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Lost luggage? Household contents insurance can help

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Summer time is the travel season. After more than two years of the coronavirus pandemic, the willingness of the Swiss to travel again has risen markedly. Many are looking to enjoy sun, sand and sea or spend their vacation in Switzerland, traveling by train or car. But what happens if luggage gets lost or is damaged while you're traveling? There's no need to worry, as in these cases, your household contents insurance steps in.

You've found the perfect travel destination and booked your vacation. Full of anticipation, you've packed your suitcases with your favorite clothes and accessories, got your equipment ready for a snorkeling or diving holiday or prepared your bicycle or (e-)bike for some long tours. But who pays for the "damage" if a suitcase or sports equipment has gone missing when you arrive? If you've taken out household contents insurance with the correct additional cover, you at least don't have to worry about the financial aspect and can enjoy your vacation in peace.

What does household contents insurance cover?

And what many don't know is that in addition to existential risks concerning your own home, household contents insurance also covers you if mobile phones, cameras, laptops, accompanied or checked luggage are stolen while you're traveling. Great news for anyone who'd like to travel in their own or in a hire car: at AXA, basic cover also includes theft from a vehicle. As everyone living in the same household can be insured together, this insurance makes sense for large families in particular.

Important: You must have chosen the correct additional cover when taking out the insurance in order for household contents insurance to cover the claim.  “Theft away from home”  additional insurance covers any theft that does not involve burglary or robbery. For example if your video camera is stolen from your rucksack or your road bike is stolen from the roof rack of your car.

What is NOT covered by household contents insurance?

You should only carry the amount of cash that you actually need, as it isn’t covered by household contents insurance. It is better to pay by credit card when you’re traveling.

How do I insure my expensive equipment for my vacation?

In Switzerland it’s usual for theft away from the home to be covered for up to CHF 2,000 , but in some circumstances this amount may be too low. If you take an expensive e-bike, a valuable camera or luxury watch on vacation with you, these should ideally have additional insurance, such as “all-round protection” from AXA. This way, the insured amount for theft can be increased and the items also covered against any kind of loss and damage. This means that your favorite item is not only insured on vacation but anytime and anywhere.

And what if your luggage doesn’t arrive?

Sensible additional insurance: “Luggage all-round protection” also helps if a suitcase is missing upon arrival and you suddenly find yourself without any clothes, toiletries etc. For purchases necessary to replace the personal luggage of the insured person, benefits of up to CHF 1,000 can be provided. An additional benefit is that your luggage is also insured against accidental loss and damage (e.g. camera defect due to leaking shampoo).

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