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Have any legal questions? Legal Advice PLUS provides the answers fast

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Does your employer not want to pay out your overtime? Is your neighbor threatening to file a complaint because you do your laundry on Sundays? If you are not sure about where you legally stand, the Legal Advice PLUS telephone hotline from AXA-ARAG can provide you with fast and uncomplicated assistance at a fixed price.

Jürg Schneider, Chief Operations Officer at AXA-ARAG, explains the key advantages of Legal Advice PLUS in an interview. 

How did you come up with the idea of Legal Advice PLUS, Mr. Schneider? 

The Legal Advice PLUS module was the product of a broad customer survey. It showed that people can be broken down into two different types when it comes to assistance with legal issues. One group is interested primarily in the financial risks involved in a legal dispute, while the other wishes to be able to count on the assistance of a partner like AXA-ARAG if they are unsure about where they legally stand. Legal Advice PLUS provides precisely this assistance.

What is the advantage of Legal Advice PLUS when compared with a consultation with a lawyer?

With Legal Advice PLUS, our customers can draw on the expertise of an entire law firm as it were. You can contact us whenever you have a question about your legal standing or about the right procedure to adopt in a tricky situation. Around 140 legal experts from all areas of law provide you with comprehensive and professional advice. This saves you the effort of searching for a specialized law firm and – not exactly a secondary concern – of footing their bill.

What's the difference between legal protection insurance and Legal Advice PLUS?

With Legal Advice PLUS, you have AXA-ARAG at your side to advise you on all questions relating to legal matters. We look at your case with you, provide recommendations for what to do next, and clarify anything you're unsure about.

Our legal protection insurance provides you with assistance in the case of a legal dispute. In this case we represent your interests against counterparties, assume the lawyer's fees and court costs and advise you on any legal questions.

Do I need Legal Advice PLUS if I already have legal protection insurance? 

Legal Advice PLUS is the ideal supplement to your legal protection insurance and covers all areas of Swiss law. We help you, for example, if you want to know whether you can take legal action against your neighbor who often mows the lawn after 8 p.m. Or if you are not sure about whether you can demand a rental reduction because of noise from a construction site.

The insurance also covers issues that don't fall under legal protection insurance – either because you didn't select the module in question or if they cannot be covered by insurance. 

Anyone who opts for Legal Advice Plus will be advised on all areas related to Swiss law

Jürg Schneider, Chief Operations Officer

You mentioned issues that cannot be insured. What would these be, for example?

Not all issues are suitable for inclusion in a legal protection insurance policy. In such cases we nevertheless offer our customers professional assistance with Legal Advice PLUS. This includes reviewing contracts, such as prior to the purchase of land, or if you want to invest in securities. Legal Advice PLUS also provides assistance when you become self-employed, if you want to know how to set up a sole proprietorship or what you should look out for when renting business premises

What does Legal Advice PLUS cost?

Your receive three hours of legal consultation per year for under CHF 100, and pay even less if you combine it with legal protection insurance.

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    Jürg Schneider

    Jürg Schneider studied law at the universities of Zurich and St. Gallen and held various management and specialist positions in the insurance industry before switching to AXA-ARAG ten years ago. Jürg Schneider has been Chief Operations Officer and a member of the Executive Board since 2016.

Who would be well advised to take out Legal Advice PLUS by itself? 

We noted in our customer surveys that people attribute varying importance to the two most important needs in the legal protection field – insuring against the financial risks involved in a legal dispute and gaining easy access to professional legal advice. There are customers who want to carry the financial risk of a legal dispute themselves while being safe in the knowledge that they have the assistance of a professional partner should there be any legal matters that they are unsure about. 

How exactly does Legal Advice PLUS work? How are the three hours of consultation measured?

With Legal Advice PLUS, you receive three hours of consultation each year and can contact us with regard to all areas of Swiss law. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or file a case online. If the matter is covered by Legal Advice PLUS, the imaginary timer starts the moment that our experts start analyzing documents, carrying out research into your legal position or advising you over the phone. 

Legal Advice PLUS works virtually like a law practice – just very fast, uncomplicated and without any lawyers' fees

Jürg Schneider, Chief Operations Officer

What makes Legal Advice PLUS from AXA-ARAG stand out from the several legal telephone hotlines in Switzerland?

Our biggest advantage is our pool of know-how: our roughly 140 legal experts and our experience gained from more than 75,000 customer queries each year mean we can cover all areas of Swiss law. There are no hidden extra costs, as everything is covered by the insurance premium. What's more, you can arrange an appointment at any time and are thus saved a trip to a lawyer.

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