The only fully automated accounting platform in Switzerland Accounto

Accounto relieves SMEs and trust companies of time-consuming bookkeeping tasks. Automated accounting means that documents no longer have to be entered or booked manually. This saves time on both sides: SMEs can focus on their core business, while trust companies can offer a personal, digital CFO service. Are you ready to automate your accounting?

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Benefits of Accounto

Accounto is an AXA partner company that offers the only fully automated accounting solution on the Swiss market. The smart, cloud-based platform includes a number of functions designed to simplify everyday corporate tasks and collaboration between SMEs and trust companies.

  • Automated bookkeeping
  • Digital collaboration between SMEs and trust companies
  • Digital document archive

The best kind of accounting is the kind that doesn't take up any of your time.

Thanks to the Accounto solution, your trust company can spend more time catering to your needs and offering you CFO support. Repetitive accounting processes are automated and computerized, so your trust company can concentrate on taking care of your financial future. 

Accounto for SMEs

Do you have more important things to do than sort out your own accounts? Accounto automates your accounting, so no one has to enter, book or approve documents manually anymore. Whether you do your own accounting or work with a trust firm, Accounto saves you time and money from day one, allowing you to put all your energy into your business.

The all-in-one accounting solution

Cut bookkeeping costs: Accounto fully automates your bookkeeping, making it quicker and cheaper than either a trust company or you yourself.

Enter documents in seconds: Simply open the Accounto app, take a photo of your document, and save it. All invoices are automatically prepared for payment.

Spend no more than nine minutes a week on accounting: All you need to do is prepare and pay invoices. Accounto does the rest.

Pay invoices with just a few clicks: Select invoices for payment, then create a payment file and send it to your bank with a click.

No more routine work: Accounto takes care of all the routine tasks, and your trust company can advise you on decisions concerning your finances.

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Frequently asked questions from SMEs

Accounto for trust companies

Become a digital SME champion with Accounto. Fully automated bookkeeping means that you finally have enough time for what's really important, namely the tasks that require your expertise and CFO-level advice. To ensure that Accounto meets the needs of the trust industry and genuinely helps you to unburden your resources from routine tasks, our solution was developed in close collaboration with trust companies.

Become a digital SME champion with Accounto

A simpler way for your clients to enter their documents: Simply open the Accounto app, take a photo of the document, and save it. All invoices are automatically booked correctly and prepared for payment.

Automated bookkeeping: You only have to handle tasks that require your specialist expertise, such as your clients' accruals and deferrals, annual financial statements, VAT, payroll, and tax returns.

Digital collaboration: All of your everyday communication with clients (e.g. queries about documents) can be handled via Accounto at any time, always document-driven and transparent.

Client-focused service: The time saved on bookkeeping frees up resources that can be used where it really makes sense, i.e. to provide personalized, comprehensive advice to your SME clients.

Data-driven advisory and optimization approaches: Accounto constantly analyzes your clients' data for you. For example, you receive a daily overview of potential risks (e.g. reminders) so that you can respond proactively. The end result is clients who are delighted by the individual support they receive.

You can find more information on Accounto and book a no-obligation consultation here:

Frequently asked questions from trust companies

  • Is Accounto a classic ERP system for SMEs?

    No. Classic enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have a clear purpose, and it involves company owners handling administration and accounting themselves. However, this takes up a lot of time that SMEs would rather invest in their core business. Accounto takes the time-consuming and repetitive menial tasks away from SMEs and trust companies and fully automates accounting on an ongoing basis with the aid of artificial intelligence.

  • Which SME segment is Accounto suitable for?

    Accounto is suitable for SMEs with between one and nine employees and those that only need to keep simple commercial accounts under the Swiss Code of Obligations.

  • What are the installation and license costs?

    Accounto is a form of software as a service (SaaS), so there are no expensive installation or license costs. This means that you can add employees quickly and easily at no extra cost.

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