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Dental treatments & preventive examinations
Professional teeth cleaning
Dental prostheses and orthodontics
Key points at a glance
  • Orthodontic treatment, bleaching, etc.: We contribute to the costs that are not covered by statutory health insurance. 
  • Protection against high bills: Our dental insurance covers contributions to dental and dental hygiene costs, even after the beneficiary has reached the age of 20.
  • Small premium, big coverage: With a small premium, you benefit from contributions for dental checkups, dental hygiene, or root canals.

Individual product details: benefits overview and contractual provisions.

Child or adult? Differences in supplementary dental insurance

Supplementary outpatient insurance options cover the costs of orthodontics for children and young people up to age 20. After this, only private supplementary dental insurance options contribute to the costs of treatments by the dentist or dental hygienist.

If you wish to continue to get regular dental treatment or other services after age 20, it's worthwhile taking out extra insurance for your teeth. With supplementary dental insurance, you benefit from contributions to check-ups, dental hygiene or root canal treatments, even from a low premium – and this protects you against high dental costs.

Supplementary dental insurance: The key benefits

We cover the following services related to your teeth: Further details can be found in the benefits overview.

Dental hygiene

Professional teeth cleaning involves removing tartar and checking your gum health. Dental hygiene is never covered by statutory health insurance or supplementary outpatient insurance policies.


Is a dazzling white smile important to you? Nicotine, coffee and red wine can all discolor teeth. Bleaching lightens your teeth, giving you back your dazzling smile.

Statutory health insurance and supplementary outpatient insurance policies don't contribute to the costs of bleaching.

Dental check-ups

During a check-up, the dentist checks the health of your teeth, the condition of fillings and whether prostheses are still positioned correctly.

Check-ups are not covered by health insurance; you need private supplementary dental insurance.

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is about checking whether your or your child have misalignments of the teeth or jaw and need dental braces.

Many supplementary insurance policies contribute to the costs of orthodontic treatment until age 20. Basic insurance contributes to the costs in the case of serious disorders of the masticatory system.

Invoice service for your health-related bills

Do you want to do more for your health but pay lower premiums? Nothing could be simpler: Why not combine affordable basic insurance with attractive supplementary insurance – for example dental insurance – and use our practical invoice service?

FAQ on dental insurance

  • Why do I need dental insurance?

    Dental and orthodontic treatment can quickly become very expensive and is often not covered by basic health insurance. By contrast, supplementary dental insurance covers a portion of these costs every year. 

    Specifically, this means that AXA’s supplementary dental insurance pays a portion of all dental costs you incur, e.g., for prostheses, root canal treatments, preventive examinations, dental hygiene, orthodontic treatments, etc. 

    The scope of cover depends on the AXA product chosen (supplementary Dental insurance 1000, 2000, or 3000).

  • What treatments does basic health insurance cover?

    Basic health insurance only covers treatment of severe disorders of the masticatory system or of dental injuries due to accidents. 

    For all other costs, such as routine dental visits or professional teeth cleaning, you need supplementary dental insurance.

  • What costs does supplementary dental insurance cover for children and teenagers?

    Many supplementary insurance policies, including AXA’s, pay a portion of the cost of orthodontic procedures like dental braces.

  • At what age should I take out supplementary dental insurance?

    As early as possible – because, once you have insurance, it can never be canceled.

    In the case of children, it is advisable to take out supplementary dental insurance with AXA before the age of five. Up to that age, you do not have to present a dentist’s certificate, giving information on the condition of the child’s teeth. Find out more about supplementary insurance for babies and children in our article.

    Anyone taking out supplementary dental insurance at a later age needs to provide a dentist’s certificate. If there are already misalignments, missing teeth, or prostheses at this point, the insurance application may be rejected. 

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