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How do I protect my camera against loss or damage?

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Have you ever wondered what happens at a photo shoot? We accompanied passionate photographer Saskia Widmer for a whole day and watched over her shoulder. The native of  Zurich thereby gave us insights into her life and activities.

"Photography for me was always a hobby that I pursued in addition to my job in a bank," Saskia explains." I could live out my creative side through photography! This was missing in my work." And so Saskia decided to take a break from her job, and traveled through South East Asia for seven months – her companion: her camera.

With the camera to self-employment

During her trip, Saskia experienced a growing desire to turn her passion into her profession. Which is why she decided to undergo photography training in 2013 and dared to take the hopeful step into self-employment. "My friends and family have always been behind me – they all supported me and motivated me to stay on the ball. After all, it was not easy at the beginning," says the Zurich native in discussing the start of her new career as a photographer. "I was lucky enough not to have to wait too long for my first jobs!"

"I love the way analog photography helps me unwind."

Saskia Widmer, photographer

Analog photography - bridging the gap between hobby and job

As a contract photographer, Saskia always photographs using her professional digital camera. However, in her leisure time, her creativity turns to analog photography: "I love the way analog photography and the entire developing process helps me unwind. In contrast to digital photography, you know only at the very end what the photo looks like!" explains Saskia. "I find it fascinating to capture moods of special lighting with my vintage camera. However, what matters to me most in both types of photography is that something is triggered in the viewer – an emotion or a touch! To achieve this, it's crucial that chemistry exists between me as photographer and my model. This provides me with motivation each and every day. In addition, during her leisure time, Saskia is also capturing her life in pictures. "At the end of the year, there is nothing more beautiful than to look at the images and to be reminded of all the special moments."

Would you like to see these images? Then visit Saskia's Instagram profile.

How to make life difficult for camera thieves :

  • Never leave photo equipment unattended at hotspots such as railway stations, airports and other public places – not even during the shoot.
  • Transport cameras in special photo backpacks that can only be opened on the inside.
  • Wearing a camera strap protects the camera from falling and at the same time relieves the shoulders. Are you looking for photo accessories in retro look? Perhaps you’ll find something here.
  • Register your photo equipment with a serial number free of charge on Lenstag.
  • Even worse than losing the camera is losing the photos themselves. Hence, be sure to make regular online backup copies, e.g. with Google Drive.

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