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Travel insurance: What is important?

With travel insurance in hand, you can enjoy a vacation, events, or time off with peace of mind. Whenever you are traveling in Switzerland or abroad and you find yourself in a bind, it will bail you out. For example, if your RV dies on you. Or if you get food poisoning. 

But travel insurance also covers the costs for travel by air, rail, bus, or rental car, as well as for accommodation if you have to cancel your travel or open air festival plans. Regardless of whether you break a leg two days before your vacation starts. Because your employer doesn’t approve the time off when you’ve already booked a vacation. Or because there is unrest at your vacation destination. 

Travel insurance is also worthwhile for: 

  • Trips around the world or city trips
  • Semesters or internships abroad
  • Sports vacation and beach vacation
  • Festivals and sports events

What does AXA travel insurance offer?

  • You only pay for what you actually need: Our travel insurance consists of cancellation costs insurance, personal assistance insurance, and vehicle assistance insurance. You can purchase each of these individually or bundle them. If you choose all of the modules, you benefit from a 25% discount. 
  • 24-hour helpline for immediate help and to report claims: Our network of employees is there for you in every emergency – around the clock, in Switzerland and abroad.
  • No deductible: Loss events that are covered are compensated in full.

Cancellation costs insurance and personal assistance insurance give you coverage worldwide. With vehicle assistance insurance, you are covered while traveling in Europe.

Good to know: It doesn’t matter how many travel plans you have per year or how long you will travel for. You are covered in every case, 365 days a year. Even a semester abroad, for example with Erasmus exchange programs, are covered up to one year.  

Are concert tickets also covered?

Yeah! If you miss a concert or festival because of illness or accident, you get your money back.

Why do I need travel insurance?

How is travel insurance structured? Who pays for medications and hospital costs if I get sick while I’m on vacation? And is it worth it to get temporary travel insurance? Find out all this and more in our explanatory video. Play the movie!

Other important insurance policies for vacation and time off

Depending on where you are planning on traveling to or how long your time off will last, the following supplementary insurance policies may be right for you: 

  • If you are planning long-distance travel, it is a good idea to take out international health insurance. Treatments abroad are often more expensive than in Switzerland, and basic health insurance won't cover all the costs. With the insurance, you can stay financially care free if you break your leg or have to trade in the lounge chair for a hospital bed.
  • You plan on quitting your job to travel the world for a few months or want to take some time off before you start your next job? Then in the event of an emergency you are without accident or daily benefits insurance. AXA’s interim accident insurance closes this gap. With this insurance, you can extend your accident insurance under the Federal Act on Accident Insurance (AIA/UVG) by up to six months. 

Your advantages with AXA

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    myAXA client portal: Manage documents, upload invoices, or change your personal data – whenever and wherever you want. Say goodbye to paperwork!

  • 2

    We are Switzerland's number one insurer: We provide excellent services, personal advice, and individual insurance protection.

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    Attractive discounts: Benefit from a one-time discount of CHF 30 when you take out household contents, personal liability, or cyber insurance.

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Support and FAQs

  • Does travel insurance also pay if I get sick before my vacation?

    If you become sick or have an accident before or during your travel, AXA’s travel insurance covers the costs of air, rail, bus, or rental car, as well as for accommodation.

    INTERTOURS also  covers  the costs if you can’t start your journey or have to reschedule – for example, due to an illness or death in the family, your deputizing coworker being absent, or you starting a new job and there being a ban on taking leave.

  • Who pays for my hospital stay abroad?

    A bike accident in Fuerteventura or appendicitis in Vietnam: What happens if you have an emergency during vacation? Then AXA’s international health insurance covers the costs for all medically necessary treatment as well as any rescue and transportation costs related to an accident. AXA travel insurance including medical coverage has to be taken out separately, as it is not a component of INTERTOURS.

    Important: Without this supplementary insurance, you must pay higher expenses yourself. Mandatory basic insurance covers only up to twice the costs that would be incurred in Switzerland.

  • What if my pet gets sick and I have to stay home?

    Our travel insurance also comes into effect if your pet gets sick and you can’t travel or go on vacation for that reason. 

  • Is my luggage insured?

    No, your luggage is not included in your travel insurance. If your luggage is lost or stolen, INTERTOURS will provide you with an advance if you lose your ID or tickets and will pay for additional costs for transportation and accommodation.

    If your luggage is lost or damaged in transit, be sure to report it to the carrier. If it is stolen, you must also report the theft to the nearest police station.

    Our household contents insurance offers comprehensive luggage protection.

  • Does travel insurance also cover travel that I booked before I took out the insurance?

    You can also take out our insurance after booking travel and are then insured provided the event has not yet taken place at the time the contract is concluded.

  • In which cases does your cancellation costs insurance step in?

    If your trip is canceled or changed, AXA covers the transportation costs (air, rail, bus, and rental car) and accommodation (vacation home or hotel). 

    Possible reasons for your trip being canceled or changed are:

    • Accident or illness before or during the trip
    • Accident, illness, or death of a family member or person close to you
    • Absence of your deputy at work
    • Accident, illness, or death of your pet
    • Loss of your job
    • Starting a new job
    • Damage to or theft of property at home
    • Strikes
    • Natural events such as flooding, avalanches, landslides, or earthquakes
    • Terror or unrest at your travel destination
    • Insolvency of travel service provider
    • Restricted zone, quarantine, epidemic, or pandemic
  • What does the Personal Assistance module cover?

    AXA is ready to help you no matter where you are in the world. And if you have an emergency while traveling, AXA will pay the resulting costs.  Personal assistance insurance covers:

    • Rescue and recovery costs
    • Costs of transportation to a doctor or hospital
    • Additional transportation costs incurred by having to return home directly or for continuing the trip
    • Additional costs for accommodation and meals
    • Costs of accommodation, meals, and transportation for someone to bring home your children if you are unable to do so
  • What claims does vehicle assistance insurance cover?

    Vehicle assistance insurance from AXA insures your own vehicle or a rental vehicle within Europe, covering:

    • Roadside assistance, towing, and recovery of the vehicle
    • Rescue and recovery of the insured persons
    • Additional transportation costs incurred by having to return home directly or for continuing the trip
    • Transportation of the vehicle to a garage near your home
    • Additional costs for accommodation and meals

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