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Where skis are most commonly stolen

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One look at AXA’s claim statistics shows that ski theft is particularly prevalent in the popular ski resorts of Davos, Zermatt and Ischgl. 

Every winter, AXA customers report the theft of several hundred pairs of skis or snowboards. Predominantly in the large ski resorts of Davos and Zermatt and in the Austrian Ischgl, pilferers are at work either in front of mountain restaurants, at valley stations or even in basements of holiday accommodation. 

“Thieves will strike wherever the opportunity presents itself, and of course, that’s often the case in popular ski resorts with high visitor numbers rather than anywhere else”, says Stefan Müller, Head of Property Damage at AXA.

Frequency of ski theft has risen slightly

While thefts in Davos have increased slightly since the last analysis, they fell back marginally in Zermatt and were stable in Ischgl. In Switzerland as a whole, the frequency of ski theft has risen slightly in the last two years. 

What’s the best way of avoiding ski theft? “The easiest way is to split your skis and place them in different ski racks. If you have expensive skis, it is also advisable to use any lockable ski racks/ski lockers or special locks at base stations or at busy restaurants”, says Stefan Müller.

Every seventh pair of stolen skis is not stolen outside the home, but at home from basements or garages. This means that basements or garages should always be securely locked at home.

Top 10 places for ski theft:

The ranking list is based on ski and snowboard thefts reported to AXA between 2008 and 2019.

Who pays when skis are stolen?

Theft at home is covered by household contents insurance through basic coverage. If “ordinary theft away from home” has been included in the household contents policy, the insurance company will also pay for skis that are stolen outside the home or in the ski resort. The stolen goods are insured at new-for-old value, the deductible amount is normally CHF 200.

What insurance cover do skiers need?

Personal liability insurance

As a skier, you are liable for any damage you cause to another person, such as accidentally skiing into someone and injuring them. Even personal injury can be expensive - apart from the accident and medical costs, sometimes you may also be liable for the injured person’s loss of earnings if they are unable to work because of the accident. With a personal liability policy, the insurance covers the cost of the claim.

Personal liability insurance also applies if rented skis are damaged or stolen, for example. Skiers in particular should make sure that damage caused by gross negligence is also included in the cover. If not, the insurance company may reduce the claims payment if, for example, you were going too fast on terrains with poor visibility.

Household contents insurance

If your own skis are stolen, the insurance makes a distinction between theft at home and theft away from home. Theft at home is covered by household contents insurance through basic coverage. If “ordinary theft away from home” has been included in the household contents policy, the insurance will also cover the cost of skis stolen outside the home or in the ski resort. There is normally a deductible of CHF 200 in household contents insurance. 

Sports equipment insurance

It may make sense to take out sports equipment insurance for expensive sports equipment such as skis and snowboards, but also mountain bikes or diving equipment. This can either be combined with household contents insurance or taken out separately. It generally protects skis/snowboards & co. against theft, loss and damage, regardless of whether you or someone else were at fault. The insurance also takes effect if the ski breaks after a fall.

Accident insurance

If you yourself fall on the piste, mandatory accident insurance covers the accident and medical costs; for children and those who are not gainfully employed, health insurance covers these costs.

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