Insurance against Risks of Infection in Companies

Transparent, comprehensive insurance protection
Sector-specific solutions
Compensation for actual loss of earnings for up to 90 days
Key points at a glance
  • Financially protected: If the authorities find an insured agent of communicable diseases at your company, this insurance covers the operational risks of infection and the financial consequences.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This insurance is there for you in the case of a loss of earnings, activity ban, and damages to goods – and also covers additional costs for cleaning and disinfection, for example. 
  • Covered for every eventuality: This insurance is well suited for companies operating in food production and retail, restaurants and hotels, as well as firms operating in the healthcare sector and care and nursing homes.

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What causes are covered by Insurance against Risks of Infection in Companies?

Insurance against Risks of Infection in Companies from AXA offers you protection against damage as a result of business interruption or damage to goods if a competent authority has discovered certain agents of communicable diseases in the insured company and orders measures. These include:

  • Closure or quarantining of businesses or parts of businesses
  • Disposal of goods
  • Individual ban on activities
  • Ban on deliveries to customers
  • Closure of direct suppliers or buyers (CH/FL)

The insurance only covers losses due to the following diseases: E. coli infection, legionellosis, listeriosis, measles, norovirus infection, salmonellosis, shigellosis, staphylococcal infection, tuberculosis.

Important: Special solutions exist for cheese dairies, healthcare companies or care homes. Your AXA advisor will be happy to help.

What benefits does AXA provide?

Insurance against Risks of Infection in Companies from AXA offers optimal coverage for all sectors and businesses subject to the risk of infection.

Loss of earnings

The insurance pays the actual loss of earnings due to a closure of business operations ordered by an authority, as well as the actual additional costs incurred to maintain operations for up to 90 days starting from the date on which the insured measure came into effect.

Ban on activities

Additional costs as a result of a ban on activities for persons affected in the company for up to 90 days starting from the date on which the insured measure came into effect.

Damage to goods

Indemnification of the losses resulting from the disposal or preparation of contaminated goods or of goods suspected of being contaminated. The insurance also covers goods that have already been delivered to customers, and goods from third parties. 

Additional costs

In case of an insured event, AXA also assumes the costs of cleaning and disinfecting the business and of disposing of insured property.

Losses that are not insured (examples)

  • As a result of measures adopted in connection with a “special” or “exceptional” situation as defined in the Swiss Epidemics Act
  • As a result of the natural spoilage of goods
  • As a result of infection with pests or parasites

To which sector does Insurance against Risks of Infection in Companies apply?

  • Food production and processing
  • Food trade
  • Gastronomy and the hotel business
  • Healthcare
  • Care and nursing homes
  • Day nurseries

You can find additional information on the precise scope of benefits in our General Insurance Conditions for Insurance against Risks of Infection in Companies.

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