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Accounto relieves SMEs and fiduciary companies of time-consuming book-keeping tasks and creates a new and unique understanding of fiduciary business. Each SME can thus benefit from a personalized, digital CFO.

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Benefits of Accounto

Accounto is a partner company of AXA and offers state-of-the-art accounting solutions for optimum collaboration between SMEs and fiduciary companies. The intelligent cloud software includes numerous functionalities that simplify everyday corporate tasks and collaboration with a fiduciary company.

  • Automated accounting tasks
  • Digital collaboration between SMEs and fiduciary companies
  • Your fiduciary as CFO

Your fiduciary company as CFO

Thanks to the Accounto solution, your fiduciary can better cater for your needs and support you as CFO. Repetitive accounting processes are automated and digitized, which means that your fiduciary company can take care of your financial future.

Accounto for SMEs

Accounto offers state-of-the-art accounting solutions for SMEs. SMEs can use the intelligent cloud solution to perform their administrative obligations very rapidly and collaborate even more easily with your fiduciary company.

Entering documents: A photo of business documents (e.g. Incoming invoices) is all that's needed for entering these completely. Manual data entry and sorting of documents is thus a thing of the past. Outstanding invoices can now be settled with just a few clicks.

Document exchange: There is no need to provide physical documents. As soon as the business documents have been photographed, the fiduciary can access them via the platform within a few minutes. 

Document archive: Accounto archives business documents in a digital and tamper-proof document archive, where they can be retrieved in just a few minutes thanks to a full text search. Documents are thus neither lost nor misplaced.

Collaboration with your fiduciary company: Collaboration between an SME and the fiduciary company will be predominantly digital in future, increasing both efficiency and transparency. The fiduciary is thus in a better position to address the individual concerns of the company.

Digital task lists: Digital task lists serve to optimize coordination of tasks between the fiduciary company and the SME. When completing the task, the fiduciary can thus say which documents are missing. Administrative tasks can then be performed effectively and efficiently.

Accounto for fiduciary companies

Accounto is the perfect tool for fiduciaries to lead your company into the digital age. The intelligent cloud software enables repetitive accounting tasks to be automated and collaboration with SME customers to be optimized. The free capacity enables you to focus on your core business – providing entrepreneurs with personal and comprehensive advice.

Document processing: Manual data entry and sorting of documents are thus completely eliminated for both the SME and the  fiduciary company. SME customers photograph their documents. Accounto reads the documents received and prepares them for further processing by the fiduciary. 

Automation: Neither the SME nor the fiduciary company need spend time on time-consuming and repetitive accounting  tasks. Simple accounting tasks such as the accounts payable process can be completely automated, from booking through to payments.

Exchange: There is no need to provide physical documents. As soon as the SME has photographed the business documents, the fiduciary company can access the customer's documents. This ensures a continuous and regular exchange between the SME and the fiduciary company.

Document archive: Documents will no longer be lost or misplaced. Accounto archives customer documents in a digital, tamper-proof document archive. Old documents can be easily found thanks to a full text search.

Collaboration: The SME and the fiduciary company work together on a platform. This increases efficiency and transparency. The free capacity can be used where it makes more sense: providing personalized, comprehensive advice to SME customers.

Digital task lists: Digital task lists serve to optimize coordination of tasks between the fiduciary company and the SME. When completing the task, the fiduciary can thus say which documents are missing. Administrative tasks can then be performed effectively and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Accounto an ERP system?

    No. ERP systems pursue a clear goal: the entrepreneur handles the administration and accounting themselves. However, this takes a lot of time which could be better used focusing on the core business. Accounto thus automates tasks wherever it makes sense to do so. This means that you no longer have to worry about all the paperwork.

    Accounto sees itself as a fiduciary partner and relieves you and your fiduciary of the routine chores. Your fiduciary can therefore devote more time to your concerns. 

  • Can I use Accounto regardless of whether I have a fiduciary?

    Of course. If you already have a fiduciary,  he or she can also use Accounto. Accounto will perform the necessary steps so that your fiduciary company can devote even more time to your needs.

    If you do not yet have a fiduciary company, we will look for a suitable professional fiduciary who best fits your profile.

  • Are additional functions planned?

    Accounto is being continuously developed, but you can also express your individual wishes. As the next major step, Accounto is planning to introduce an expenses app, a salary module and an overview with the main financial key figures. You will thus have a better overview of your financial performance and can react in good time to any negative developments. 

    The aim of Accounto is to automate all repetitive and time-consuming accounting tasks. It is already possible, for example, to completely automate daily document processing with artificial intelligence. Invoices can thus be read and booked automatically.

  • Which technology is Accounto based on?

    Accounto is based on the SaaS approach ("Software as a Service), which comes under cloud computing. With SaaS, users do not have to install the software locally but can access it directly via an internet browser. 

    SaaS does not involve any installation costs or license fees. You can therefore add employees quickly and easily with Accounto, without incurring costs. Another great advantage of SaaS products is that changes or new functions can be integrated quickly. 

  • Are my data secure with Accounto?

    Accounto works with a Swiss cloud solution. The data are stored in Switzerland and backed up in a tier-3 level computing center, which meets high security standards. A tier-3 computing center has multiple paths for electricity generation and cooling plus systems for update and maintenance tasks, which can be performed during business operations. Expected availability is 99.98%.

  • What does Accounto cost?

    Accounto does not maintain a commercial business relationship with you. Therefore, you do not transfer any money to Accounto but continue to pay your fiduciary on a contract basis.

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