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What types of insurance do I need for my own home?

First apartment of my own

A moment which most look forward to with great excitement and anticipation: Moving out of their parents’ home. However, this new phase of life not only entails more freedom, but also more responsibility. Now you have to take care of things that others used to do. That also includes insurance coverage.

The fact is, as soon as you move out of your parents’ home or start a training or education program, you are no longer covered by your family’s policy. This is why personal liability insurance is a must have. It covers all damages you cause to the property of others. If you move into your own apartment or a shared apartment, we recommend you also take out household contents insurance

4 months free 

If you are under 30 years old and you buy a personal liability and/or household contents policy, we’ll give you the first 4 months of your annual premium for free. The discount applies to annual premiums starting at CHF 60 and is valid until June 30, 2024. 

Personal liability insurance

Why is personal liability insurance a must?

Personal liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance: It covers damage you unintentionally cause to others or their property. If necessary, even a claim for millions.

Just like household contents insurance, personal liability insurance isn’t compulsory – but it does mean you avoid major financial losses. If you accidentally drop your friend’s expensive camera on the ground, or the wood flooring of your rented apartment is ruined by high heels at a party you hosted, your personal liability insurance policy will cover you financially. The fact is, if you are at fault for causing damage, you are liable with your assets, and there is no limit in terms of the amount you have to pay.

But personal liability insurance also provides substantial financial assistance in the event of a major accident: If you hit and seriously injure a passerby when you’re out on your bike, for example, you could face a claim for millions of Swiss francs (bodily injury). But with personal liability insurance from AXA, you’ll be covered for claims up to CHF 20 million.

Good to know: Many landlords require personal liability insurance since it covers tenant damage. 

When does personal liability insurance take effect?

Does liability insurance also cover damage caused by my pet? Do landlords expect that I will take out personal liability insurance before I move into my first apartment? Answers to these questions and more can be found in our explanatory video. Play the movie!

Household contents insurance

How does it help me?

 Household contents insurance  is not mandatory, but it can save you lots of money.

Household contents insurance protects all your home possessions: The kitchen hutch you inherited, your laptop, and your collection of sneakers. If someone breaks into your home, a fire breaks out, or a water pipe bursts and damages your possessions, your household contents policy will keep the financial damage to a minimum. What many people don’t know is that if your backpack is stolen when you’re out and about, your household contents policy will cover this loss too.

Do you not yet have a fully furnished household? AXA also gives you the option of insuring just certain items: Our electronic equipment and sports equipment insurance covers smartphones, laptops, mountain bikes, and snowboards from loss and damage, in addition to theft.

Sustainability is important to us, which is why you can now benefit from Energy Plus: If, for example, your washing machine is destroyed by water damage, we will replace the old machine with a new, energy-efficient appliance – and cover the additional cost.

What does household contents insurance cover?

What’s it for? Is my cell phone also insured? What's the sum insured, overinsurance, and underinsurance all about? Watch the explanatory video now – and find out more. 

What is household insurance?

 Household insurance is a combination of household contents and personal liability insurance. Coverage protects everyone who lives under the same roof. However, they must be listed individually in the contract.

Good to know: Three-quarters of our clients choose this combination package.

Renting with no bank deposit: How does that work?

Rental guarantee insurance is the most widely used and accepted rental deposit form in Switzerland. It offers the same security as a bank deposit and is quick and straightforward. Here’s what you get with rental guarantee insurance from AXA:

  • Your money is available to you whenever you want it.
  • Rental guarantee insurance can be terminated at any time.
  • Your landlord receives the rental guarantee surety within three to five business days.

In order for AXA to stand surety for you, you must have personal liability insurance. This insurance already covers many types of damage that can occur in a rented apartment and is thus generally very useful for tenants. 

Other important types of insurance when you move out of your parents’ home

Depending on your life circumstances, hobbies, and plans, you may need other types of insurance to protect you against financial loss. For example, the following:

Your advantages with AXA

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    myAXA client portal: Manage documents, upload invoices, or change your personal data – whenever and wherever you want. Say goodbye to paperwork!

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    We are Switzerland's number one insurer: We provide excellent services, personal advice, and individual insurance protection.

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    Attractive discounts: Benefit from a one-time discount of CHF 30 when you take out household contents, personal liability, or cyber insurance.

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FAQs – your first home of your own

  • From what age can I take out AXA’s household or household contents insurance?

    You can take out household or household contents insurance from AXA from the age of 18. 

  • When does it make sense to have a separate policy for my bike?

    Household contents insurance protects all your household contents against theft and damage from fire, water and natural forces. Your new racing bike, diving equipment, or other sports devices in your shared apartment are also included. The problem: Most sports accidents or thefts don’t happen at home, but rather when your are on the go or on vacation. That’s why it is a good idea to expand your insurance to cover your favorite equipment that cost a pretty penny with our  sports equipment insurance.

    With our insurance for sports equipment and bicycles, you can also cover loss, damage caused by yourself or a third party, and “theft away from home.” This way, you can enjoy biking in Graubünden, snowboarding in Valais, or surfing in Portugal without worrying about your equipment.

  • What is an insured sum and how can I calculate it?

    Did you buy a new couch, dishes, or electronic appliances for your first apartment? Calculate everything that is in your apartment (and of course in the basement and attic): This amount corresponds to the total value of your household.

    Consider the following question: What would it cost if I had to buy all my personal possessions again today? This repurchase amount (replacement value) corresponds to the insured sum that you must indicate for your household contents. If a loss event occurs and you are underinsured, then you will not be reimbursed for the entire value of your damaged household contents.

  • I am moving in with my boyfriend. Can we merge our insurance coverage?

    Yes, you can combine household contents and personal liability insurance and save money. 

  • Is the moving company liable for damage?

    Moving companies are within their legal rights to exclude certain liabilities from an agreement and thereby reject responsibility for damaged goods in some situations. Find out in our blog article what you need to pay attention to in order to complete your move with as little damage as possible.

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