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These 8 saving tips for cars will help you save on costs

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Car trouble can happen to anyone. Especially in winter. There are some things that can be avoided, however. We show you how – with 8 handy tips.

1. Wiper woes

Think your wipers will make it through all the ice and snow on your windscreen? Think again. It could be the end of your wiper motor, and of your wiper blades – and sooner than you think.

2. Cleaning the salt off your car

Don't bother washing the underside of your car in the car wash: it won't do anything anyway. Instead, in spring, have your garage put your vehicle on the car lift and steam-clean the undercarriage. It doesn't cost much more – and gets rid of the salt once and for all.

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3. Blocked brakes

Thinking of popping through the car wash on your way home from work? Better not. Especially if your car is going to stand idle for some time afterwards. The moisture could block all of your brakes and your automatic handbrake in particular, potentially immobilizing your vehicle.

4. A no-no for steering systems

Tempted to pop your vehicle up onto the sidewalk? A real no-no: curbs are lethal for steering systems, so best to steer well clear.

5. Common mistakes with wheel positioning

Always park with straight wheels, particularly when parking parallel to the curb. All it takes is for a passing vehicle to make brief contact with your front tire and your wheel alignment is no longer on point.

6. Wing-mirror settings

Wing mirrors are always the first victims when things get tight. So never forget to retract them after you've parked. Given the amount of electronics built in to your mirrors, replacing them is always expensive – and only covered if you have parking-damage insurance. 


7. Planning tire changes

The old rule of thumb "From Easter to October" can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. And promises of big tips. So always be sure to book your appointment in good time. Better still, make your fall appointment when you're having your tires changed in the spring – and vice versa.

8. Sticky situations with stickers

Old motorway toll stickers (vignettes) need to be removed before new ones are added, otherwise you may be exposing yourself to a fine. And when driving out of Switzerland, you are required by law to have an oval "CH" sticker on the rear of your vehicle. If you are stopped, you could pay a fine of over 200 euro depending on which country you're in. The stickers cost as little as 70 centimes, and are also available in magnetic form.

And if you suffer bodywork damage ...

… leave everything to us. Together with our partner firms, we organize the repair, provide a replacement car (if desired), and return your car cleaned and repaired. One call is all it takes!

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