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Please note: If you are on a trip and urgently require our assistance, please call us at +41 58 218 11 00. We will be happy to help. 

Please have your booking information and bank details on hand for the online claims notification. The absence of these documents will lead to a delay in processing your claim.

Breakdown / collision

Tell us which travelers and vehicles have been affected...

Specify the vehicle make and model



To process your notification quickly, we need a few documents. Please have the following documentation to hand to complete the form:



Please provide us with details of the cancellation costs. Please deduct any compensation you have received from third parties from the amount. Example: The cancellation costs for the flight are CHF 500. You have received a voucher worth CHF 150 from the airline. The amount to enter here would then be CHF 350.

Personal assistance

Please note: Examples of an incident are illness, accident, or strike during the vacation. Immediate return home due to an emergency at home is also included.

Information on the policyholder

Policyholder is the person in whose name the insurance is held. This person is contacted for premium invoices, for example. Co-insured individuals such as family members or other persons in the same household can be recorded later.

Contact person

Who is reporting the damage to us?

Data for co-insured person from here:

Payment information

Please upload your receipts, if available.

Please attach the following documents to this claim report:

  • Documentation from the travel agent/tour operator 
  • Documentation of unused services (e.g. hotel reservations) 
  • Statements of cancellation costs
  • Medical certificates


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The account must be held by a person who is listed in the insurance policy.

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