Get 4 months free if you’re under 30

Key points at a glance
  • Comprehensive insurance protection: Household insurance combines household contents insurance and third-party liability insurance.
  • Household contents: All of your household contents are insured against events such as theft, fire or water damage. If you have lost an appliance in an accident, with “Energy Plus” we will help you select an energy-efficient replacement and pay any additional costs.
  • Liability: You are also insured if you cause damage to other people or their property.
  • Protection for everyone under one roof: Coverage protects everyone who lives with you in a single household.

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Household contents insurance or personal liability insurance? Both!

The experts agree: Everyone should have both household contents insurance and personal liability insurance as protection against the financial consequences of a loss event. Whether it's due to an accident at home or damage you cause to others.

Around three quarters of all AXA's customers choose this no-worries package. And there's a good reason why: Combining these two indispensable products gives you comprehensive protection – and the reassuring feeling of security.

Whether you're a sporting ace, animal lover, or cellphone fan: Our modular household insurance is a flexible fit for your needs and lifestyle. It offers coverage precisely in line with your needs – no more and no less.

Get 4 months free if you’re under 30

If you are under 30 years old and you buy a personal liability and/or household contents policy, we’ll give you the first 4 months of your annual premium for free. The discount applies to annual premiums starting at CHF 60 and is valid until June 30, 2024. 

Household contents insurance: comprehensive protection for your belongings

What happens if you are burgled? If your basement floods in a storm? Or your camera is stolen from your hotel room? You can stay fully relaxed with household contents insurance from AXA. Because we insure your entire household contents – both at home and away from home. And, in the event of a claim, we process your case in a fast and straightforward manner.

The benefits of AXA's household contents insurance

  • Your entire household contents are insured at new-for-old value against damage caused by fire, water, burglary and theft from your car as well as  damage from natural forces such as storms and high water.
  • Energy Plus: If certain appliances, such as televisions, are destroyed in an insured accident, we will pay the additional cost of replacing them with an energy-efficient model.
  • Theft away from home is covered worldwide.
  • Important objects such as cellphones, bicycles or jewelry can be insured additionally against damage and loss by yourself or third parties.
  • If you lose your keys, the costly key service is included.
  • The tradesmen emergency service  takes care of emergencies around the house such as defective heating.
  • Restoration of damaged data and virus removal by an expert.

Claim scenario

Energy Plus

Energy Plus

Nico’s television is a total loss after an apartment fire. His TV had an energy efficiency rating of G (EER G). The energy efficiency categories range from A (uses very little electricity) to G (uses a lot of electricity) and are usually indicated on an energy label attached to the appliance.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Replacement of TV with EER G CHF 500
  3. Replacement of TV with EER F CHF 919
  4. Added cost of EER F instead of G CHF 419
  5. Nico’s deductible CHF - 200
  6. Compensation from AXA CHF 719

Why is personal liability coverage so important?

What happens if you ruin the parquet floor of your rented apartment? Or accidentally collide with a pedestrian on your bike, injuring them? AXA's personal liability insurance covers the financial consequences that you or your loved ones cause accidentally to others and their property – which, in a worst case scenario, can extend into the millions. 

The benefits of AXA's personal liability insurance

  • Damage to other people and their property, for example as a tenant, as a bicycle, e-bike or moped rider, or as an animal keeper
  • Damage while flying drones or model aircraft
  • Damage from self-employment (up to max. CHF 20,000 annual earnings)
  • Damage to private third-party vehicles 
  • Damage to hired or carsharing vehicles
  • Damage caused by your pets to your rented apartment – including damage caused gradually

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Individual insurance protection

AXA's household insurance is structured in modules: You can expand your household contents or personal liability protection with our supplementary coverage. Precisely in line with your needs.

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