting a specialist or the head physician. Supplementary hospital insurance gives you significantly more options. And with full cost coverage.

  • What does free choice of hospital mean?

    Basic insurance in Switzerland pays the charges of a listed hospital in your canton of residence.

    But there are differences in quality between hospitals in Switzerland, too. And when it comes to our own health or that of a loved one, compromises are not really an issue. Supplementary hospital insurance gives you the opportunity to decide, based on what you want.

  • What does general ward mean?

    General ward means that you are accommodated in a shared room. Depending on the hospital, this means one to three additional people in your room. Also the general ward usually means that you will be treated by an assistant doctor. And that you will have to put up with any waiting times for specialists. The costs of a stay in the general ward are covered by basic insurance.

  • What does semi-private ward mean?

    In a semi-private ward you are accommodated in a room with no more than two beds. But that’s not the only benefit. You enjoy advantages when choosing your specialist or a doctor, and you are given preference for non-urgent procedures or even treated by the senior physician.

  • What does private ward mean?

    A private ward means a single room. You also receive the best medical care, get quick access to specialists, and are even treated by the head physician.

  • How am I insured for treatment abroad?

    Basic insurance only covers emergency treatment abroad, and outside the EU/EFTA it covers a maximum of twice the amount that would be due in Switzerland. In countries with high treatment costs, such as the United States, this is often not enough.

    Supplementary insurance contributes to treatment costs or covers them completely.

  • Do I get contributions towards the cost of rehabilitation?

    Basic insurance only covers the charges of a listed rehabilitation clinic in your canton of residence. Supplementary hospital insurance offers you more freedom in choosing your rehabilitation clinic, and it covers 100% of the costs throughout Switzerland. For details see the benefits overview.

  • Do I get contributions towards the costs of a stay in a psychiatric clinic?

    Yes, you do. But basic insurance only covers the charges of a listed hospital in your canton of residence. With supplementary hospital insurance, you are free to choose your psychiatric hospital, and your supplementary insurance covers 100% of the costs throughout Switzerland. For details see the benefits overview.

  • How do I benefit with AXA?

    In addition to our attractive range of supplementary insurance options, we support you in your free choice of basic insurance. We don't offer any basic insurance ourselves, but help you find the best solution in terms of price and quality each year. To ensure our advice is unbiased, we don't receive any commission on basic insurance.

  • How can I reduce my health insurance costs?

    The greatest potential savings lie in switching regularly to the most affordable basic insurance. You lose no benefits by doing this. A family with two children can save up to CHF 2,000 per year. Although the benefits are regulated by law and are exactly the same for all basic insurers, premiums sometimes differ significantly.

    If you opt for supplementary health insurance from AXA, we will find the cheapest basic insurance for you every year – and we also take care of the paperwork.

  • How does the switching service for basic health insurance work?

    Comparing prices, obtaining quotations, terminating cover – this all takes time. If you decide to take out supplementary health insurance with AXA, every fall we will send you a proposal for the most cost-efficient basic insurance available.

    If you agree, we will take care of all the paperwork involved in terminating your existing basic insurance and registering for the new one. This could save your family around CHF 2,000 per year in premiums, without you having to lift a finger.

  • How do I benefit from supplementary health insurance?

    Supplementary health insurance covers a wide range of gaps in basic insurance, such as financial contributions for glasses and contact lenses, gym memberships, or complementary medicine. Moreover, basic insurance doesn’t allow the free choice of hospitals and doctors. More comfort – a two-bed or single-bed room – is only available with semi-private or private supplementary insurance.

    Flex hospital insurance solutions are a further option. These allow you to decide on a case-by-case basis what level of comfort you prefer for your upcoming hospital stay.

    You’ll find our product range here (PDF).

  • What supplementary health insurance options can I take out with AXA?

    Our insurance options include both healthcare (outpatient) and hospital services (inpatient). In the outpatient segment, we contribute to the costs of glasses and contact lenses, gym memberships, and complementary medicine.

    With regard to hospital benefits, you can choose between general, semi-private, and private coverage. Another option is that you can decide flexibly which level of comfort you need every time you enter hospital.

    You’ll find our product range here (PDF).

  • What periods of notice do I have with supplementary health insurance from AXA?

    All our supplementary health insurance solutions are subject to a notice period of three months, expiring at the end of a calendar year. You can choose a one-, two-, or three-year contract.

  • Which doctors are recognized by AXA?

    As a general rule, AXA recognizes all doctors licensed to work in Switzerland and whose names appear in the full official Register of Doctors in Switzerland. The register comprises more than 30,000 entries and is updated every day. Nevertheless, AXA reserves the right to exclude individual doctors without having to provide reasons for its decision.

  • Which therapists are recognized by AXA?


    As a general rule, AXA recognizes all psychotherapists who are members of the following associations:

    Association of Swiss Psychotherapists (ASP)

    Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP)

    Swiss Professional Association of Applied Psychology (SBAP)

    Nevertheless, AXA reserves the right to exclude individual psychotherapists without having to provide reasons for its decision.


    As a general rule, AXA recognizes all therapists and methods of complementary medicine listed in this therapist search.

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