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Use without owning – how does it work with cars?

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Netflix and Spotify are just two examples of the clear trend toward flexible consumer behavior, a trend that’s also influencing how we view mobility. Innovative mobility services are doing away with the need to own your own car.

Whereas cars and other material possessions were once considered to be status symbols , nothing is prized more these days than freedom and flexibility. With this in mind, more and more companies are offering their products and services for rent. “Use without owning” has become a popular concept, and it’s the idea behind AXA’s dynamic start-up UPTO, which provides cars on subscription.

Change your car in line with your mobility needs

With an all-inclusive UPTO subscription, customers can choose a car that fits their mobility needs at any given time and pay a fixed monthly price to use it. Once the six-month minimum term has expired, they can decide to swap it for a different car or simply hand it back. They can thus remain flexible and always find the right car for every situation: a convertible for the summer, an SUV for the winter or a swift upgrade from a compact to something roomier as the family grows. It makes perfect sense to change your car quickly whenever your personal mobility needs change.


Car subscription – an all-inclusive carefree package

Customers benefit from added freedom and flexibility with the all-inclusive carefree package, which includes all costs from tax, insurance, repairs, and servicing to winter and summer tires. There are no hidden costs  or surcharges, so full cost transparency is ensured, allowing customers to get mobile straight away and concentrate on the finer things in life.

Your legal airbag – taking the worry out of motoring

Thanks to UPTO’s collaboration with AXA-ARAG, its flexible car subscriptions also include  traffic legal protection insurance . UPTO subscribers receive support with legal questions and disputes in the relevant areas of law and have a strong partner on their side that is committed to defending their rights.

They are insured as follows:

  • Civil damages law: support in asserting legal liability claims
  • Criminal law: support in criminal or administrative proceedings against accusations of negligent violation of the law
  • Revocation of license: support in proceedings over the revocation of driver’s licenses or vehicle registration documents

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