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Non-insured medications

As of September 2018

We assume a portion of the cost of medications that are prescribed by a doctor but not covered by basic health insurance. All pharmaceutical products with special applications (LPPV)  as well as the medications listed below (non-exhaustive list of examples) are excluded:

Appetite stimulant

  • Herbal tea

Insect repellents

  • Products to combat mosquitoes, lice and ticks as well as products for scabies (e.g. Anti-Brumm, Loxazol lotion, Prioderm shampoo, etc.)
  • Products to kill or repel insects


  • Contraceptives (e.g. the pill, etc.)
  • Contraceptives with localized or systemic effects (e.g. Nuvaring, condoms, etc.)

Erectile dysfunction

  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction (e.g. Viagra, Cialis, Vivanza, etc.)

Acne treatment

  • Cream, paste, gel, lotion, stick

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